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It's Not Just Shkreli Who's Been Hiking Drug Prices

Lots of drugmakers did it around Jan. 1—some up to 20%, per analyst reports

(Newser) - Martin Shkreli attracted no small amount of scorn for jacking drug costs, but he's far from alone. Plenty of other drugmakers have been guilty of hikes, many just since late December, claiming they need to do so to fund "risky" research, the Wall Street Journal reports. Analysts... More »

'12 Days of Christmas' Gifts Will Cost You $97K

Gold prices push the cost of 5 rings to $650

(Newser) - If your true love gives you everything from 12 drummers drumming to a partridge in a pear tree this year, he or she will have shelled out $96,824. That’s up 10.8% from last year, the AP reports. High gold prices pushed the cost of five gold rings... More »

Seafood Customers Paying for Lots of Ice

Investigation finds prices are based on false weight

(Newser) - A seafood industry investigation covering 17 states has found that up to 40% of the listed weight of fish is often just ice. Upwards of 21,000 packages were pulled from shelves because they were weighed while still encased in a preservative "ice glaze" and priced illegally. That indicates... More »

Microsoft's Windows 7 Prices Include Early-Bird Discount

Free upgrades for Vista PC buyers starting Friday

(Newser) - A pre-ordered upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system will cost US customers $49 or $99 from tomorrow until July 11, depending on version: Home premium or Professional, CNET reports. Also starting tomorrow, anyone who buys a new Vista PC will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when... More »

Apple Rolls Out New iPhone, Drops Prices

(Newser) - Apple unveiled a slew of new goodies at its annual developers conference today, including a price drop on the basic model iPhone from $199 to $99. The New York Times dishes the details:
  • The new iPhone 3G S is faster, has vastly improved battery life and camera specs (it finally
... More »

Consumer Prices Dip in March

Prices drop 0.1%, despite tobacco hike

(Newser) - Consumer prices dipped unexpectedly in March, leaving prices over the past year falling at the fastest clip in more than a half-century. The recession is expected to keep a lid on inflation as widespread layoffs dampen wage pressures and weak demand keeps companies from raising prices. Consumer prices edged down... More »

At London Restaurant, You Set the Price

Customers offer diverse amounts at popular place

(Newser) - A London restaurant is letting customers pay what they think their meal was worth, and diners are packing the place, the Times of London reports. In the face of tough times, Little Bay owner Peter Ilic decided to run an experiment, writes Vincent Graff: “Will British reserve, and the... More »

Glaxo to Cut Drug Prices in Developing World

No. 2 pharma firm will open 'patent pool' to outside scientists

(Newser) - GlaxoSmithKline’s new boss has proposed a radical rethinking of big pharma in developing countries: He plans to cut prices, offer portions of profits to hospitals, and loosen his firm’s grip on patents that keep prices up, the Guardian reports. “I think it's absolutely the kind of thing... More »

Herman Miller Says Phooey to Financial Crisis

Still have a job? Thumb your nose at thrift with a $1600 office chair

(Newser) - With a "bah!" to the financial crisis, furniture manufacturer Herman Miller has introduced a chair that costs $1,600—making you “all the more comfortable as you sit for eight hours staring in disbelief at your plummeting stock portfolio,” writes Stacey Higginibotham on GigaOm. The Embody,... More »

How to Spot Overpriced Wines

Experts explain pricing and weigh in with ways to save

(Newser) - Why does a bottle of wine cost $100 at one restaurant and three times that at the bistro down the block? The Wall Street Journal asked wine experts to decipher vino pricing and offer tips for finding the best deals. The results: Expensive wines often mean better value, as do... More »

Without AT&T Contract, iPhone 3G Runs $600

Price doesn't quite add up, analyst says

(Newser) - AT&T will sell contract-free iPhone 3Gs for $600 (the 8-gig model) and $700 (16 gigs), a $401 mark-up, the New York Times notes. There are no details available on why a consumer would want the phone without the, er, phone, but AT&T says there is a demand—and... More »

Food Crisis Lurks in Soaring Prices, Says IMF Chief

Predicts widespread starvation, conflict

(Newser) - Rising food prices may soon have dire global consequences with starving people rioting in the streets, warns the head of the International Monetary Fund. “Hundred of thousands of people will be starving,” he said yesterday at a meeting in Washington. “Children will be suffering from malnutrition, with... More »

1st-Class Stamp Price to Rise 1¢

Postal service hikes cost more easily under new system

(Newser) - First-class snail mail will cost a penny more starting May 12, the US Postal Service announced today. Stamps are going up to 42¢, as is the Forever stamp, which was billed as a hedge against future first-class rate increases when it was introduced last year. The 41¢ Forevers will still... More »

$100 Laptop Price Hits $188

3 million orders, fourth price increase for One Laptop Per Child

(Newser) - The famous but increasingly misnamed “$100 laptop” will actually cost $188—the fourth price increase for the innovative device designed for nonprofit group One Laptop Per Child, reports the AP. While still a bargain, the bump could scare off developing governments fixed on the “fanciful $100-per-child figure,”... More »

Prices in Toyland Are Going Up

Consumers will pay for testing toys

(Newser) - Toyland is about to become a more expensive place, as price hikes of 10% or more kick in to pay for heightened vigilance by toy makers following the recall of millions of lead-tainted and otherwise unsafe playthings imported from China. The added costs, which  won't kick in until after Christmas,... More »

How Much Does It Cost to Tie the Knot?

Stats mislead on average price of US weddings

(Newser) - The notion that Americans are blowing vast sums of money on weddings is debunked by the Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal. The figure is often touted that the average US wedding costs $30,000; in fact, it's closer to half that price. Carl Bialik says the surveys, distributed... More »

Price Jump Could Ice Coffee Sales

With another price hike and competitors on its heels, will Starbucks stumble?

(Newser) - Starbucks recently hiked the cost of its coffee an average of 9¢ a cup—the seventh bump up since 1997. With a faltering stock price and learnings lagging after 15 years of solid growth, BusinessWeek wonders whether the premium coffee purveyor may have finally maxed out the market for the... More »

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