Swiss Army

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Swiss Army Deploys —to Spare the Beef

Cows are facing a weeklong heat wave, you see

(Newser) - Cows sizzling under Switzerland's summer sun are getting help from an unexpected ally: the Swiss army. Soldiers have been ordered to help keep cows in the far west of the country cool amid a weeklong heat wave. Army spokesman Urs Mueller says troops are erecting eight artificial reservoirs in... More »

Swiss Hate War, but Want to Keep Big Army

Country votes 73% in favor of keeping the military draft

(Newser) - The paradox that is Switzerland: Due to its stance of neutrality, the country hasn't been in an international war in 200 years, yet it continues its policy of mandatory military conscription for young men. And that's the way the Swiss like it, apparently, with 73% of the country... More »

Swiss Army Eyes Outsourcing

Opposition mounts against outsourcing a legend

(Newser) - Can a Swiss army knife be made in China and still cut it as an icon? That's become a hot political topic in Geneva since the army announced that, under WTO rules, they have to open up the manufacture of their signature knives to bids from companies in other countries.... More »

3 Stories