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Lady Gaga Banned From Yankee Clubhouse

Boozy antics and scanty attire in second raunchy ballpark performance

(Newser) - Yankee boss Hal Steinbrenner blew a fuse after Lady Gaga's Jameson-fueled appearance in the Bombers' clubhouse Friday night, banning the songstress, who says she's a lifelong Yankees fan, from repeat performances. Gaga and two girlfriends crashed security at the clubhouse and hung out with the team for 30 minutes, the... More »

George Steinbrenner Passes Yankees Mantle to Son Hal

(Newser) - The George Steinbrenner era is officially over for the Yankees after 35 years. Other clubs today approved his son Hal as the “control person” for the team, the Daily News reports. The announcement makes official what many already knew—that the elder Steinbrenner has passed off responsibility for day-to-day... More »

Steinbrenners Face 'Tough Decision'

Owners won't demand immediate success from new Yankees manager

(Newser) - Yankee officials have now interviewed all three of Joe Torre's potential successors, and so far team owner George Steinbrenner and sons Hank and Hal are "impressed" with all of them—and concede they've got a "tough decision" to make. Whoever the "slight favorite" is, he'll take the... More »

Mattingly Aimed to Take After Torre

Yankees bench coach is favored by players, Steinbrenner

(Newser) - When Don Mattingly came out of retirement to join up as the Yankees' hitting coach, he already had his sights set on following in Joe Torre's managerial footsteps, reports the New York Times. "I’ve known from the beginning what I wanted," said Mattingly, who is said to... More »

With Torre out, Yanks Start Interviewing

Steinbrenner's looking at Girardi, Mattingly, Pena for new manager

(Newser) - Former Yankee catcher Joe Girardi spent yesterday meeting with team officials, interviewing for Joe Torre's old job as New York's manager, reports the Times. He'll be followed today by the team's current bench coach Don Mattingly, and tomorrow Yankees first-base coach Tony Pena will jump into the interview pool. More »

George's Sons Take Over Yanks

(Newser) - George Steinbrenner’s sons, Hank and Hal, are now calling the shots for the Yankees, the New York Post reported today. King George, 77, will still be in the picture and only "an office door away," but the brothers will have final say on all day-to-day baseball decisions.... More »

Who's the (Next) Boss?

Steinbrenner's failing health intensifies concerns over his successor

(Newser) - George Steinbrenner has mysteriously disappeared from the public eye, and Portfolio reveals that he appears to be in the early stages of dementia. Reporter Franz Lidz made a rare visit to Steinbrenner on an invitation from a golfing buddy—and found the legendary owner pale and swollen, stuck repeating the... More »

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