Lake Winnipesaukee

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Romney Family Vacation Is Competitive, Mandatory

No one can skip contest sports, family grill sessions

(Newser) - What kind of president would Mitt Romney make? For some clues, take a look at his summer family vacation, where attendance by his grown sons and their families is mandatory, the days are packed with competitive games, and the little girls posed for the annual group photo last year in... More »

Some Sarkozy Lost in Translation

Photo altered to reduce president's love handles

(Newser) - The French president’s “love handles” got a makeover this week when Paris Match Photoshopped them down to size in pics from his US holiday. An otherwise manly bare-chested shot of Sarkozy canoeing with his son shows his stomach to be distinctly slimmer than in Reuter’s original photo.... More »

Zut Alors! Sarko Blasts Photogs on US Boat Trip

Jumps on board, demands they stop snapping pics

(Newser) - Clad only in swim trunks, French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday lashed out at two US news photographers—screaming at them in French to scram—while he was vacationing with his family on a New Hampshire lake. "The president was very agitated, speaking French at a loud volume very rapidly,... More »

3 Stories