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Cat Burglars Flip the Script, Boost Dogs in Hawaii

From a Humane Society shelter

(Newser) - "Don't label me" may have been what cat burglars who stole six dogs from a Humane Society animal shelter in Hawaii over the weekend were thinking during their transgression. Cops say the thieves ran off from the Kaui shelter with three mixed-breed pit bulls, two Airedale terriers, and... More »

Ninja Burglar Linked to 200 Crimes Gets 25 Years

'His reign of terror is officially over'

(Newser) - A man nicknamed the Ninja Burglar who confessed to committing more than 100 break-ins over a decade accepted a plea deal with authorities in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut on Thursday, the AP reports. Robert Costanzo pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary, according to Staten Island District Attorney... More »

Burglary Suspect Gives Shoutout to Fla. With Face Tattoo

But it was his neck tattoo that busted him

(Newser) - A Florida man who's either seen The Shining one too many times or is being paid by a rum distillery to promote product was arrested Monday for a burglary reported in March—and it was his body ink that did him in, the Sun Sentinel reports. Cops say surveillance... More »

Burglars Confess to Save Innocent Man

'It was a case of honor among thieves,' says lawyer

(Newser) - Most burglars would be thrilled to know they got away with their crime. Not this pair: Police say Michael Dehal, 28, and Stephen Monaghan, 50, stole $87,500 worth of beauty products and equipment from a UK salon in June 2014. Though Monaghan was initially suspected, police eventually charged another... More »

Burglary Suspect Hides in Lake, and a Gator Gets Him

Matthew Riggins picked the wrong hiding spot—an alligator-inhabited lake

(Newser) - A burglary suspect in Brevard County, Fla., said to be hiding from the cops drowned after an alligator apparently dragged him underwater in a Barefoot Bay lake, USA Today reports. Matthew Riggins, 22, had reportedly told his girlfriend on Nov. 13 that he'd be in the Barefoot Bay area... More »

'Cupcake Burglar' Busted Thanks to Frosting

It wasn't hard for Michigan police to track her down

(Newser) - A home burglary in Alpena, Mich., was solved pretty quickly, thanks to some literal icing. Cops say a woman broke into a home early Sunday, knocking over a tray of cupcakes and other items before she fled when the homeowner confronted her, Michigan Live reports. Police found the suspect a... More »

11-Year-Old's 'Stick Figure' Drawing Helps Cops Catch Burglar

'It wasn’t like the best picture,' she admits

(Newser) - When police showed up at Rebecca DePietro's Connecticut home a few months ago asking if anyone had seen a suspicious person around the neighborhood, "I was like, yeah I can draw a picture of him," DePietro tells NBC Connecticut . But, she says, "it wasn’t like... More »

Cops: Burglar Came Back for Stuff Left Behind

Namely, his car keys, car

(Newser) - If only Caleb Shay Funke had invested in a clap-automated key finder . The 22-year-old showed up at the scene of a home burglary in Twin Falls, Idaho, on Saturday and was arrested shortly thereafter for the crime—all because cops say he left his car keys in the house, the... More »

Scary Find Awaits Florida Woman Under Her Bed

61-year-old discovers alleged burglar hiding there

(Newser) - Not your ideal evening at home: A Florida woman looking for her cats last week reached under the bed, and instead of feeling fur, she made contact with human flesh, the Sun-Sentinel reports via Gawker . Police say the 61-year-old Palm Springs resident was touching Christian Vatovec, 25, a burglar who... More »

Guy Breaks Into Bullock's Home While She's There

But actress is fine

(Newser) - An intruder broke into Sandra Bullock's home early yesterday—and the actress was home at the time, along with her 4-year-old son. Law enforcement sources tell Today that suspect Joshua Corbett, 39, may have been obsessed with Bullock and kept a diary about her. He allegedly rummaged through her... More »

Suspect in Home Invasions, Rapes Killed in Gunfight

Charlie Christopher Bates accused of break-ins, assaults last night

(Newser) - Police shot and killed a 24-year-old man yesterday after a dramatic chase and shootout following an even more dramatic crime spree. Charlie Christopher Bates allegedly broke into several homes last night, Fox 13 reports. In the first, police say he tied up a group of men who were watching the... More »

Legendary Thief Caught by Retired Archnemesis

Lonnie Mason had been on Blane Nordahl's trail for decades

(Newser) - It's a criminal tale that reads like Catch Me If You Can. At its center: a thief of antique silver alleged to have burgled 500 homes over 30 years (including that of Ivanka Trump) and the retired detective who spent his career trailing him. Blane Nordahl was arrested yesterday... More »

Woman Unmasks Burglar: It's Her Grandson

Just as she suspected

(Newser) - An Albuquerque grandmother thought she recognized a masked burglar who entered her home on Friday morning—and when Pamela Dearinger managed to rip off his bandana, her suspicions were confirmed: It was her grandson, police say. Thomas Clark, 22, came in through the back door while she was watching TV,... More »

Burglar Swipes Baby's Ashes

'Silver-looking' box contained remains of child who died at birth

(Newser) - We get it, burglars. You like shiny things. But some things are off-limits no matter how shiny, and one of those definitely should have been the small box containing the ashes of Caleb Ean Hughey, who died at birth in 2008. The Hughey family came home Monday to find that... More »

Burglar Hears Scary Noise, Calls Cops

Turns out it was probably a cat

(Newser) - A burglar in Romania was arrested—after he called the cops himself. Marius Ionescu, 31, apparently got scared by a noise while looting a house; fearing another robber at work, he dove under the bed and called police to save him, the Metro reports. They arrived to find no one... More »

Maine Cops Nab Hermit Suspected in 1K Burglaries

Christopher Knight had lived in woods for 27 years

(Newser) - A man who lived like a hermit for decades in the woods of central Maine—and who may be responsible for more than 1,000 burglaries—has been captured, authorities say. Police say 47-year-old Christopher Knight was arrested last week while stealing food from a camp in Rome. Yesterday, authorities... More »

Cops: Burglar Stole Presents, Regifted Them

But he rewrapped them first

(Newser) - The ultimate in regifting: Cops near Chicago say a man broke into two homes, swiped wrapped presents, then rewrapped them to give to his own friends and family, reports the Chicago Tribune . The 42-year-old suspect even installed a stolen ceiling fan in his bedroom, police say. His undoing was that... More »

Cops Catch Burglar Asleep on the Floor

Apparently nodded off while robbing house

(Newser) - No car chases necessary: Police picked up a burglar curled up on the kitchen floor of the Oregon house he was trying to rob, they say. The homeowners called police after spotting the 20-year-old sleeping man. He had apparently entered the home through an unlocked door before searching for valuables,... More »

Armed Robbers Make Sure Victim Has Bus Fare

They give back $2 after sticking gun in his face

(Newser) - From the crime blotter: The Dayton Daily News reports that an armed robber pressed a gun against a man's forehead at a bus stop and took his cell phone and money. But before he and his accomplice fled, they asked their victim if he had enough money for bus... More »

Teen 'Go-Kart Bandit' Busted for 100 Burglaries

Nashville cops say orphan was behind crime wave

(Newser) - Police in Nashville have busted a 14-year-old boy they believe caused a crime wave in the north of the city single-handedly. The teen—described by police as an "innovative individual"—is believed to have been behind more than 100 robberies over the last two years in which he... More »

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