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US, Afghan Forces Mass at Pakistan Border

Attack on Haqqani network expected

(Newser) - Large numbers of American and Afghan troops have gathered near Afghanistan's border with Pakistan and a crackdown on the Taliban-allied Haqqani militant network is widely expected. The group—which operates on both sides of the border—has been responsible for many attacks on coalition forces, and while military sources... More »

Pakistan May Execute Doc Who Helped Find bin Laden

Shakil Afridi should be charged with high treason, commission decides

(Newser) - The doctor who ran the fake vaccination scheme that helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden should be charged with high treason, an inquiry in Pakistan has recommended. If convicted, Shakil Afridi could be executed. The doctor was arrested by Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence agency a few weeks after the... More »

Haqqani Denies Link With Pakistan

And insists it didn't assassinate peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbani

(Newser) - The Haqqani network has no ties to Pakistan’s ISI and isn’t responsible for the assassination of former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani , Siraj Haqqani tells the BBC . Siraj is the son of Haqqani network founder and namesake Jalaluddin Haqqani, and is a major leader within the group. “We’... More »

Feds: Pakistan Spies Funded DC Lobby Group

Kashmiri group's director arrested

(Newser) - American-Pakistani relations slumped further downhill yesterday with the arrest of a Washington-based lobbyist accused of being in the pay of Pakistan's spy agency. Federal investigators say Pakistan spent millions of dollars attempting to influence American policy on the disputed territory of Kashmir with campaign donations to members of Congress... More »

Once Burned, Afghans Fear Repeat of 1989

Troop withdrawal could lead to instability, some fear

(Newser) - Political leaders in Afghanistan are concerned that President Obama's decision to start withdrawing US forces could lead to a repeat of the US withdrawal in 1989, when Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence was allowed to gain major influence. "We don't want to go back 20 years when [ISI... More »

Pakistan Busts CIA's bin Laden Informants

Army major among arrested informants who aided US: NYT

(Newser) - The reward for at least five Pakistanis for helping the CIA find terror boss Osama bin Laden was to be arrested by their nation's military spy agency. The New York Times reports that those busted include a man who owned a safe house in Abbottabad from which CIA agents... More »

Chicago Trial Could Link Pakistan to Terror Group

Jury selection begins today in Tahawwur Rana trial

(Newser) - Jury selection begins today in a Chicago trial that could reveal links between Pakistan's intelligence agency and the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. The trial of Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana, accused of helping David Coleman Headley serve as a scout for the attacks, "will undoubtedly demonstrate links between Pakistan... More »

Boosted US Presence Rankles Pakistan

Military fears too many strings are attached to new $7.5 billion in aid

(Newser) - The $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan recently approved by the Senate appears to have triggered more suspicion than goodwill. Many in Pakistan, especially in the military, object that the conditions tied to the aid—which include keeping the military out of politics—are an unacceptable encroachment on national... More »

Resurgent Militants Could Ignite India-Pakistan War

India braces for fresh attacks that could spark war

(Newser) - The Pakistan-based terror network that organized the slaughter of 163 people in Mumbai last year is still thriving, and security officials on both sides of the border fear it's only a matter of time before operatives attack India again. Lashkar-e-Taiba enjoys broad support within Pakistan, its top leadership remains intact... More »

US Afghan Surge Angers Pakistan

(Newser) - The American offensive in southern Afghanistan is sparking serious tensions with Pakistan, the New York Times reports. Pakistani officials fear that the surge will push Taliban militants into its border region, triggering a rise in militancy that it will be ill-equipped to tackle without shifting troops from the Indian border.... More »

Cops Foiled Earlier Mumbai Terror Plot

Police believe captured Indian militant was among attackers' local accomplices

(Newser) - Indian police busted a terror cell planning to attack Mumbai earlier this year that was directed by the same two Pakistani-based terror kingpins accused in last week's attacks, said police. Those captured Pakistani and Indian militants, still being held, had guns, explosives, and maps of Mumbai landmarks, the New York ... More »

Pakistan Backpedals, Won't Send Intel Chief to India

Historic visit will be the first of an ISI chief in history.

(Newser) - Pakistan made an abrupt about-face today and announced it would send an intelligence representative, not its intelligence chief, to India to aid in the investigation of the Mumbai terror attacks, the Hindustan Times reports. India had demanded that the ISI chief visit, and Pakistan agreed, but backtracked after a late-night... More »

Pakistan Helped Taliban Plan Afghan Attacks: Report

Leaked Spanish document alleges link between intelligence agency and militants

(Newser) - Pakistani spies armed Taliban insurgents in 2005 assassination plots against the Afghan government, Cadena Ser radio reports after obtaining a confidential Spanish defense document. Bearing the defense ministry’s seal, the report alleges that Pakistan’s intelligence gave the militants roadside bombs, and may have also provided intelligence and training.... More »

CIA Confronts Pakistan Over Militant Ties

Secret meeting focuses on evidence of links to violent extemists

(Newser) - The CIA has confronted Pakistani officials with evidence of links between the nation's spy agency and Islamic insurgents, the New York Times reports. A top CIA official flew to Pakistan for a tense secret meeting earlier this month with information about ties to al-Qaeda-affiliated militants in the border region believed... More »

UK Intelligence 'Sent Citizens to Be Tortured'

MI5 outsourced brutal interrogations to Pakistan, say lawyers

(Newser) - British intelligence officers have been accused of sending citizens to a Pakistani agency to be tortured, reports the Guardian. MI5 officials requested Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency to arrest British terror suspects in the country, where they were subjected to beatings, whippings, sleep deprivation and fingernail extraction, according to lawyers... More »

Seoul Pleads for Taliban Talks

Delegation arrives in Afghanistan while Afghans, Taliban search for venue

(Newser) - South Korean officials are in Afghanistan seeking direct talks with the Taliban, Reuters reports, as the terrorist group and the Afghan government bicker over a venue for their own negotiations to free the  21 remaining Korean hostages. Two male members of the church group have been killed by the kidnappers. More »

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