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Donald Trump Says the Debate Was 'Rigged'

He's now targeting Bill Clinton's infidelity

(Newser) - Donald Trump appears to have changed his tune about Monday night's debate: He's still saying that he won , but he's now also saying that Lester Holt's moderating was biased against him, the Hill reports. "I had to put up with the anchor and fight the... More »

USA Today Slams Trump in First-Ever Endorsement

Paper urges people to vote for any other candidate

(Newser) - USA Today has never taken sides in a presidential election before—but Donald Trump has never run for president before. In a blistering editorial, which can be seen in full here , the paper's editorial board says it has decided to break with 34 years of tradition because Trump... More »

Arizona Republic Endorses 1st Dem in 126 Years, Faces Backlash

Paper broke with tradition that goes back to its founding

(Newser) - The Arizona Republic —which was founded as the Arizona Republican in 1890, 22 years before Arizona became a state—broke with 126 years of history Wednesday by endorsing a Democrat over a Republican for president for the first time. "This year is different," the paper's editorial... More »

Chelsea Clinton Has Words for Donald Trump

After Trump was proud he didn't bring up Bill's 'indiscretions' in front of her

(Newser) - After Monday's debate, Donald Trump noted that "everything I wanted to say I got out, except for the transgressions of Bill [Clinton]." He explained that he didn't want to bring up Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky "with Chelsea in the room," and that he... More »

Clinton-Trump Debate Was Most-Watched Ever

More than 80M people watched Monday's showdown

(Newser) - It's official: America loves the odd-couple pairing of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. CNN reports Monday's first presidential debate between the two was the most-watched showdown in six decades of televised presidential debates. Initial Nielsen numbers show it averaging 80.9 million viewers with little drop-off in viewership... More »

Giuliani: If I Were Trump, I'd Blow Off Last 2 Debates

Unless the moderator would promise to moderate and not be 'an ignorant fact check'

(Newser) - Donald Trump thinks that he was the clear winner of Monday's debate and that moderator Lester Holt did a "great job" with "very fair" questions. But if Rudy Giuliani were Trump, he'd take a hard pass on the last two debates, per the Hill . Or at... More »

Late Night Skewers Trump's Sniffles

And more, via Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers

(Newser) - Donald Trump's sniffles, "Ghost Abraham Lincoln," and even the candidates' initial salutations all made star appearances on Monday's late-night roster as hosts tackled the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, per the Hollywood Reporter . Some takes from the after-prime-time set:
  • Stephen Colbert's
... More »

Fact-Checkers Weigh In on Debate

Clinton hasn't fought ISIS her 'entire adult life'

(Newser) - The first presidential debate was a busy night for the fact-checkers—who were asked to "get to work" by Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump said she had been fighting ISIS her "entire adult life," the Los Angeles Times reports. ISIS, in fact, first emerged in 2004 as... More »

5 Takes on the Clinton-Trump Showdown

Clinton 'went right for Trump's ego'

(Newser) - The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump showdown on Monday night was billed as the most anticipated in many years, and it did not disappoint, according to the Hill , which describes the clash as one between "the more incisive and prepared Clinton and Trump, who leaned heavily on instinct and combativeness."... More »

Trump Owned Clinton in the Debate Over Trade

Analysis: He started the night strong on this topic

(Newser) - Generally speaking, pundits think Hillary Clinton came away as the overall winner in Monday night's debate. But at Slate , Jordan Weissmann writes that the night didn't start out that way at all: The first question was on trade, and Trump "absolutely savaged" a seemingly ill-prepared Clinton on... More »

Who Won? Instant Analysis of First Debate

Early assessments from pundits favor Clinton

(Newser) - The first of three presidential debates is in the books, and while pundits will be dissecting it for a while, here's some instant analysis in the wake of round one:
  • Conor Friedersdorf, the Atlantic : "My impression, for what it's worth: Hillary Clinton won decisively. But I never
... More »

Clinton Hits Trump for 'Racist' Crusade Against Obama

He says he's proud of getting Obama to release his birth certificate

(Newser) - Donald Trump may have tried to lay the birther issue to rest earlier this month, but it returned during Monday's presidential debate. "[Trump] really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an American citizen," the New York Times... More »

Donald Trump Fact-Checked by Donald Trump's Twitter

He did indeed say global warming was made up by the Chinese

(Newser) - When the conversation turned to global warming during the first presidential debate Monday, Donald Trump was quickly disproved by Donald Trump's Twitter account. CBS News reports Hillary Clinton claimed Trump called global warming a Chinese hoax. "I did not," Vox quotes Trump's response. "I do... More »

See Anything Remarkable About This Photo?

An epic portrait of the selfie era emerges on campaign trail

(Newser) - A striking photo is going viral because it shows a group of women turning their backs on Hillary Clinton. But these folks are, in fact, Clinton supporters—it's just that they're all trying to take selfies with the candidate, explains BuzzFeed . The photo was taken by campaign photographer... More »

Galifianakis Says His Clinton Chat Was 'Crazy'

'Between Two Ferns' video set a Funny or Die record

(Newser) - Zach Galifianakis tells USA Today it's "crazy" how many hits his Between Two Ferns interview with Hillary Clinton got—more than 30 million in its first 24 hours, per the Hollywood Reporter , which notes that was the largest first-day viewership number in the Funny or Die website's... More »

Why the First 30 Minutes of Tonight's Debate Matter So Much

It's the most anticipated debate in decades

(Newser) - It's going to be the most-watched presidential debate in American history—and possibly the most controversial. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their first debate Monday night, and it's expected to draw a Super Bowl-sized audience of around 100 million. The stakes will be even higher than in... More »

Team Trump: No, Gennifer Flowers Won't Be at Debate

(Newser) - For those looking forward to the spectacle of Hillary Clinton debating Donald Trump with one of Bill Clinton's alleged lovers in the front row cheering, well, you might have to find an actual reality show to watch Monday night, instead of the presidential debate. Team Trump is quickly backing... More »

NYT: It's Not Even a Choice

Those wary of supporting Clinton need to get behind her: Editorial board

(Newser) - For the 15th time in a row, the New York Times is endorsing a Democrat for president of the United States, a predictable pick it acknowledges would be "an empty exercise" if it simply gave credence to Clinton supporters. Instead, it takes aim at those balking at voting for... More »

Trump Says He's Bringing Bill Clinton's Mistress to Debate

He invited Gennifer Flowers because Clinton invited Mark Cuban

(Newser) - For the moment it appears the woman who had an affair with Bill Clinton will be front-and-center during Monday's debate at Donald Trump's invitation, BuzzFeed reports. It started with the Clinton campaign inviting Bizarro-Trump Mark Cuban to the presidential debate at Hoffstra University. TPM quotes a Clinton aide... More »

FBI Documents Reveal Obama Used Alias in Clinton Emails

Agency granted immunity to top aides

(Newser) - The FBI released another 189 heavily redacted pages from its investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails Friday, and Politico reports that they reveal that President Obama used a fake name when emailing Clinton. The FBI files state that during an interview, Clinton aide Huma Abedin was surprised to be told... More »

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