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Milwaukee Teens Get 10pm Curfew

As unrest continues in city

(Newser) - Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood has seen two nights of unrest after the fatal shooting Saturday night of a black suspect by a black police officer , and on Monday, Mayor Tom Barrett announced a 10pm curfew for teenagers in the neighborhood. In addition, Sherman Park will close at 6pm each... More »

LA Will Pay Up to $30M to Help Gang Members

The city was sued for enforcing curfews on suspected gang members

(Newser) - Los Angeles will have to pay up to $30 million to provide gang members with job training, tattoo removal, and more after settling a class-action lawsuit this week, the Los Angeles Times reports. The city was sued in 2011 for enforcing curfews—part of the city's widespread gang injunctions—... More »

Baltimore Lifts Curfew

Mayor announces its end a day ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake today lifted the 10pm-to-5am curfew that had been enforced in the city since Tuesday night, reports the New York Times . "Effective immediately, I have rescinded my order instituting a citywide curfew," Rawlings-Blake said in a statement. "My goal has always been to not... More »

After Shaky Start, Baltimore Curfew Holds

10 arrests made overnight after protest dispersed

(Newser) - Baltimore streets previously rocked by riots were eerily quiet early today as residents obeyed an all-night curfew enforced by 3,000 police and National Guardsmen. The curfew, which went into effect at 10pm, got off to a not-so-promising start, however, as about 200 protesters initially ignored the warnings of police... More »

After a Decade, Baghdad Curfew Gets Lifted

But violence continues, with bombs killing at least 40 today

(Newser) - Baghdad's decade-old nightly curfew ended after midnight local time, hours after bombs exploded in and around the Iraqi capital, killing at least 40 people in a stark warning of the dangers still ahead in this country under attack by ISIS. The deadliest of today's bombings happened in the... More »

Sierra Leone Imposes Nationwide Curfew Over Ebola

Most will have to stay at home for 3 days

(Newser) - The government of Sierra Leone has started a three-day curfew to combat the spread of Ebola, resulting in empty streets in the capital city of Freetown and elsewhere. Aid workers and volunteers are conducting a door-to-door campaign across the nation of some 6 million people, warning residents of the dangers... More »

State of Emergency, Curfew Declared in Ferguson

Jay Nixon institutes measures after more riots related to Michael Brown

(Newser) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency today and imposed a curfew in the St. Louis suburb where a black teenager was shot to death by a white police officer a week ago. Nixon said that though many protesters were making themselves heard peacefully, the state would not... More »

Egypt Tumult Rages a 5th Day

Opposition rejects Morsi's call for a dialogue

(Newser) - Despite President Mohamed Morsi declaring a state of emergency yesterday, protests are raging in Cairo and other parts of Egypt for a fifth consecutive day today, the New York Times reports. Marchers in Port Said, one of three provinces where Morsi declared a curfew, said they no longer recognize his... More »

US Serviceman Breaks Into Home, Punches Teen: Japan

Pentagon has another Okinawa controversy

(Newser) - In yet another incident unlikely to endear the people of Okinawa to the US presence there, a drunken US serviceman broke into an apartment building on the island and punched a 13-year-old boy in the face in the wee hours this morning, Japanese authorities alleged today. Police say the man... More »

Bin Laden 'Right-Hand Man' Set for Release in Britain

Abu Qatada to face 22-hour curfew in London

(Newser) - A radical cleric described as Osama bin Laden's "right-hand man" in Europe is set for immediate release from a British maximum security prison. Abu Qatada will be housebound for 22 hours a day in London, where he'll wear an electronic tag and face stringent rules on phone... More »

Australian Towns Impose Curfews — on Cats

Deputy mayor's son becomes possums' hero

(Newser) - After attacks on native wildlife, the Sydney area is putting its cats on a leash: Under a new rule, they’ll have to be inside from dusk to dawn, Reuters reports. The decision came after a deputy mayor’s son saved a parent and baby possum from a cat. In... More »

Egyptian Police Stand Down, Army Joins Protest

Chaos reigns in streets of Cairo

(Newser) - Protesters in Cairo once again defied curfew today, but this time the police largely stood by and let them do it, the LA Times reports. The military meanwhile seems to have switched sides; as protesters swarmed over Cairo’s central square, the officers stationed there threw off their helmets... More »

Thai Gov't Disses Red Shirts' Offer of Talks

Says crackdown will continue

(Newser) - Thailand's government says a crackdown on Red Shirt protesters will continue despite their plea for UN-mediated talks. Government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn says there is no reason for the army to withdraw since "authorities are not using weapons to crack down on civilians." The government maintains it is only... More »

Teens Hit With Midnight Video Game Curfew

6-hour 'Midnight Shutdown' aims to get underage gamers some sleep

(Newser) - Here's a novel sort of curfew: Teenagers in South Korea will be prevented from staying up all night to play online video games by a 6-hour blackout period. It's being called the "Midnight Shutdown," but the culture ministry's decree actually gives underage gamers the choice of midnight to... More »

Chaos, Looting Spread in Chile

Quake survivors lack food, water, electricity

(Newser) - Chile extended a nighttime curfew to noon today as looting and crime intensified in earthquake-damaged cities. Troops struggling to gain control in Concepción fired teargas and shot at least one person dead; a supermarket collapsed in the city last night after looters set fire to it. Authorities warn that... More »

Nervous Peace Prevails After Peru Cops Quell Unrest

Curfew in place after clashes kill dozens of indigenous people, police

(Newser) - An uneasy peace has returned to northeast Peru after 3 days of clashes between indigenous people and security forces that left dozens dead, CNN reports. A curfew is holding, and both police and protesters say they want to settle their dispute through nonviolent means. The leader of the indigenous rights... More »

Texas Battles Ike Blackouts, Floods, Looting

FEMA struggles to keep Houston, Galveston supplied

(Newser) - Federal officials were working yesterday to move emergency supplies and fresh water to distribution centers in beleaguered Houston, where residents were struggling to cope with continued flooding, blackouts and looting. Millions are still without power and a curfew is in force, reports the Houston Chronicle. Officials in Galveston, meanwhile, appealed... More »

ACLU Blasts Town's 9pm Teen Curfew

Wave of shootings prompts Hartford to crack down

(Newser) - Connecticut ACLU officials are blasting a blanket 9pm teen curfew in Hartford and are considering challenging the crackdown in court, AP reports. The month-long curfew is due to begin tonight. The city announced the curfew after weekend shootings left one dead and 10 wounded. ACLU lawyers say the move violates... More »

Hartford Tries 30-Day Curfew to Curb Violence

Mayor acts after 3 more shootings over the weekend

(Newser) - The mayor of Hartford, Conn. has declared a 30-day curfew to help police get a handle on spiraling violence, the Courant reports. Starting Thursday, anyone under 18 can't be on the streets after 9pm. The city also is creating a prosecution task force and developing a "most watched list"... More »

Baghdad Curfew Lifted; Basra Violence Slows

Move comes a day after Sadr ordered militants to stand down

(Newser) - Baghdad authorities lifted a 3-day-old curfew today as violence ebbed and soldiers from Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army began to heed his call yesterday to stand down, reports the AFP. The southern city of Basra also eased its curfew as 6 days of violent clashes wound down, although the BBC reported... More »

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