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This New Map Crushes the One We've Relied On Since 1569

Most proportional map ever?

(Newser) - Portraying all the contents of a spherical Earth on a flat, two-dimensional piece of paper is notoriously difficult, which is why we've relied on, for more than four centuries, a map that inaccurately shows Greenland, Alaska, and Antarctica as imposingly huge. But now a new map by Japanese artist... More »

Meet a Man Who Has Been to All 3,143 US Counties

Reid Williamson is one of 32 Extra Miler Club 'completers'

(Newser) - Apparently visiting all 50 states wasn't enough for Reid Williamson: The 64-year-old is one of just 32 "completers," Extra Miler Club members known to have visited all 3,143 US counties. Washington Post columnist John Kelly takes a fascinating look at Williamson's quest, which started at... More »

Maldives: No, Our Country Isn't Underwater

Satirical 'Telegraph' global warming column irks island nation.

(Newser) - Atlas makers have decided to omit the Maldives from future editions because global warming threatens to submerge the island nation, a climate-change skeptic Telegraph writer claimed in a satirical column . Sound ludicrous? Not to some newspapers and opposition politicians in the Maldives, who took the bogus story seriously and demanded... More »

Onion Atlas Redraws the World

No corner of the globe is safe from the masters of satire

(Newser) - You may never look at the world in quite the same way after reading the new atlas from the Onion, says a Newsweek reviewer. Our Dumb World is the best parody in 30 years, writes Malcolm Jones, with its mix of laugh-out-loud goofball humor and darker satire. The Iraq map,... More »

Online Maps Give Personal View of World

User-generated custom atlases are becoming guides to everything

(Newser) - Taking a page from Wikipedia, Internet users are harnessing the collective knowledge of millions and applying it to maps. On the rapidly growing "GeoWeb," surfers create custom atlases using mapping technology by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others. The user-generated maps can highlight anything from stores to previously unavailable... More »

5 Stories