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Flight Stops in Iceland, Leaves Unruly Passenger There

Woman was deemed a danger to the plane

(Newser) - A Lufthansa flight from Los Angeles to Munich had to make an unscheduled stop in Iceland after a passenger became so unruly that the crew decided she was a danger to the plane, the AP reports. Lufthansa told the dpa news agency Saturday that after the woman had been taken... More »

Lufthansa, Air France Reroute Flights After Egypt Crash

Airlines say they'll avoid Sinai Peninsula until they know why Russian plan crashed

(Newser) - Lufthansa and Air France will be diverting flights around the Sinai Peninsula until they know why a Russian passenger plane crashed there Saturday , Reuters reports. "We took the decision to avoid the area because the situation and the reasons for the crash were not clear," a Lufthansa spokesperson... More »

Trial Revisits Infamous Heist Portrayed in Goodfellas

The Lufthansa robbery was one of the largest cash heists in US history

(Newser) - For decades, prosecutors say, Vincent Asaro managed to keep his role in an infamous mob heist immortalized in the hit movie Goodfellas hidden from the outside world while others of his generation were locked up or died gangland deaths. A frail-looking Asaro finally emerged from the shadows after his arrest... More »

Germanwings Offers to Pay, Families React in 'Horror'

Offer of $27K per victim isn't nearly enough: lawyer

(Newser) - Relatives of victims of the Germanwings plane crash say they're "appalled" by a compensation offer meant to ease their suffering. Parent company Lufthansa says it will pay $27,700 per victim—in addition to some $55,540 paid immediately after the crash—plus an $11,110 payment to... More »

Relatives of Plane Crash Victims Get First $55K

But damages are 'unlimited' for Lufthansa

(Newser) - Lufthansa today offered what it calls a "preliminary" payment to the relatives of each victim of the Germanwings crash , a sum of $54,800, reports NBC News . But preliminary is a key word, because the airline will surely be shelling out much, much more. For starters, a world treaty... More »

Robot Travels as Airline Passenger

LAX says Athena's journey is a first

(Newser) - No danger of this passenger experiencing an episode of nut rage : In what Los Angeles International Airport says is an aviation first, a robot traveled as a paying passenger on Monday, sitting in an economy-class seat of its own on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, Germany, Reuters reports. "Athena,... More »

35 Years Later, FBI Busts 5 in Goodfellas Heist

5 alleged mobsters taken into custody

(Newser) - More than 35 years later, the FBI is finally charging mobsters in connection with the notorious Lufthansa heist at New York's JFK Airport in 1978, a crime made even more infamous by the film Goodfellas. Five alleged mobsters said to be associated with New York's Bonanno crime family... More »

Passenger Helps Land 747 After Co-Pilot Falls Ill

Luckily, the Good Samaritan was licensed to fly jumbo jets

(Newser) - A Lufthansa 747 made a smooth landing at Dublin's airport this week, an event made notable because one of the passengers was helping in the cockpit. As the Irish Independent explains, when the co-pilot fell ill with a crushing migraine, the main pilot got permission to divert to Dublin.... More »

Imposter Pilot Nabbed After Europe Flight

Man had fake uniform, fake friends, fake Facebook page

(Newser) - It's Catch Me If You Can all over again: Italian cops have arrested a man who's been posing as a pilot for months or longer. The unnamed man sure seemed like a pilot—down to fake flight crew buddies in his Facebook photos—and he managed to ride... More »

No Quick Solutions for Volcano-Grounded Travelers

Even after airspace opens, huge backlog awaits

(Newser) - Even after airspace closed by volcanic ash reopens, the hordes of would-be travelers waiting at airports around the world shouldn't count on catching the first flight out. "An international airline system is such a carefully orchestrated network that any disruption, especially of this size, is really going to take... More »

EU Holding Emergency Meeting on Flight Bans

'We can't wait for the cloud to vanish,' says official

(Newser) - EU leaders are meeting in an emergency session today to discuss continued flight bans in the wake of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. They're meeting by video teleconference because leaders can't fly anywhere. "We cannot just wait until this ash cloud dissipates," said EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas.... More »

Grounded Airlines Want Ban Lifted

After test flights, carriers push for reevaluation; UK hold extended

(Newser) - Some airlines have conducted their own test flights and want the ban on most flights over Europe ended, but UK airspace will remain closed until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Air Berlin, Air France/KLM, and Lufthansa have sent aircraft through the cloud of volcanic ash that's crippled air travel for... More »

German Airline Offers 'Sunshine Insurance'

Lufthansa to pay out if it rains at travelers' destinations

(Newser) - The German airline Lufthansa is offering “sunshine insurance” as an incentive for travelers to book tickets in the fall, Stars and Stripes reports. For travel in September in October, the airline will pay passengers 20 euros for every day that it rains more than 0.2 inches at the... More »

Swine Flu Sends Travel Stocks Falling

Airlines decline while drugmakers advance; Mexican peso tumbles

(Newser) - Stocks declined worldwide today, with travel companies leading losses as investors gave their first reaction to the outbreak of swine flu. Airlines took a pummeling—Lufthansa fell more than 12%, British Airways 8.7%—and tour operators like Carnival also suffered sharp drops. But pharmaceutical companies did well: drugmaker Roche,... More »

Spain Crash Toll May Be 150

Witnesses say jet carrying 173 burst into flames just after Madrid takeoff

(Newser) - The death toll in today’s crash of a Spanair jet in Madrid is about 150, the Telegraph reports, with witnesses saying one of the aircraft’s engines exploded just after it took off, bound for the Canary Islands. Though the government is only confirming 45 dead, the Guardian says... More »

US Airlines May Need Foreign Aid

May find security if caps on foreign investment are eased

(Newser) - Troubled US airlines could be looking to Congress to ease foreign ownership laws, as financial woes push them into the arms of new investment partners, the Wall Street Journal reports. Overseas companies, barred from holding more than 25% of the voting stock of US carriers, are eager to relax the... More »

Lufthansa Buys $300M Stake in JetBlue

German giant will own 19% of ailing US airline

(Newser) - Lufthansa will purchase a 19% stake in lagging JetBlue Airways for about $300 million, a move that reflects the industry-wide consolidation underway in recent months. The sale price of $7.27 a share is a 16% premium on yesterday's closing price of $6.25. The announcement immediately bounced JetBlue shares... More »

Airline to Offer Internet Access

Alaska jet will have Wi-Fi hot spots for phones, laptops

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines will become the first US carrier to offer  satellite-based Wi-Fi internet access to passengers, reports AP. The airline will install the wireless service on one 737 jet next spring with a view to outfitting the entire 114-plane fleet. American Airlines announced plans for internet access on some of... More »

Boarding Next: The Internet

Several major airlines lay groundwork for in-flight service next year

(Newser) - Several major airlines plan to roll out in-flight Internet service next year, USA Today reports. Carriers have been promising in-flight surfing for years, and now American, Lufthansa, Qantas, and Southwest are working with tech companies to deliver the midair surfing. The travel slump following 9/11 delayed the introduction of the... More »

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