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Rare White Tiger Kills Zookeeper

He was found in a cage, bleeding from the neck

(Newser) - A rare attack from a rare tiger killed a zookeeper in Japan on Monday. Officials say 40-year-old Akira Furosho was found bleeding from the neck in a cage in the Hirakawa Zoological Park in the southern city of Kagoshima, the BBC reports. They believe he was attacked by Riku, one... More »

Zoo on Mauled Zookeeper: It's Her Fault

Stacey Konwiser seemingly broke the rules

(Newser) - A zookeeper killed by a Malayan tiger at the Palm Beach Zoo met her end by entering an area she should have avoided, the zoo's top official says. Stacey Konwiser, 38, who was mauled on April 15, apparently broke zoo safety rules by going inside the cat's sleeping... More »

Ex-Zookeeper Cleared of Love-Triangle Assault

A meerkat handler, monkey expert, and llama-keeper, oh my!

(Newser) - Finally, legal closure in a tumultuous zookeeper love triangle across the pond—and perhaps the best lead-in sentence you'll read all week: "A former meerkat expert at London Zoo was cleared Tuesday of assaulting a monkey handler in a love spat over a llama-keeper" is how the AP... More »

Zookeeper Love Triangle Gets Incredibly Messy

Monkey, meerkat handlers clashed over llama-keeper

(Newser) - It's the same old story: Boy meets girl, boy meets another girl, meerkat-keeper gets fired from London Zoo for attacking monkey handler. The love triangle at the zoo centered on llama-keeper Adam Davies, who started dating meerkat expert Caroline Westlake after his five-year relationship with monkey-keeper Kate Sanders ended,... More »

Zookeeper Killed by Charging Elephant

'Patience' had a history of aggression

(Newser) - A longtime zookeeper in southwest Missouri was killed today when he was charged by an elephant, a spokeswoman for the city of Springfield said. John Bradford, 62, died when he was attacked by an elephant inside the area at the Dickinson Park Zoo where the elephants are housed, city spokeswoman... More »

Wolves Kill Swedish Zookeeper

Woman mauled to death during morning feeding

(Newser) - A zoo worker in Sweden has been mauled to death by a pack of wolves she had looked after since they were puppies. The 30-year-old woman was attacked by eight wolves after she entered the enclosure at Kolmarden Zoo to feed them, reports the Independent . Her body was recovered by... More »

Escaped Gorilla Bites Buffalo Zookeeper

Worker escapes to other gorillas' enclosure

(Newser) - A quick-thinking Buffalo zookeeper locked herself in with a female gorilla and her newborn after being attacked by an escaped 400-pound silverback male. The 24-year-old gorilla, which had escaped through an unsecured door, remained in an area closed to the public. It was tranquilized by a zoo worker using a... More »

Lion Kills S. African Zookeeper

Employee came out of retirement because of staff shortages

(Newser) - A Johannesburg Zoo employee who came out of retirement because of staff shortages was killed by a lioness at a breeding facility outside the city. The 63-year-old, who had nearly 40 years of experience working with animals, was attacked while feeding the lions, the BBC reports. An enclosure was found... More »

Bald Bears Stump German Zookeepers

Mystery condition leaves bears hairless as winter sets in

(Newser) - Zookeepers in Leipzig are scrambling to figure out why three bears have lost their fur coats. The spectacled bears, South American natives who normally have dark rings around their eyes, have gone almost completely bald just when they should be growing even thicker coats for the onset of winter. The... More »

Tiger Kills New Zealand Zookeeper

(Newser) - A rare white tiger mauled a New Zealand zookeeper to death today in front of stunned visitors as the man entered the animal's enclosure for cleaning, reports the Times of London. The victim just months ago fought off an attack by the same tiger at the wildlife park to save... More »

Knut Needed Hug: Zoo Intruder

Unidentified man scales wall to get closer to polar bear in Berlin

(Newser) - A German man says he climbed over a Berlin Zoo barrier today because the polar bear needed a hug, Bloomberg reports. The unidentified man, 37, apparently believed the animal—which drew 3.2 million visitors last year—was lonely. “He wanted to keep Knut company,” police said. Knut,... More »

Panda Bites Hand, Er, Leg, That Feeds It

Visitor to Hong Kong zoo captures attack on tape

(Newser) - A giant panda bit the left leg of a Hong Kong zookeeper while he was laying bamboo leaves in the animal's pen, reports the AP. The keeper was recovering well after the panda attack, which was partially captured and posted on YouTube by a zoo visitor. The panda—a male... More »

Heart Attack Killed Knut-Keeper

Autopsy rules out foul play

(Newser) - Berlin prosecutors said an autopsy today showed that Thomas Doerflein, the zookeeper who gained fame for hand-rearing the polar bear cub Knut, died of a heart attack. The city's mayor paid tribute to him for writing Berlin history. "Other causes of death, in particular involvement by another party, are... More »

Knut's Surrogate Dad Dead at 44

Police doubt foul play in death of Dörflein, long ill

(Newser) - Thomas Dörflein, the Berlin zookeeper who raised polar bear Knut after his mother rejected him, was found dead in his apartment today, Der Spiegel reports. He was 44. Authorities said there was no evidence of foul play; Dörflein had been very sick. The keeper’s contact with Knut... More »

DC Zoo Evicting Hippo

'Happy' must move to make place for elephants

(Newser) - The National Zoo is adding a new elephant sanctuary, reports the Washington Post, and the move is putting its sole Nile hippopotamus, Happy, out on the street in a year or so. The zoo will hold onto its pygmy hippos, but is more committed to Asian elephant programs. "You... More »

Tabby Adopts Red Panda Cub

Dutch zookeeper's cat lets abandoned panda join her litter

(Newser) - A newborn red panda rejected by its mother has been adopted by a zookeeper's cat, the BBC reports. The panda and its sibling were first put on an incubator at the Dutch zoo but the tabby cat, who had recently given birth, proved willing to take the kitten-sized panda cubs... More »

Quake-Rattled Pandas Get Hugs, Bamboo

Bears recovering with help from keepers

(Newser) - Zookeepers are helping pandas traumatized by the Sichuan earthquake get back to normal with hugs and games, the Guardian reports. Eight young pandas have been sent to Beijing Zoo and 47 more remain at the Wolong reserve, where the deputy chief said the animals' appetites are back to normal, but... More »

Knut 'Doesn't Know He's a Polar Bear'

Overexposed to humans, celebrity animal is miserable

(Newser) - Poor Knut: The celebrity polar bear, no longer the ball of fluff who captivated animal lovers around the world, is miserable without human contact and doesn't realize he isn't a person. "Knut must go. As soon as possible," a keeper at the Berlin Zoo said of the 300-pound... More »

Report Rips Zoo in Tiger Attack

Facility was understaffed and unprepared for emergency

(Newser) - When a 243-pound tiger escaped its pen and began mauling Christmas Day visitors, the San Francisco Zoo was painfully understaffed and ill-equipped to respond to the emergency, according to a new report. "The zoo is too often chasing problems," concluded the independent Association of Zoos and Aquariums of... More »

Taming Gorilla Heart Disease a Beastly Task

With great apes dying at alarming rates, zoos try to train some difficult patients

(Newser) - With heart disease nearly epidemic among America’s captive gorilla population, zookeepers are trying to train the great apes to submit to the human medical procedures that could save their lives. But getting a gorilla to sit still for a blood test is a taxing problem, one the National Zoo... More »

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