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Biden, You Can't Beat Clinton— but Go for It Anyway

His entry could cause a helpful shake-up: Dana Milbank

(Newser) - Some say it won't be pretty if Joe Biden takes on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. Dana Milbank, meanwhile, writes in the Washington Post that he doesn't think the VP will end up running, and that even if he does, he wouldn't beat Clinton.... More »

Hillary vs. Joe? It Wouldn't Be Pretty

Daily Beast writer says it could get pretty 'acrimonious,' actually

(Newser) - The rumor mill has been in overdrive that Joe Biden is seriously considering a presidential run, especially after he lunched with Elizabeth Warren over the weekend. But if the VP does indeed jump into the fray, it could be a "game-changer," Michael Tomasky writes for the Daily Beast... More »

Judge Adds Fuel to Clinton Email Controversy

Says Hillary didn't comply with government policy regarding her private account

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton says no classified info was ever kept on her personal email account, but a federal judge said yesterday she didn't comply with government policy by using that account, the New York Times reports. "We wouldn't be here today if the employee had followed government policy,... More »

Hillary Clinton Jokes About Wiping Server

Some Democrats aren't laughing

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton appears to be getting pretty tired of being asked about her email controversy. At a town hall in Nevada yesterday, she had what Politico describes as a "testy" exchange with reporters and insisted that the investigation into whether classified material was sent from a personal account "... More »

Clinton Loosens Up in Iowa, Even Jokes About Email

Politico thinks she's learned a lesson from past campaign appearances

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton paid the obligatory visit to the Iowa State Fair today, and Politico sounds impressed that she could be seen "embracing the masses that engulfed her." It's a contrast to campaign events in the past, including her team's now-infamous use of a moving rope line... More »

Rumor Mill: Biden Considers One-Term Presidency

To appease concerns about his age if he decides to run

(Newser) - Speculation about Joe Biden entering the 2016 race has been heating up of late, and Politico adds a new wrinkle: The 72-year-old is reportedly considering a run as a one-term president. "One thing that I keep hearing about Biden is that if he were to declare and say, because... More »

Today's 2016 Chatter: Will Al Gore Run?

Buzzfeed's sources say it's under discussion, Gore's rep says no

(Newser) - At 5pm yesterday, Buzzfeed published a report claiming supporters of Al Gore were "getting the old gang together" to discuss a possible run for the White House, chatter that Andrew Kaczynski wrote signaled some Democrats' doubts about their frontrunner. Kaczynski's report was certainly restrained. He writes, "A... More »

Clinton Will Turn Over Her Email Server

Also: 2 emails are deemed top secret

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has agreed to turn over her private email server to the Justice Department, though it may not be worth much to investigators. As the Hill reports, it's not clear whether any of the emails that Clinton deleted after deeming them private can be recovered. She says she... More »

Jeb Bush About to End His Ceasefire on Hillary Clinton

As ISIS grew, 'where was Secretary of State Clinton?" he will ask

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton hasn't been shy about calling out Jeb Bush, but Bush has largely held his return fire . It appears that will change in a big way tonight during a Bush foreign policy speech in California, reports Politico . Excerpts released in advance show that Bush intends to talk about... More »

Clinton Wants to Throw $350B at Making College Free, Cheap

Candidate's plan would make community college free, 4-year college 'no loan'

(Newser) - As student debt balloons into an issue in the realms of predatory lending , borrowers' mental health , and even the elderly , politicians continue to brainstorm on making college more affordable. Hillary Clinton's solution: a $350 billion proposal whose goals include making community college free, cutting costs to attend four-year public... More »

Democrats: Hey, We're Holding Debates, Too

DNC releases schedule today, of all days

(Newser) - Maybe trying to steal a little Republican thunder , the Democratic National Committee unveiled plans today to hold six presidential debates starting this fall, with the first scheduled for Oct. 13 in Nevada in a primary process that's far less crowded than the GOP side. The debates, said DNC chairwoman... More »

FBI Investigating Security of Hillary Clinton's Emails

But it's not targeting her, per a WaPo report

(Newser) - The FBI is taking a look at the private email server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state and is also asking about a thumb drive that holds copies of emails sent by Clinton during that time as part of an inquiry into the security of her email... More »

State Department: We Paid Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Too Much

She's accused of violating rules on sick leave, vacation

(Newser) - Huma Abedin is familiar with scandals, whether they involve her boss , Hillary Clinton, or her husband , Anthony Weiner. Now she's got one of her own to handle. Investigators with the State Department say she was overpaid about $10,000 while she worked there as an aide to Clinton, reports... More »

Clinton Goes After Bush as They Address Same Event

He does not return fire before the National Urban League

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both spoke before the National Urban League in Florida today, and Clinton lit into him surprisingly hard when she went first, reports the New York Times . His super PAC's slogan is "Right to Rise," and Clinton played off theme again and again:... More »

Clinton Will Testify in Public on Benghazi

House committee continues its investigation

(Newser) - Two of Hillary Clinton's favorite topics—Benghazi and her email server—aren't going away:
  • Benghazi: Clinton has agreed to testify publicly before a House panel investigating the 2012 attack that left four Americans dead, reports the Washington Post . Her testimony on Oct. 21 will be public. The Clinton
... More »

Clinton's Email Scandal Could Turn Criminal

Sources: Justice Department is asked to open criminal probe over classified data

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's personal email account housed "hundreds of potentially classified emails," according to a June 29 memo from the inspectors general for the State Department and our intelligence agencies. And the two inspectors general are now pushing the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation, sources tell... More »

Hillary Clinton May Have Just Saved the Iran Deal

Her support makes it unlikely GOP can prevail in Congress

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton met with congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill today and gave what one described as a "full-throated" endorsement of the Iran nuclear deal, reports the Hill . Clinton's public comments were a bit more measured: "This is an important step in putting a lid on Iran's... More »

Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush: Americans 'Don't Need a Lecture'

The Democratic candidate outlines her economic ideas in New York

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton outlined her economic ideas today at The New School in New York City, taking cracks at Republican candidates and even a subtle jab at the Obama administration, the AP reports. Among the highlights:
  • Clinton took umbrage at Jeb Bush's remark that Americans "need to work longer
... More »

Jeb Bush: 'People Need to Work Longer Hours'

Bush camp says he was talking about part-time, underemployed workers

(Newser) - Democrats are having a field day after Jeb Bush told New Hampshire's The Union Leader that "people need to work longer hours." To achieve his plan of 4% growth, "we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern... More »

Clinton Interview: 'Disappointed' in Trump

Also criticizes 'barrage' of right-wing attacks against her in CNN talk

(Newser) - She didn't use the phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy," but the sentiment is the same. In her first interview of the campaign, Hillary Clinton tells CNN that a "barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right" have the goal of painting her... More »

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