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Georgians in Moscow Face Violence

As conflict continues, emigrants subject to beatings, robberies

(Newser) - As Russia maintains its military presence in Georgia, ethnic Georgians living in Moscow have reported growing harassment and violence. The Russian capital is home to 54,000 Georgians, and since the conflict began, they have been subjected to robberies, beatings, and intimidation, Bloomberg reports. Police are stopping Georgians on the... More »

Extremists Mark New ‘Cold Peace’

Russian videos signal paranoia, wounded pride

(Newser) - The “sleeping bear” of Mother Russia is either waking to attack its enemies or rolling over a few victims as it dozes, dreaming of a lost empire, Maclean’s reports. Military flights above Guam and flag-posting on the North Pole have been well-reported; but an explosion of violent nationalism,... More »

Russian Kids Spend Summer Goose-stepping

Youth movement an avatar of Putin propaganda

(Newser) - In a Soviet Era throwback, a new Russian youth group is said to be providing more than fun and games in its summer camp, the Weekly Standard reports. Nashi, Russian for “Ours,” is said to be an elite indoctrination program; while Russian officials liken it to the Boy... More »

3 Stories