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Looks Like Hillary Sent Emails From Her iPad, Too

And her BlackBerry, according to State Dept. docs reviewed by the AP

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's email mess just got a little messier. State Department documents obtained by the AP through FOIA show Clinton sent at least four emails to her main advisers from an iPad and a BlackBerry—despite previous claims she preferred just one email and one mobile device for convenience.... More »

Attorney: Clinton Emails No Longer on Server

Her lawyer informs Benghazi panel

(Newser) - Republicans hoping that Hillary Clinton's email server still has the 30,000 or so emails she deleted after deeming them to be personal are apparently out of luck. Clinton's attorney informed a House panel investigating the Benghazi attack that they no longer exist on the home server she... More »

In Clinton's Benghazi Emails, No Cover-Up, but Worry

Clinton appears to have written to staffers at private email addresses

(Newser) - The New York Times is offering a look into Hillary Clinton's emails as secretary of state—though that glimpse comes via anonymous officials rather than the 300 or so Benghazi-related emails she turned over to the House last month. Despite allegations by some Republicans, there's no indication in... More »

Polls: Clinton's Support Fading*

While many think email flap has hurt her, 57% would still be happy with her as prez

(Newser) - All those personal emails might be taking a toll on Hillary Clinton. A new poll of 2,128 adults shows Democrats' support for Clinton as the Democratic nominee has fallen 15 points since mid-February. From March 10 to Tuesday, more than a third of Democrats said they believed the email... More »

Clinton Rep: Before Deleting Emails We Read Every One

Boehner plans new email probe

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's team has—somewhat belatedly—clarified that every one of the approximately 32,000 emails deemed "private" and deleted was opened and read before being chucked. The clarification comes a few days after a Time story claimed that the review involved searching by keywords and not checking... More »

Time: No, We Didn't Give Hillary Horns

Magazine explains it's just an optical quirk

(Newser) - If you weren't sure the media was obsessed with Hillary Clinton, reaction to the new Time cover might cinch things. The silhouette appears to give Clinton horns, and political reporters quickly spotted it and began tweeting in earnest, reports Politico . Turns out, it was "entirely coincidental," explains... More »

AP Sues State Dept. for Clinton Emails

It seems previous FOIA requests have gone by wayside

(Newser) - The AP filed suit today against the State Department to force the release of emails and documents from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary, after repeated Freedom of Information Act requests—including one from 2010 and others from 2013—have gone unfulfilled. The FOIA requests and lawsuit seek materials related... More »

Experts: Sure, Clinton Never Emailed Anything Classified

She says she didn't, but experts aren't convinced

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may say she never sent any classified information using her personal email account, but experts and former government officials aren't so sure. As the New York Times reports, both Democrats and Republicans believe the government tends to err on the side of "overclassification" when it comes... More »

Number of Emails Bill Clinton Has Sent: 2

But disclosure could lead to more questions for Hillary

(Newser) - Has Bill Clinton managed to get himself entangled in the Hillary Clinton email fracas by not sending any emails? A Bill Clinton spokesman told the Wall Street Journal yesterday that the former president still doesn't use email and has only sent two emails in his life, both as president... More »

Hillary's Defense in 2 Words: 'Trust Me'

Dan Balz: But whether the public will do so remains unclear

(Newser) - Some quick reaction to Hillary Clinton's news conference today about her emails:
  • Trust: Her whole defense can be summed up in two words, writes Dan Balz at the Washington Post : "Trust me." She didn't apologize or explicitly admit a mistake, and now allies and enemies are
... More »

Hillary: Yes, It Would Have Been 'Smarter' to Use 2 Emails

But she insists that it was a matter of 'convenience,' not deception

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton tried to defuse her email brouhaha today, acknowledging that, in hindsight, she probably should not have used her personal email account as secretary of state. But at the time she took the job and set up her system, it "didn't seem like an issue," Clinton... More »

Clinton Likely to Speak Out on Email Ruckus

Sources say she'll probably hold press conference in coming days

(Newser) - A tweet apparently didn't calm the storm over Hillary Clinton's use of personal email while secretary of state, so she's expected to hold a press conference in the coming days, several sources tell Politico . Sources tell the New York Times Clinton is weighing her options, one of... More »

Unsavory Donors Put Clinton in Bind on Women's Rights

Saudi Arabia has provided some $10M to Clinton Foundation since 2001

(Newser) - Next month will likely see Hillary Clinton announce she's running for president, the New York Times reports, and women's rights are set to be a theme of her campaign. Though she has long championed the issue, things have recently gotten complicated: The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation... More »

Lindsey Graham Has Never Emailed

'You can have every email I've ever sent,' or all zero of them

(Newser) - President Obama had never heard of Hillary Clinton using a non-government-issued email , and Lindsey Graham has apparently never heard of email. As Politico reports, when asked by Chuck Todd this morning as to whether he had a personal email account, the South Carolina Republican with the mystifying Twitter handle and... More »

Obama: I Didn't Know Hillary Was Using Private Email

Heard it on the news

(Newser) - President Obama says he learned Hillary Clinton was using a home-grown email account while she was his secretary of state at "the same time everybody else learned it—through news reports." His comments came via an interview with CBS airing this morning, though the New York Times notes... More »

State: Clinton Emails Could Reveal Rule-Breaking

Ambassador was told off in 2012 for using personal email

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton didn't automatically break the rules by using a personal email account at the State Department, according to a senior department official—but it's possible that a review of the 55,000 pages of emails she now wants released to the public could uncover violations of security... More »

Clinton Addresses Email Brouhaha

Asks State to review, release communications from private account

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's personal email account may soon head for the public domain after all. Following news that a House committee on Benghazi would subpoena her emails , the former secretary of state tweeted yesterday , "I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They... More »

House Benghazi Panel to Subpoena Clinton's Emails

Committee wants all those from her personal accounts related to the attack

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's email trouble keeps getting worse. A House committee investigating the US response to the 2012 Benghazi attack plans to subpoena Clinton's personal emails from her days as secretary of state, reports the Washington Post . The move follows revelations that Clinton bypassed government email and used personal... More »

Clinton Also Used Her Own Email Server

AP digs into Internet records

(Newser) - Yesterday brought the news that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a personal email account—hdr22@clintonemail.com—during her time as secretary of state. Today comes a new wrinkle: the revelation that the computer server that handled her emails traces to an Internet service registered to her family's home in Chappaqua,... More »

Clinton Only Used Personal Email at State

Staff only recently provided 55K pages of email to government

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's communications as secretary of the State Department may have broken the rules. She used a personal email account, the New York Times reports, and it seems she didn't have a government one. The Federal Records Act says her emails should have been held on government servers,... More »

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