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Assateague Island: Where 'Wild' Horses Mooch Junk Food

Park officials worry the ponies are a little too used to humans

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Assateague Island National Seashore: home to stunning vistas, vacationing campers, and wild horses that hustle visitors for their marshmallows, potato chips, and watermelon? An island famous for its untamed horses is feeling the pains of heightened human-equine interactions taking place on its 48,000-acre seashore south of Ocean City,
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Md. Cops Make Grisly Find

Home of woman charged with killing newborn yields remains of 3 more babies

(Newser) - Police have found the remains of three infants while searching the property of a Maryland woman charged last week with murdering her newborn baby. Two bodies were found in the Ocean City woman's bedroom and the third in a motor home in her driveway. Authorities said the bodies were not... More »

2 Stories