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Secret Service Tightens Booze Rules—Slightly

Supervisor demoted after multiple incidents

(Newser) - Between suspected drinking and driving and passing out in a hallway , Secret Service agents haven't been exhibiting model behavior recently. Now, some in the service are paying the price. The head of the key special operations division has been demoted, insiders tell the Washington Post , while some two dozen... More »

Four Loko: We Won't Use Santa in Our Ads

And, more importantly, won't market on campuses

(Newser) - Amid controversy over its combination of caffeine and alcohol, the makers of Four Loko announced it was dropping caffeine from the equation in 2010. But authorities weren't finished with Phusion Projects: Now, the company has agreed to a raft of new marketing rules, the Los Angeles Times reports. The... More »

St. Paddy's Party in Mass.: Riot Gear, Brawls, 73 Arrests

Note: The actual holiday is next Monday

(Newser) - This is why we can't have nice St. Paddy's Day parties: With more than a week to go before the holiday honoring all things green and boozy, er, the 5th-century Catholic bishop , cops in Massachusetts had to break up a party that sounds more war zone-themed than Irish.... More »

'College Money' Suit: Lawyer Allegedly Gave Girl Booze

Sean Canning says John Inglesino is 'enabling' his daughter

(Newser) - Rachel Canning's parents are alleging that the powerful attorney she's living with gave her alcohol. Canning, 18, has made headlines by suing her parents for her tuition , among other things, after she left home to stay with her friend, Jaime Inglesino. In court documents, Canning's father says... More »

Vatican City Beats Every Country—at Drinking Wine

Consumes more wine per capita than any other country

(Newser) - If you're a big fan of wine and would like to be surrounded by apparently like-minded people, consider moving to Vatican City. Despite its small size, or perhaps because of it, it manages to consume more wine per capita than any other country, according to the Wine Institute. How... More »

Prohibition May Finally End in One Connecticut Town

Sleepy Bridgewater will put it to a vote on Tuesday

(Newser) - Connecticut's last dry town is on the verge of a historic decision: whether to allow two local developers to open restaurants that serve alcohol, the AP reports. As it stands, the upscale bedroom community of Bridgewater is on the sleepy side, with 1,700 people, an average age above... More »

Drug Official Admits Alcohol a Bigger Threat Than Pot

Michael Botticelli's reluctant admission came in Congressional hearing

(Newser) - The deputy director of the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy admitted yesterday—only after much prodding—that pot is less dangerous than alcohol and other drugs. Michael Botticelli was questioned at a House Oversight Committee hearing by Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat, who first asked... More »

'Overwhelmed' Rodman Hits Rehab

Basketball player seeks help after drunken meltdown on CNN

(Newser) - America's diplomat in chief to North Korea is out of commission for a while: Dennis Rodman, most recently known for cozying up to murderous baby-faced dictators and drunkenly melting down on CNN , has checked into rehab for alcoholism. He'll spend 30 days at a facility in New Jersey.... More »

Japanese Firm Buys Jim Beam for $13.6B

$13.6B deal set to be 3rd-biggest in industry history

(Newser) - Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek bourbons will soon have a second home in Japan. Beam, the owner of the whiskeys and the world’s fourth-biggest liquor company by sales, has reached a deal to be purchased by Osaka’s Suntory, a family-owned liquor company that’s No.... More »

Why a 'Dry January' Is a Bad Idea

...Assuming you're an alcoholic

(Newser) - Thinking of giving up booze for the month after a hedonistic holiday season? Well, you might be an alcoholic making a big mistake, writes Tom Sykes at the Telegraph . As a recovering alcoholic, Sykes should know. "I managed several sober Januaries, and they became an important weapon in my... More »

You Don't Need to Stop Boozing Cold Turkey

A more moderate approach can help many problem drinkers: Gabrielle Glaser

(Newser) - If you're concerned about your drinking habits, one of your New Year's resolutions may have been to quit alcohol entirely. But, though "the cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States," there is another way, writes Gabrielle Glaser, author of a book on women and... More »

(Moderate) Boozing Boosts Your Immune System

New study gives you a reason to have that New Year's drink

(Newser) - Brace yourself for the best news you'll hear this New Year's Eve: A moderate amount of alcohol can strengthen your immune system, according to a new study. The study monitored three groups of monkeys over the course of 14 months. In the beginning of the study, all the... More »

One Key to a Happy Marriage: Drink Together

Or abstain together, but make sure 1 partner isn't unequal: Study

(Newser) - Newlyweds hoping for a long and happy marriage might pay attention to their drinking habits: Couples who drink roughly the same amount are less likely to divorce than those in which one of the two is a heavier drinker, according to a new study spotted by NBC News . It's... More »

You'll Sleep Worse After a Nightcap

Even if you drift off more easily

(Newser) - A nightcap might help you drift off—but don't expect a good night's sleep for your trouble. In the 1970s, researchers gave subjects each between one and six drinks a half-hour to an hour before bedtime. Those who had more booze fell asleep quicker, but during the second... More »

The World's Most Popular Liquor Is...

... soju, a Korean spirit that Psy calls his 'best friend'

(Newser) - Vodka and tequila, head to the back of the bar. The world's most popular liquor is a South Korean spirit called soju, which has topped a best-selling-drink list for years and sold 65 million cases on this year's list alone, the Guardian reports. It's made from barley,... More »

Server: I Was Fired for Reporting Boozing, Breastfeeding Mom

Restaurant denies it

(Newser) - When a server at an Arkansas pizza joint saw a woman simultaneously boozing it up and ... breastfeeding, she decided to call the cops. But Jackie Conners says she ended up getting fired from Gusano's Pizzeria over the incident last Wednesday, even though the mom in question, 28-year-old Tasha Adams,... More »

Red Stripe Slammed Over New Fruity Beer

Red Stripe Burst being marketed to those under 24

(Newser) - Jamaican beer maker Red Stripe's latest concoction is a fruity beer whose goal, according to the company, is "recruitment-driven": The company is hoping to win over 18- to 24-year-olds (18-year-olds can legally drink in Jamaica, Jezebel notes). Activist group Alcohol Justice wants to keep the raspberry-flavored Burst from... More »

Attention, Sinners: US 'Vice Index' Is a Little Low

Which is actually bad news for consumer spending, says analyst

(Newser) - Brace yourself: Things are about to get tame. So says the vice index, which tracks spending on booze, gambling, and prostitutes: Its September reading was 104, the lowest it's been since February, the Wall Street Journal reports. The bad news may stretch beyond the realm of sin: It's... More »

10 Stars Who Don't Drink

Some got sober, others just don't like alcohol

(Newser) - Not all celebrities spend their weekends drunkenly partying. The Huffington Post rounds up 19 celebrities who don't drink alcohol. A sampling:
  • Kim Kardashian: Despite plugging Midori in a commercial, she has said, "I do not drink alcohol at all. My sisters drink, so when they get a little
... More »

World Running Short on Wine

Production can't keep up with demand on a global level

(Newser) - A worldwide wine shortage? Technically speaking, it's already happened, reports Quartz . And what's more, things are on track to get worse. Stats compiled by Morgan Stanley Research show that the world fell 300 million cases short of demand last year, the biggest in-the-red number in half a century.... More »

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