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Teen's Prom Date? Her Harvard Acceptance Letter

Twitter goes nuts

(Newser) - Sometimes a sense of humor goes a long way. When Minnesota high school senior Priscilla Samey found herself without a prom date, she decided that instead of sulking she would just take her Harvard acceptance letter to the dance. The daughter of Togolese immigrants says she got the idea from... More »

Every Single School in the Ivy League Wants This Girl

Ifeoma White-Thorpe wants to study biology, but says her poetry got her in

(Newser) - Ifeoma White-Thorpe is going places. Two years ago, the New Jersey teen won the grand prize in the National Liberty Museum Selma Speech and Essay Contest (watch her recite it on YouTube ), she's aced all of her AP classes, she's president of her high school's student... More »

Student Caught in Ivy League Admissions Lie

She had become a sensation in South Korea media as 'Genius Girl'

(Newser) - An Ivy League hoax has unraveled, one that illustrates South Korea's "twisted obsession with degrees," in the words of AsiaOne . It involves a teenage girl at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, one of the nation's top high schools—the kind... More »

Ivy Applicants Coached to Be 'Less Asian'

Coaches help applicants beat 'bamboo ceiling' and get into elite colleges

(Newser) - Asian-American groups recently filed a federal complaint against Harvard, claiming the university holds Asian applicants to higher standards. But while that complaint is pending, the Boston Globe reports that breaking the "bamboo ceiling" is a thriving business, with coaches often advising applicants to appear, well … "less Asian,... More »

Ivy League Produces 'Timid' Grads With No Souls

New Republic essay urges parents to send their kids elsewhere

(Newser) - A former Yale professor serves up a damning essay in the New Republic about elite education in general and the Ivy League in particular, urging parents to send their kids elsewhere if they want them to become authentic individuals. Yes, Ivy League grads are smart and driven in their particular... More »

Teen Who Got Into Every Ivy Makes His Pick

He says Yale is best for his passions of music, medicine

(Newser) - Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania are out of luck: The Long Island teenager who scored the amazing feat of being accepted by all eight Ivy League schools has picked Yale, saying a campus visit where he "met geniuses from all over the world... More »

14 Celebs Who Are Ivy Leaguers

Some of them may surprise you

(Newser) - Hey, who said stars can't also be smart? PopSugar rounds up 28 celebrities who attended Ivy League schools. A sampling, all of whom graduated:
  • Lupita Nyong'o: Has her master's in drama from Yale.
  • John Legend: Graduated from UPenn with an English degree.
  • Meryl Streep: Got her MFA
... More »

Teen Gets Into Every Single Ivy League School

Kwasi Enin's achievement is as rare as you'd expect

(Newser) - There are eight Ivy League colleges, and Kwasi Enin can have his pick. The 17-year-old has managed to get into every single one, a feat officially achieved with last week's acceptance from Harvard. USA Today confirms that it saw scanned copies of all the "congratulations" letters (from Brown,... More »

About 60 Harvard Students Withdraw in Cheating Inquiry

A lot athletes reportedly were caught

(Newser) - A school investigation into widespread cheating on a final exam last year at Harvard has forced about 60 students to withdraw from school, reports Reuters . Some, if not all, might be able to return at some point. The trouble began last year when a professor noticed that a lot of... More »

China Family Sues Over Ivy League Promises

They paid $2.2M to education consultant

(Newser) - The Boston Globe picks up on a lawsuit that illustrates just how lucrative the growing field of "admissions-consulting" can be. Two parents from China paid $2.2 million over two years to a consultant who promised to help their two teenage sons get into Harvard. It didn't work,... More »

Gross Hazing Charges Rock Dartmouth

College charges 27 after senior claims pledges forced to swim in vomit

(Newser) - Dartmouth College is in a tizzy over allegations of some seriously sick hazing at one of its fraternities. Former Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Andrew Lohse caused an uproar with a school newspaper column describing how pledges were pressured to swim in kiddie pools filled with puke and rotten food. The... More »

Students Revolt Against Big Bank Recruiting

Protests spread across Ivy League campuses

(Newser) - Half of those surveyed in Harvard's class of 2010 went into finance or consulting; at the University of Pennsylvania, the figure was even higher—and some students are fed up with the "brain drain." Inspired in part by the Occupy movement, students have launched protests against recruiting... More »

Top Colleges Steer Grads Away from Wall Street

Students, staff encourage grads to expand horizons

(Newser) - For many seniors at elite US universities, Wall Street provides a straightforward path to a job—particularly since big banks often dominate campus recruiting. But recently, fellow students and staff alike have urged graduating classes to consider a wider array of options, the Los Angeles Times reports. A nationwide campaign... More »

Ivy League Offers False Hope to Kids It Won't Accept

Elite universities profit from acting interested in unqualified students

(Newser) - Ivy League schools cram high school students' mailboxes full with glossy recruitment packages, only to greet them weeks later with far less appealing rejection letters. Critics say elite universities like Harvard and Columbia set up potential applicants for disappointment by wooing them with pamphlets, posters, and promise, pocketing hefty application... More »

Post-Harvard Bummer: You Have to Clean Your Own Toilet

Oh, yeah, and actually show up for work

(Newser) - Get ready for the real world, Harvard seniors: You're actually going to have to show up for work, and you're—whoah!—going to have to clean your own bathroom. Who knew the world could be so harsh? But that's the straight dope from one of Harvard'... More »

Was Emma Watson Teased Out of Brown?

No more Harry Potter jokes, please!

(Newser) - Holy witchcraft! Did Emma Watson ditch Brown because she was sick of teasing by Ivy Leaguers smitten with their own relentlessly sophomoric Harry Potter humor? Chums say Watson left because she couldn't take one more "3 Points for Gryffindor" joke every time she answered a question correctly in... More »

Preschool Sued for Ruining Tot's Ivy League Chances

$19K preschool 'just one big playroom'

(Newser) - A Manhattan mom is suing a preschool for scotching her 4-year-old daughter's chances of getting into an Ivy League university. The mother complains that the $19,000-a-year York Avenue Preschool failed to prepare the toddler for a test used for admission at top private elementary schools and sometimes put her... More »

Cornell Student Arrested Holding $150K of Heroin

Senior had enough for 500 doses, say police

(Newser) - Another Ivy League drug bust : Police arrested a Cornell senior who they say happened to be in possession of $150,000 worth of heroin. Keri Blakinger, 26, was allegedly holding the cache—about 500 doses' worth—in a hotel parking lot in the Collegetown section of Ithaca when police arrived... More »

Ivy League Drug Bust Had Bizarre Kidnapping Twist

Five Columbia students, three alleged suppliers are charged

(Newser) - This is not your run-of-the-mill Ivy League drug raid—this one has a torture-by-LSD component. When police gave details today about the five Columbia students arrested and charged with distributing everything from LSD to Adderall to fellow students, they also told of a crazy scheme by one of their alleged... More »

Ivy Donations Are 'Loathsome'

Giving to 'Affirmative Action for Rich' is 'moral crime,' writes Hamilton Nolan

(Newser) - Gawker's Hamilton Nolan is scrambling onto the anti-Ivy League bandwagon by slamming donations to the elitist institutions as "loathsome" and a "moral crime." The schools "are terrible choices for huge donations. Supporting education is a worthy cause; but there are many, many more effective ways... More »

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