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'Mostly Male' Woman Gives Birth to Twins

32-year-old looks female but has more than 95% male chromosomes

(Newser) - When a 32-year-old sought fertility treatment in India, she learned that while her appearance is female, her chromosomes are 95% male; the intersex condition is known as "XY gonadal dysgenesis," reports the Daily Mail . Thanks to extensive hormone treatments, she has just given birth to healthy twins—a... More »

Wild Discovery: Insects With Female Penises

Tiny creatures have sex for 40 to 70 hours

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have discovered animals whose genitalia seem to be swapped: The female has a penis-like structure while the male has an organ akin to a vagina, LiveScience reports. The animals in question are four species of flea-sized insects from the genus Neotrogla, found in Brazilian caves.... More »

Men's Fashion Week: Don't Forget Your Manties

Words like "mankini", "murse", and "mewlery" are becoming ever-more popular

(Newser) - Fashion Week is here again, which gives the Wall Street Journal an excuse to look at the "special lexicon" that has cemented itself in the mainstream of the men's fashion world in recent years. Mankinis, mandals, manties, murses, and even mantyhose—the growing list of items that were... More »

China, India Overrun by ... Guys

Sex selection must be addressed, say researchers

(Newser) - Thanks to sex selection, areas of China and India are set to see a 10%-20% excess of males over the next two decades, a study finds. The nations' preference for boys, coupled with the increasing use of ultrasound equipment over the past 20 years, is tipping the scales, reports the... More »

Women Like Abs Best, Say 50% of Men

No, they don't, says

(Newser) - Want to get inside the mind of a man? Easy: Just check out the results of ’s 2010 Great Male Survey, which more than 100,000 responded to:
  • Beer: Is the ultimate man’s drink, according to 38% of respondents.
  • Abs: Are what women care about most,
... More »

Upset by Andrews Vid, Ladies? Stop Watching Sports

(Newser) - The Erin Andrews video scandal is just another sick symptom of “male sports culture,” Bonnie Erbe writes in US News & World Report, but the fairer sex does have recourse. “If women didn’t attend NFL games or NBA games, or even watch them on TV to... More »

'He-Cession' Is Death Knell for Male Dominance

Recession has sped end of 'era of male dominance'

(Newser) - Macho men caused this recession, and they’re going to pay the price: for the first time in history, they’ll cease to be the dominant force in society, writes Reihan Salam in Foreign Policy. Signs of the turning tide can already be seen in the US, as male-dominated industries... More »

Men Hit With 80% of US Layoffs

The gap between male and female unemployment is the widest on record

(Newser) - Of the 5.1 million US jobs that have evaporated since the recession began, men have lost nearly 80% of them, the Financial Times reports, resulting in the widest gap between unemployment rates for men and women since recordkeeping began a half-century ago. Layoffs have nudged the male unemployment rate... More »

31 Things Men Can't Go Without

(Newser) - There are certain things men cannot do without, that if lost “we would briefly mourn and immediately replace.” Esquire offers up 31 male necessities.
  • Cast-iron skillet: "it will last longer than you."
  • Waiter's corkscrew: corkscrews should not "require instruction manuals."
  • WD-40: "a man's
... More »

Male Suicide Tracked to Childhood

Female suicides don't reveal problems until after puberty

(Newser) - Suicidal men are more likely to have had troubled childhoods than their female counterparts, Reuters reports. A new study found that 78% of male subjects who tried to kill themselves by age 24 had serious behavioral problems at age 8, whereas suicidal females usually developed emotional problems after puberty. The... More »

Sticks, Stones Break Bones, But Odd Names May Jail You

Boys with uncommon monikers act out more

(Newser) - The more unusual a teenage boy’s name is, the more likely he is to run afoul of the law, a study finds. Irrespective of race, uncommon names like Ivan, Malcolm, and Alec—as opposed to Michael or David—more often belong to kids who act up, researchers say. It’... More »

What Men Use Botox, and Why?

(Newser) - Just who are all these men getting Botox, and why do they do it—especially during a recession? The number of male Botox users has soared to 300,000—or about 7% of total face-freezers—since 2001, and that percentage hasn't dipped in today's economy. Wondering what men lie behind... More »

Pregnant Man Gives Birth

Girl born naturally, not via C-section, for transgendered Oregon resident

(Newser) - "Pregnant man" Thomas Beatie has given birth to a baby girl, ABC News reports. The 34-year-old transgender male gave birth at a hospital in Bend, Ore., sources said. The birth was natural, not by caesarean section as some reports have claimed. "She's really cute, really pretty,'' one... More »

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