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Countering Trump's Attacks, FBI Director Backs the 'Brave'

Tens of thousands of agents are 'working their tails off,' says Christopher Wray

(Newser) - FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday countered strident attacks on his agency by President Trump, saying, "There is no finer institution than the FBI." Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee as Democrats and Republicans clashed over the significance of Trump's attacks, reports the AP . In a... More »

NY Reps: Give 9/11 Victims bin Laden Reward Money

Anthony Weiner and Jerry Nadler introduce bill

(Newser) - If no one is going to collect the federal government's Osama bin Laden reward money, two New York congressmen want bin Laden's victims to get it. “If the bounty isn’t paid," then “families and groups who helped deal with survivors of 9/11” should benefit,... More »

Cost of Nancy Pelosi's New Office? $18K. Per Month.

It's almost double what the next biggest spender in the House pays

(Newser) - Speaker Nancy Pelosi has moved her district offices to a new building in San Francisco, to which she now pays $18,736 in monthly rent. The space is nearly a third larger, at quadruple the cost of the old office. The next highest monthly office rent for a member of... More »

House Dems Want to Impeach Judge for Torture Memos

GOP, Obama can't halt proceeding vs. Bybee

(Newser) - House Democrats may start a constitutional confrontation over the fate of Judge Jay Bybee, and there’s nothing anybody—not even lukewarm President Obama—can do to stop them, reports Politico. As liberal think-tanker John Podesta argues, Bybee “authorized things that were illegal under US law” when he wrote... More »

Support Strong for Gay Navy Secretary

'Don't ask, don't tell' wouldn't apply because post is a civilian job

(Newser) - Retired military leaders and congressional Democrats are urging Barack Obama to nominate Bill White, an openly gay executive at the New York museum featuring the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, as secretary of the Navy, the Washington Times reports. The civilian post would not be subject to the Pentagon’s “... More »

Mukasey Can't Reach Dems Across Gulf on Terror Law

Disgust, distrust on policy has attorney general's push falling on deaf ears

(Newser) - The refusal by Democrats to give Michael Mukasey a hearing during a Hill appearance yesterday is evidence of a “huge and poisonous gulf” between the legislative and executive branches that threatens to delay action on judicial process until 2009, Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball write in Newsweek. The attorney... More »

House Passes Surveillance Bill

White House spying powers expanded, despite Democrats' opposition

(Newser) - A bill set to expand the government's warrantless spying program cleared the House last night by a 227-183 vote, the Washington Post reports. Many Democrats put aside profound  reservations, yielding to pressure from the White House and fearing being branded "weak on terror" as the campaign heats up this... More »

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