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After Electrocution Death, Coroner Says iPhones Should Carry Warning

British man dropped his in the tub

(Newser) - Dropping a phone in the bath while it is charging can be as deadly as chucking a plugged-in hairdryer in there, a coroner warned during an inquest into the death of a British man last December. Richard Bull, 32, was apparently using his iPhone in the bath when it slipped... More »

Man Electrocuted While on Cell Phone

The 27-year-old victim was listening to music while his phone charged

(Newser) - A man in India was electrocuted while listening to music on his charging cell phone, the Hindustan Times reports. Police in the central state of Madhya Pradesh identified the victim as Sunil Yuvne. They said the 27-year-old suffered shocks on Saturday morning likely from an earphone attached to his mobile... More »

Teen Electrocuted While Trying YouTube Experiment

15-year-old boy was apparently trying to make a 'Jacob's Ladder'

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Ohio boy died Tuesday night, apparently while attempting to recreate something he saw on YouTube, WKYC reports. Police say Morgan Wojciechowski was trying to make a "Jacob's Ladder," in which a high-voltage spark of electricity travels between two wires parallel to one another and climbs... More »

Man Tried to Electrocute Dad on Thanksgiving: Cops

The older man reportedly passed out briefly

(Newser) - A central Florida man is accused of trying to electrocute his father after finding out he was the sole beneficiary of the elderly man's will. Ormond Beach police said Monday that 81-year-old John Knudsen told them his 44-year-old son, also named John Knudsen, held two black wires to his... More »

Haiti Carnival Horror: Electrocution, Death

Revelers on music group's float were killed by power line

(Newser) - Horror in the Haitian capital this morning, where by the AP's count at least 20 people on a music group's packed Carnival float were killed when they were electrocuted by a power line; the BBC puts the death toll at 18, and CNN reports a dozen are confirmed... More »

Rock Singer Electrocuted on Stage, Dies

Faulty wiring blamed in death of Agustín Briolini in Argentina

(Newser) - A 21-year-old singer for a promising Argentine rock band is dead after being electrocuted on stage. Agustín Briolini of the group Krebs suffered the shock as he stepped toward a microphone, and faulty wiring is getting the early blame, reports the Daily Mail . Though accounts differ, the accident appears... More »

Train Surfer Electrocuted, Catches Fire

21-year-old man dead after Conn. accident

(Newser) - When a Metro-North commuter train lost power early yesterday in Connecticut, it didn't take much to spot the cause: MTA "workers found Brian McClellen, 21, of Ohio, on top of the train and on fire," reports NBC . Rescuers had to use a fire extinguisher to put out... More »

Woman Killed by ... Phone Charger

Sheryl Aldeguer electrocuted by faulty charger in April

(Newser) - A mother of two has died in Australia thanks to a $4.95 phone charger. Authorities say Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, 28, was talking on the phone, plugged into a cheap charger that failed to meet Australian safety rules, when she was electrocuted with 240 volts and died instantly. The Filipino... More »

Man Electrocuted While Taking Facebook Photos

California resident died after snapping pics in family's tree

(Newser) - A California man met a tragic end over the weekend when he climbed a tree to take photos of the sunset and electrocuted himself. David Strohm Jr., 27, climbed a tree in his parents' backyard Saturday in Tustin, Calif., snapped the sunset pics, and posted one on Facebook shortly after... More »

Detroit Teen Uses Wood to Knock Friend Off Live Wire

Boy brushed against wire from downed power line

(Newser) - A 13-year-old Detroit boy thought fast when his friend was nearly electrocuted this morning: He used a piece of wood to knock the 14-year-old off the live wire, and may have saved his friend's life—while remaining unharmed himself. The boys were walking home from school, which was closed... More »

Woman Dead After iPhone Zap: Family

Apple looking into China death; unlikely phone is to blame

(Newser) - The family of a 23-year-old Chinese woman says she was electrocuted when she answered her charging iPhone. The story has prompted an investigation into the death by Apple as it makes waves on Chinese social media, the Wall Street Journal reports. A local official says Ma Ailun's "neck... More »

Man Electrocuted on NYC Subway Tracks

Friend couldn't save Matthew Zeno, 30

(Newser) - Those warnings about the third rail are no joke. After a night out, a man was walking along the subway tracks in Brooklyn when he "inadvertently made contact with the third rail and was electrocuted," per the NYPD as reported by Gothamist . The New York Daily News takes... More »

Saudi Wedding Gunfire Downs Power Line, Kills 25

Celebratory shooting ends in tragedy

(Newser) - At least 25 people attending a wedding last night in Saudi Arabia have died after celebratory gunfire brought down a power line, which may have started a blaze in a tent, reports al-Jazeera . But Reuters quotes an official who says the cable fell on a metal door, electrocuting guests who... More »

Horses Electrocuted in Racecourse Tragedy

Shocks from faulty cable surged through shoes, officials believe

(Newser) - Two prize racehorses began prancing grotesquely, then staggered and fell dead on a patch of grass before a British race over the weekend. The horrifying spectacle unfolded in front of a stunned crowd watching the riderless horses being led around the infield paddock of the Newbury track. Official speculated they... More »

Army 'Warned on Wiring' Before Soldier's Electrocution

Sergeant filed work order after being shocked in the shower

(Newser) - A sergeant warned Army administrators about faulty wiring months before a soldier was electrocuted in a shower at the same quarters, CNN reports. "Pipes have voltage, get shocked in the shower," he wrote in a work order. A House committee probing the electrocution deaths in Iraq had previously... More »

Shoddy Electrical Work Killing US Troops in Iraq

Hazard from substandard work worse than Pentagon has acknowledged

(Newser) - Shoddy electrical work by private contractors is making Iraq an even deadlier place for US troops, reports the New York Times. At least 13 troops have died from electrocution and many more have been injured. Others have perished in electrical fires. The problem is worse than the Pentagon has acknowledged,... More »

Lightning Strikes Same Man Twice

Unlucky double-victim draws 2nd zap on anniversary of 1st

(Newser) - A man celebrated the 27th anniversary of being struck by lightning with a second electrocution from above—and once again lived to tell the tale, the Guardian reports. The 68 year old was hiding from a Pennsylvania storm in a shed when he and four others were shocked by lightning;... More »

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