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Heartbleed Fears Prompt ObamaCare Password Reset

No sign site has been compromised: White House

(Newser) - People who have accounts on the enrollment website for ObamaCare are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government's vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed Internet security flaw. All enrollee passwords have been reset, the White House says, per CNN . Senior administration officials said there... More »

We've Made Huge Progress on One Diabetes Front

Dangerous complications are way down

(Newser) - A major federal study points to vast improvements in the fight against diabetes-related ailments, thanks in large part to improving treatment. Complications from diabetes have plummeted over two decades, the New York Times reports: For instance, heart attacks among diabetes sufferers have dropped 68% since 1990 (and 31% in the... More »

Why 90% of Doctors Don't Recommend Their Job

We're seeing a 'war on physicians': Daniela Drake

(Newser) - According to a survey last year , nine of 10 doctors wouldn't recommend their career to others; some 300 doctors commit suicide yearly. All that's not surprising, writes Daniela Drake at the Daily Beast : "Simply put, being a doctor has become a miserable and humiliating undertaking," she... More »

Insurers Panic Over $1K-a-Day Wonder Drug

Congress demands to know why Sovaldi is so expensive

(Newser) - The FDA only approved Sovaldi in December, but the hepatitis C treatment is already setting records, with as much as $10 billion in sales expected in the first year alone. And why not? It has few side effects, cures 90% of patients, and, oh yeah, costs $1,000 a day.... More »

ObamaCare Signups Surge Past 7M Target

More than 7M poised to sign up as of yesterday

(Newser) - Experts didn't think the White House could reach a goal of 7 million ObamaCare signups as of yesterday—but it looks like their forecasts were wrong. Officials say the administration was on track to receive more than 7 million signups, in line with the original Congressional Budget Office target... More »

Under ObamaCare, My Mom Can't Get Her Cancer Drug

We can, and must, do better: Stephen Blackwood

(Newser) - Stephen Blackwood offers a wrenching indictment of ObamaCare in the Wall Street Journal : His mother, diagnosed with carcinoid cancer in 2005, "wouldn't still be here" without a shot she gets twice a month of Sandostatin, a drug that slows the disease. But in November, her health plan was... More »

Suits: How a Hospital Chain Schemed to Boost Profits

'NYT' looks at lawsuits against Health Management Associates

(Newser) - The New York Times today takes a look at whistle-blower lawsuits claiming for-profit hospital chain Health Management Associates employed a strategy to up admission—whether or not patients needed care—in order to boost Medicare and Medicaid payments. The paper shares one tactic, in which ER scorecards were posted daily,... More »

Expanding Medicaid Led to More ER Visits

Harvard research debunks ObamaCare talking point

(Newser) - One of the favorite arguments of Affordable Care Act supporters has long been that the newly-insured poor will use primary care doctors more and expensive emergency room services less, saving the government money. But a new Harvard study totally contradicts that claim. Researchers looked at Oregon's partial 2008 Medicaid... More »

ObamaCare Coverage Makes Quiet Debut

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reports smooth first day

(Newser) - After years of debate, legal proceedings, and technical glitches, health insurance purchased under ObamaCare began actually covering people yesterday, in what Kathleen Sebelius touted as an "exciting new day for health care." But on the ground health care providers weren't exactly inundated with new customers, in part,... More »

2 States Stop Paying Builder of Bungled Health Care Sites

Vermont is asking for a refund, and Massachusetts is considering it

(Newser) - The federal health care exchange isn't the only one that CGI Federal screwed up. The much-maligned contractor also built seven exchanges for individual states, and now two of those states—Massachusetts and Vermont—have stopped payment, with Vermont even requesting a refund, thanks to the company's failure to... More »

At 11th Hour, Obama Eases Health Care Mandate

People who lost policies can claim hardship exemption

(Newser) - In a surprise move, the Obama administration essentially lifted the individual mandate last night for anyone who saw their insurance policy cancelled thanks to the Affordable Care Act, just days before the Dec. 23 deadline to sign up for Jan. 1 coverage. These consumers will be able to apply for... More »

Obama 'Wins' Lie of the Year

'If you like your plan...' and ensuing prevaricating, take PolitiFact's top honors

(Newser) - "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." Barack Obama has been raked over the coals for that one in recent months, and now he's getting, umm, honored for it: PolitiFact has awarded the phrase its Lie of the Year Award, it announced on... More »

Don't Believe Dire Warnings of Doctor Shortage

Technology, more help from support teams should solve the problem: 'NYT' op-ed

(Newser) - Headlines about a looming doctor shortage for the US have been kicking around for a while, with the Association of American Medical Colleges forecasting a gap of 130,000 by 2025. Don't believe it, write Drs. Scott Gottlieb and Ezekiel Emanuel in the New York Times . The doomsayers generally... More »

ObamaCare Site's Re-Launch Stumbles Out of the Gate

1/3 of all enrollments reportedly screwed up

(Newser) - The new and supposedly improved isn't off to a great start. The site flooded with traffic yesterday morning, slowing it to a crawl and spiking its error rate, the LA Times reports. By 10am the government had turned on a "queuing" feature, essentially putting would-be applicants... More »

Health Dept: Site's Biggest Problems Fixed

Site functional 90% of the time: White House

(Newser) - As December begins , the ObamaCare website's biggest issues have been addressed, says the White House—though smaller problems remain, the AP reports. "The bottom line: on December 1st is night and day from where it was on October 1st," says Jeffrey Zients, a White House... More »

Hey, America: We're All Getting More Selfish

Opinions on ObamaCare prove it: Christopher Flavelle

(Newser) - The number of Americans who think the government should ensure everyone's access to health care is falling, from a peak of 69% in 2006 to just 42% this year. "It's tempting to see that as an indictment against ObamaCare, but it might just mean more Americans are... More »

Death Panels? No, But It's Time for Life Panels

Essayist: We have to find a way to help people end lives with dignity

(Newser) - Watching his elderly mother spend three miserable years in a hospital bed in need of 24/7 care before her death prompts Bob Goldman to float an idea today in the New York Times : "life panels." A twist on the political poison of "death panels," the idea... More »

Employers May Charge You for Being Fat, Smoking

More firms planning to use surcharges under ObamaCare

(Newser) - If you don't meet your employer's health requirements, you may soon be paying more for health insurance. One survey found that as of next year, 40% of major US firms will be instituting surcharges on workers who fail to meet such requirements—things like quitting smoking or meeting... More »

Ads Laud Birth Control; Critics Blast 'Hosurance'

Colorado campaign that highlighted 'brosurance' takes heat over birth control

(Newser) - ObamaCare needs those wild and crazy millennials to get on board if it's going to work, and a Colorado ad campaign that previously drew scorn over ads featuring kegstands and urging young men to get "brosurance," is now taking fresh abuse over a racier ad. As the... More » Probably Won't Be Ready by Deadline

Insurers seek direct way to sign up customers

(Newser) - The Obama administration has pledged to get running smoothly by Nov. 30, but an insider tells the Washington Post that's looking like a pipe dream. For one thing, it can only deal with half the traffic it's supposed to handle—it runs into problems when 20,... More »

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