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4.8 Earthquake Rattles Kansas, Oklahoma

The epicenter was about 25 miles south of Wichita

(Newser) - Kansas has seen an uptick in earthquakes since the fall of 2013, and yesterday marked the latest rumble in the state. Given a preliminary magnitude of 4.8, the earthquake struck at 3:40pm in Conway Springs, 25 miles southwest of Wichita. It hit less than 24 hours after a... More »

Chile Quake Shifted Earth's Axis, Shortened Day

Moving masses of rock by several meters affects rotation

(Newser) - The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile may have actually shifted the Earth's axis, shortening the length of a day, a NASA scientist says. Moving hundreds of kilometers of rock changes the earth's distribution of mass, and, in turn, changes the planet's rate of rotation. In this case, the... More »

In One Chilean City, Quake Causes Flashbacks

Valdivia suffered strongest quake in history in 1960

(Newser) - For some Chileans, the massive earthquake that struck Saturday was terrifyingly familiar. Almost 50 years ago, Valdivia was rocked by a 9.5-magnitude quake, the biggest in recorded history. “We were sleeping, and then the house began to rise up,” says one Valdivia resident, recalling how the quake... More »

6.0 Quake Shakes Guatemala, but No Damage

Quake also hit El Salvador

(Newser) - A strong earthquake has rocked Guatemala and parts of El Salvador, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage in either country. The US Geological Survey says the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.0, and hit this morning about 60 miles southwest of Guatemala City, where... More »

4 Earthquakes Strike Off Mexican Coast

No damage reported; 6.9 tremor felt as far away as Phoenix, LA

(Newser) - A series of four earthquakes hit within an hour today under Mexico’s Gulf of California, BNO News reports. The second of the tremors, which at 9 miles deep were relatively shallow and thus more dangerous, registered a 6.9 on the Richter scale. No damage was immediately reported, and... More »

5.7 Quake Shakes Tall Buildings in Mexico City

(Newser) - A strong earthquake swayed skyscrapers in Mexico City and rattled colonial buildings in neighboring Puebla state today, sending frightened people into the streets. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. "There is absolute calm, zero damage,” a Puebla official said. The US Geological Survey said the... More »

At Least 92 Dead as 6.3 Quake Rocks Italy

Houses collapsed as people slept

(Newser) - At least 92 people are reported dead and some 1500 injured after a powerful 6.3 earthquake shook a large swath of central Italy at 3:32am local time, reports the Guardian. Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has declared a state of emergency as the quake toppled churches, houses, and office... More »

Please, Media, That Was No Quake

The only real damage was to one columnist's workday

(Newser) - The brouhaha over the California earthquake this week was generated as much by media as trembling ground, Joel Stein writes in the Los Angeles Times. The quake did damage Stein's workday, however, because he had to field so many calls from worried, out-of-state loved ones who saw the overhyped coverage... More »

China Aftershocks Level 420K Homes

Area pummeled on Sunday hit with more strong tremors

(Newser) - More aftershocks rocked China today, destroying another 420,000 homes in battered Sichuan province, BBC reports. The aftershocks, including one that measured 5.7 magnitude, injured six people, although the majority of the homes were empty when the buildings were leveled. Eight people died when the same area was hit... More »

6.5 Quake Rocks Alaska

No injuries reported after shaker hits Aleutians

(Newser) - In another of a troubling series of earthquakes to hit the US, a 6.5 magnitude shaker has struck Alaska, Reuters reports. The quake hit a sparsely inhabited section of the Aleutian island chain, and so far there have been no reports of injuries. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said... More »

Illinois Quake? Wow

Today's 5.2 temblor is 'not unusual' for region, expert says

(Newser) - A geologist has sent a ripple of curiosity through the media by calling today's Illinois earthquake “not unusual," ABC News reports. The 5.2 temblor, which caused no injuries or major damage, is one of many the state has experienced since 1795. One rocked 500,000 square miles... More »

Big Quake Will Rock Calif. by 2038: Study

Scientists warn state to plan for 7.5 mag temblor

(Newser) - A major earthquake is almost inevitable in California in the next 30 years, a new study says. The likely target is Southern California, which has a 97% chance of a 6.7 magnitude quake and 37% chance of a 7.5. Because it has suffered more big quakes in the... More »

Scientists Stumped by Oregon Quakes

Rumbling of 600 quakes in 10 days caught by underwater microphones

(Newser) - A swarm of more than 600 earthquakes off the Oregon coast has scientists stumped, the Oregonian reports. The activity started around 10 days ago and a research ship has been diverted to the area to look for answers. The earthquakes resemble those that happen before a volcano erupts but there... More »

Powerful Quake Rattles Mexico

No injuries reported despite 6.4 magnitude

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake that hit Mexico today caused no injuries, Bloomberg reports. The earthquake hit the country’s south Pacific coast, near the Chiapas-Oaxaca border. It measured 6.4 on the Richter scale, the strongest quake of the 40 that have hit Chiapas this year. The government oil company shut... More »

African Quakes Kill at Least 40

Hundreds injured; residents avoid returning home after houses topple

(Newser) - A pair of earthquakes killed at least 40 people and injured nearly 400 in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo today, AFP and the AP report. The first quake measured 6.0 on the Richter scale and the second, less than 4 hours later, 5.0. Public buses carted... More »

Earthquake Rattles New Zealand

Offshore quake causes damage on both islands

(Newser) - An earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale rocked New Zealand tonight, with tremors felt on both islands. No casualties have been reported yet, writes the New Zealand Herald, but firefighters have been inundated with calls about damaged buildings and collapsed power lines. "There will be a massive... More »

Indonesia Quakes Kill at Least 3

Tremors cause brief tsunami panic

(Newser) - A series of powerful earthquakes struck in Indonesia early this morning, killing at least 3 and causing brief tsunami warnings. Some 70 others were injured, and several buildings destroyed, including a health clinic. The first quake hit off the coast of Sumbawa just after midnight, registering 6.7 on the... More »

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