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Clinton Foundation: We're Keeping Foreign Donors

But the list has narrowed to 6 countries to try to avoid conflict of interest

(Newser) - Just days after officially joining the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton already has a thorn in her side: her family's own organization. In an effort to mitigate a possible conflict of interest with Clinton's candidacy, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation announced in a summary out today... More »

'A Female Shouldn't Be President,' Says Female CEO

Cheryl Rios cites 'hormones,' 'biblical sound reasoning'

(Newser) - Cheryl Rios is the CEO of Dallas-based Go Ape Marketing , but some are saying her views on leadership are as primitive as her company's moniker. Rios recently made it clear on Facebook that she doesn't support Hillary Clinton as president—but it's not just Clinton herself that... More »

Congress Questioned Clinton About Personal Email —in 2012

She didn't respond to request to identify personal accounts

(Newser) - Just when you thought Hillary Clinton's email brouhaha had moved on to other things , the New York Times uncovers an old letter congressional investigators sent Clinton asking about her email use. In the letter dated Dec. 13, 2012, House Oversight Committee chair Darrell Issa explicitly asks whether the then-secretary... More »

Hillary Logo Spawns 'Hillvetica' Font

Could 'Comic Rands' be next?

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign logo has its share of critics , but one graphic designer was inspired enough to create a whole font based on the "H" design. "Now you too can announce," tweeted Rick Wolff as he unveiled the font he calls "Hillary Bold" or "... More »

Nobody Notices Clinton at Chipotle

That may be because she has more fans in Baghdad

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is running for president, but she can still go for a chicken burrito bowl in peace, at least in the Toledo suburb of Maumee in Ohio. Clinton, wearing sunglasses and accompanied by aide Huma Abedin, carried her own tray and attracted almost no attention at all during the... More »

What Are Clinton's Chances?

Pundits are, unsurprisingly, divided

(Newser) - New York magazine doesn't beat around the bush: "Unless the economy goes into a recession over the next year and a half, Hillary Clinton is probably going to win the presidential election." But not everyone agrees. A sampling of what the pundits are saying:
  • In New
... More »

Clinton Hits the Road in a Van Named 'Scooby'

Candidate heads to Iowa with 'a more humble approach'

(Newser) - Shortly after her big Twitter announcement , Hillary Clinton headed for Iowa in a van that's been dubbed "Scooby"—the Des Moines Register reports that is indeed a reference to the 1970s cartoon, which featured a van of its own: the Mystery Machine. Clinton is doing roadside meet-and-greets... More »

Bobby Jindal Refuses to Release Work Email

Louisiana governor's lawyer points to exemptions in law

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal has dinged Hillary Clinton over her use of private email while in office, but he appears less than eager to release his own work-related correspondence, the Advocate reports. When the newspaper asked for access to the emails, the Louisiana governor's team said that the documents were protected... More »

Internet Freaks Out Over Clinton Logo

WikiLeaks claims campaign stole its design

(Newser) - In what is not expected to be the last controversy of the Clinton campaign, heated discussion of her logo erupted on social media as soon as she announced her 2016 White House bid yesterday. Some critics said the red-and-blue logo looked like it had been made in MS Paint and... More »

What They're Saying About Clinton 2016

Rand Paul, John Kerry, et al weigh in ahead of announcement

(Newser) - After breathless years of speculation, Hillary Clinton will allegedly make her blessed announcement today, and rivals, potential rivals, and also-rans took to the airwaves to let their opinions be known on what they thought of Hillary for President 2.0. A look around your Sunday talk show dial, per the... More »

Source: Clinton to Announce on Sunday

Source says she'll launch presidential campaign en route to Iowa

(Newser) - When, where, how? A source close to Hillary Clinton's campaign tells the Guardian she will tell the world of her intention to run for president on Sunday at noon Eastern, on Twitter, while on her way from New York to Iowa. The Twitter announcement will be followed by a... More »

Looks Like Hillary Sent Emails From Her iPad, Too

And her BlackBerry, according to State Dept. docs reviewed by the AP

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's email mess just got a little messier. State Department documents obtained by the AP through FOIA show Clinton sent at least four emails to her main advisers from an iPad and a BlackBerry—despite previous claims she preferred just one email and one mobile device for convenience.... More »

Attorney: Clinton Emails No Longer on Server

Her lawyer informs Benghazi panel

(Newser) - Republicans hoping that Hillary Clinton's email server still has the 30,000 or so emails she deleted after deeming them to be personal are apparently out of luck. Clinton's attorney informed a House panel investigating the Benghazi attack that they no longer exist on the home server she... More »

In Clinton's Benghazi Emails, No Cover-Up, but Worry

Clinton appears to have written to staffers at private email addresses

(Newser) - The New York Times is offering a look into Hillary Clinton's emails as secretary of state—though that glimpse comes via anonymous officials rather than the 300 or so Benghazi-related emails she turned over to the House last month. Despite allegations by some Republicans, there's no indication in... More »

Polls: Clinton's Support Fading*

While many think email flap has hurt her, 57% would still be happy with her as prez

(Newser) - All those personal emails might be taking a toll on Hillary Clinton. A new poll of 2,128 adults shows Democrats' support for Clinton as the Democratic nominee has fallen 15 points since mid-February. From March 10 to Tuesday, more than a third of Democrats said they believed the email... More »

Clinton Rep: Before Deleting Emails We Read Every One

Boehner plans new email probe

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's team has—somewhat belatedly—clarified that every one of the approximately 32,000 emails deemed "private" and deleted was opened and read before being chucked. The clarification comes a few days after a Time story claimed that the review involved searching by keywords and not checking... More »

Time: No, We Didn't Give Hillary Horns

Magazine explains it's just an optical quirk

(Newser) - If you weren't sure the media was obsessed with Hillary Clinton, reaction to the new Time cover might cinch things. The silhouette appears to give Clinton horns, and political reporters quickly spotted it and began tweeting in earnest, reports Politico . Turns out, it was "entirely coincidental," explains... More »

AP Sues State Dept. for Clinton Emails

It seems previous FOIA requests have gone by wayside

(Newser) - The AP filed suit today against the State Department to force the release of emails and documents from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary, after repeated Freedom of Information Act requests—including one from 2010 and others from 2013—have gone unfulfilled. The FOIA requests and lawsuit seek materials related... More »

Experts: Sure, Clinton Never Emailed Anything Classified

She says she didn't, but experts aren't convinced

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may say she never sent any classified information using her personal email account, but experts and former government officials aren't so sure. As the New York Times reports, both Democrats and Republicans believe the government tends to err on the side of "overclassification" when it comes... More »

Number of Emails Bill Clinton Has Sent: 2

But disclosure could lead to more questions for Hillary

(Newser) - Has Bill Clinton managed to get himself entangled in the Hillary Clinton email fracas by not sending any emails? A Bill Clinton spokesman told the Wall Street Journal yesterday that the former president still doesn't use email and has only sent two emails in his life, both as president... More »

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