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The DNC Has a Deal for Bernie Sanders

Seats on critical committee in exchange for no drama at convention: sources

(Newser) - In choosing stick or carrot to get Bernie Sanders and his supporters to play ball at this summer's Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Committee has decided to go with the carrot—at least for now. Two sources familiar with the situation say the DNC plans to offer Sanders... More »

Clinton, Trump: Trump, Clinton Unfit to Serve

Poll says voters prefer Bernie Sanders

(Newser) - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are unfit to be president, according to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The candidates traded accusations on Thursday, starting with Clinton, who told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Trump is "unmoored" on foreign policy. "I know how hard this job is, and I... More »

Clinton: 2.5 Years, 94 Appearances, $21.6M

Hillary files financial disclosure forms with FEC

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton on Tuesday released an 11-page candidate financial disclosure form she filed with the FEC earlier this week, the AP reports. The release came just hours after Donald Trump put out a statement describing his personal wealth at $10 billion, and Clinton took the opportunity to sting Trump for... More »

Clinton Ekes Out Welcome Win in Kentucky*

But margin is so close Sanders might be able to seek a recount

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will split the delegates from Kentucky's Democratic primary in a race so close that Sanders might be able to ask for a recount, the Lexington Herald Leader reports. The office of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes declared Clinton the "unofficial" winner... More »

Sanders Hopes for Another Upset Tuesday

Both Kentucky, Oregon up for grabs, though some still say wins against Clinton wouldn't matter

(Newser) - Oregon and Kentucky are both holding Democratic primaries Tuesday, and even though USA Today notes it "won't really matter" whether Hillary Clinton loses to Bernie Sanders there—per the AP , she's got 2,240 pledged and superdelegates to Sanders' 1,473, not far from the required 2,... More »

Boehner 'Not Surprised' if Biden Takes Clinton's Spot

Ex-speaker also disses Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and Ted Cruz

(Newser) - For a retired speaker of the House, John Boehner has had a lot to say lately. Over the past couple of weeks, he's likened Ted Cruz to Lucifer and bragged about the House GOP's victory against ObamaCare , and now he's moved on to his next target: Hillary... More »

Biden: Clinton Will Win, But I'd Have Been 'Best President'

He just wasn't ready after son Beau died

(Newser) - Joe Biden says he's confident Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic nominee and "the next president." But he definitely planned to run, he tells ABC News , and believed "I would have been the best president." That plan derailed when his son Beau died of brain... More »

Why UFO Enthusiasts Love Clinton

She's promised to declassify UFO files

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may have lost West Virginia, but she can find solace in having inspired what the New York Times calls "a passionate bloc of voters": UFO enthusiasts. If she becomes president, the Democratic front-runner says she would declassify files relating to Area 51, unless they pose a threat... More »

Bernie Could Nab 'Yuge' Win in W. Virginia

Polls point to 'yes'—but FiveThirtyEight says it still won't significantly help his delegate count

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has doggedly remained in the race for the Democratic nomination, and Tuesday's primary in West Virginia seems likely to offer him some validation. Writing at FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten argues that the Vermont senator is "likely to win" against Hillary Clinton in the Mountain State, citing two... More »

Hillary Clinton Gets the Win in Guam Caucuses

But Bernie Sanders still won the day in delegates

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the not-super-important Guam caucuses, the Hill reports. According to Politico , unofficial results have Clinton winning with 60% of the vote to Bernie Sanders' 40%. Both Clinton and Sanders had done minimal campaigning in Guam, with Sanders promising to visit if he's elected... More »

Hacker 'Guccifer' Claims He Got Inside Clinton Server

'Guccifer' is now in US custody

(Newser) - The Romanian hacker who shared George W. Bush's paintings with the world is now in American custody, and he's turned out to be pretty chatty. Marcel Lehel Lazar, better known as "Guccifer," says he broke into Hillary Clinton's "completely unsecured" server and it was... More »

Conservatives Wary of Trump Push for Obama Court Pick

They fear Clinton would appoint a more liberal justice

(Newser) - With Donald Trump the last GOP presidential candidate standing, some conservatives are starting to get nervous about the Supreme Court. "There is absolutely no reason to drag this out any longer," managing editor Leon Wolf writes at conservative blog RedState . "Garland is not a great choice, but... More »

11 Things to Know About the Woman Who's Spent 2 Decades With Hillary

'She has been turned into myth'

(Newser) - Newsweek has a deep look at the mysterious woman whose "selfless servility and uncanny knack for predicting what the boss wants have put her closer than almost anyone to the most powerful woman in American politics." Huma Abedin first started working for Hillary Clinton at the White... More »

Clinton Ends Night With 4 of the 5 'Amtrak States'

Bernie Sanders pulls off upset win in Rhode Island

(Newser) - The five Amtrak corridor states—that would be Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island—voted Tuesday and were on a tight timetable, with all polls closing at 8pm. NBC News and other networks immediately called Maryland for Hillary Clinton; Delaware, Pennsylvania, and finally Connecticut were subsequently called for her.... More »

Charles Koch: Hillary Might Not Be So Bad

The remaining GOP candidates aren't inspiring billionaire to pull out his checkbook

(Newser) - Charles Koch is currently sitting on his checkbook, and he tells ABC News that he's not exactly inclined to start scribbling checks—either in support of, or to undermine—the remaining Republican presidential candidates. The billionaire calls Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich "terrible role models,"... More »

Virginia Ditches Civil War-Era Rule, Lets Felons Vote

Gov. Terry McAuliffe restoring rights to felons

(Newser) - Since the Civil War, convicted felons in Virginia have been stripped of their right to vote. That will change Friday as Gov. Terry McAuliffe signs an executive order restoring the voting rights of some 206,000 nonviolent and violent felons, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . They'll also be able to... More »

Trump: Tubman 'More Appropriate' on the $2 Bill

Calls the new $20 bill 'pure political correctness'

(Newser) - We all know Donald Trump isn't a fan of political correctness. That's why he's also not a fan of Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the new $20 bill. "I don't like seeing it. Yes, I think it's pure political correctness," Trump tells... More »

After Clinton's NY Win, Sanders Needs 'Minor Miracle'

NYC mayor troubled by voter 'purge'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has her eyes on the prize after a resounding victory in Tuesday's New York Democratic primary—but Bernie Sanders has made it clear that she will be sorely disappointed if she expects him to drop out anytime soon. He has also made it clear that he's... More »

What to Watch as NY Votes

They're the first competitive primaries in decades

(Newser) - Tuesday is primary day in New York, the biggest prize until California votes on June 7, and all five remaining campaigns went into overdrive Monday. Polls suggest big wins lie ahead for front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—but there's still plenty of room for surprises, and in this... More »

Clooney: Rid Politics of Big Money, So I Don't Have to Raise It

Actor raised 'obscene' amount of money for Hillary Clinton this weekend

(Newser) - George Clooney would like to get big money out of politics—so he doesn't have to raise it. As the AP reports, Clooney hosted two weekend fundraisers in California on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Donations for attendees at an event in San Francisco topped out at $353,000 per... More »

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