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Experts Buzzing Over 'New' Da Vinci in Boston

Museum said to be appraising previously unknown painting

(Newser) - A last-minute contender for art find of the decade may have turned up in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, but officials are remaining tight-lipped about the possibly stupendous discovery. Rumors are spreading that the museum has a previously unknown Leonardo da Vinci painting in its possession. Fewer than 20 da... More »

New Van Gogh Surfaces

Work created during stay at asylum

(Newser) - A previously undiscovered Van Gogh has been found hiding in plain sight—beneath another painting. Conservators at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts X-rayed The Ravine, revealing another painting created several months earlier, the MFA and the Van Gogh Museum said today. A pen-and-ink drawing of the concealed painting, Wild Vegetation,... More »

2 Stories