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$70M Picasso Damaged Before Auction

Owner Steve Wynn has been down this road before

(Newser) - Pricey mistake: A Picasso worth an estimated $70 million had to be yanked from an auction at Christie's this week because it sustained damage as workers were preparing it. It's not clear how bad the damage is to Le Marin , or The Sailor, or even how the damage... More »

'Bermuda High' May Have Cut Irma Damage by $150B

Mother Nature's built-in 'guardrail' helped mitigate effects of hurricane on Florida

(Newser) - A weather system that "acts like a sort of traffic cop" in the Atlantic may have saved the US $150 billion and change after it helped shift Hurricane Irma's path and mitigate the storm's damage in Florida. Bloomberg reports it was originally estimated the massive hurricane would... More »

Photos: Floridians Get First Glimpse of Damage

It affected every part of Florida, some worse than others

(Newser) - Florida residents braced for days for Hurricane Irma, which encompassed nearly the entire peninsula as it marched north through the state. When day broke, many got their first glimpse of the storm's destruction. Some expressed relief that they'd appeared to have dodged a bullet. Others were clearly shaken... More »

Branson Shares Pics From 'Unforgiving' Irma

And asks for help in rebuilding British Virgin Islands after hurricane devastation

(Newser) - Richard Branson and his staff are OK after Hurricane Irma, but much of the Caribbean is not. Fortune reports on Branson's most recent blog post , titled "Recovering From Hurricane Irma," which he notes he penned from Puerto Rico, not from the private island where he rode out... More »

'Flying Bum' Crashes —Ever So Slowly

Airlander 10, world's longest aircraft, went down after tangle with telephone pole

(Newser) - The world's longest aircraft is likely going to have a similarly lengthy repair bill after a bit of a bumpy landing on Wednesday during its second test flight in the UK, the BBC reports. The $33.1 million, 302-foot-long Airlander 10—officially named the Martha Gywn, but called "... More »

Irene to Make List of Top 10 Priciest US Disasters

And a lot of it won't be covered by insurance

(Newser) - Think Hurricane Irene was overhyped ? Well, it looks like it’ll wind up being one of the 10 costliest disasters in US history, analysts tell the New York Times —and a lot of the damage won’t be covered by insurance. Industry estimates peg the storm’s costs... More »

Atlantis Crew Finds Minor Damage to Shield

(Newser) - Atlantis astronauts found some minor damage to the shuttle’s heat shield during an arduous, nine-hour inspection today, Space.com reports, with NASA officials saying nicks sustained during liftoff weren’t a serious concern, but that more analysis was needed. Astronauts will inspect the shield—vital to the shuttle’s... More »

Crews Fan Out in Texas to Gauge Ike's Wrath

(Newser) - Rescue crews in high-wheel trucks, helicopters and boats ventured out to pluck people from their homes today in an all-out search for thousands of Texans who stubbornly stayed behind overnight to face Hurricane Ike. The storm blew out skyscraper windows, cut power to millions and swamped thousands of homes along... More »

Arsonist May Have Set Fla. Fires

Gov declares state of emergency, promises harsh consequences

(Newser) - Fires that have raged across Florida over the last 2 days may have been deliberately set, Gov. Charlie Crist said today. Investigators have pointed to the fact that many of the blazes in different places sprang up at once as evidence of arson, CNN reports. Almost 100 homes have been... More »

China Quake Toll Rises to 7,600

10K could be injured, with authorities still trying to grasp extend of damage

(Newser) - The earthquake that shook central China has claimed at least 7,651 lives and injured 10,000 more in Sichuan province, the Washington Post reports. In Beichuan county, which accounted for more than 5,000 dead, local news said 80% of the buildings had been toppled.  More »

Trucks Pack on Illegal Pounds

Light penalties, costly gas make cheating attractive; roads and bridges take beating

(Newser) - More American truckers are carrying illegally heavy loads, looking to offset diminished manpower and skyrocketing fuel prices—and light fines encourage cheating, the Christian Science Monitor reports. With road damage at issue following August's Minnesota bridge collapse, 30% of trucks are reportedly overloaded—and each of the 8 million tractor-trailers... More »

Vandals Punch Hole in Monet

Group broke into Paris museum during all-night culture festival

(Newser) - Four or five people broke into a Paris museum on Sunday and punched a hole in a Monet. The group broke open a back door to the Musee d'Orsay and fled when an alarm sounded, but not before tearing a four-inch hole in "Le Pont d'Argenteuil," a scene... More »

Luxury Cars Flunk Damage Tests

Weak bumpers, expensive parts drive up costs of repairing high-end vehicles

(Newser) - Luxury cars will rack up exorbitantly expensive damage after even low-speed impacts, a federal safety report says. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety numbers out today show that 11 high-end vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Nissan models, have bumpers that are too weak and impact absorbers that don't extend far enough—... More »

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