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Sexual Assaults Weigh Heavy on Cologne's Carnival

22 complaints of sexual assault on 1st day of weeklong celebration

(Newser) - Police received 22 sexual assault complaints Thursday during the first night of Carnival in Cologne, Germany, the BBC reports. According to the AP , that's twice what was reported on the first day of last year's celebration and comes only a month after 1,000 or so "drunk... More »

Merkel Expects Migrants Will Return Home When Wars End

More than 1M asylum seekers came to Germany last year

(Newser) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she expects many of the refugees who have flooded into Germany from war-torn countries like Syria to eventually return home once the hostilities end, the AP reports. Speaking Saturday to members of her Christian Democratic Party in the northeastern city of Neubrandenburg, Merkel said that... More »

Homes of Suspected Nazis Raided Over 1944 Massacre

3 elderly men believed to have helped massacre 86 people in France

(Newser) - German authorities raided the homes of three elderly men whom they suspect played a role in a massacre on French soil while members of the Nazi SS during WWII, NBC News reports. According to the AP , the men—all around the age of 90—may have been involved in the... More »

Auschwitz Medic, 95, Will Stand Trial

Hubert Zafke was there when train carrying Anne Frank arrived

(Newser) - A 95-year-old German man accused of serving as a medical orderly in a place where more than a million people were murdered will go on trial next month, a court has announced. According to an indictment, former SS sergeant Hubert Zafke was a paramedic at the Auschwitz extermination camp from... More »

Report: 231 Members of German Boys' Choir Abused

The choir was conducted by the brother of former Pope Benedict

(Newser) - At least 231 members of a Catholic boys' choir in Germany were physically abused over four decades—largely while the choir was conducted by the brother of former Pope Benedict XVI, the New York Times reports. That number comes from Ulrich Weber, a lawyer hired by the Regensburger Domspatzen choir... More »

18 Asylum Seekers Accused in German Sex Attacks

Police chief in Cologne is fired

(Newser) - Eighteen of 31 suspects identified in the New Year’s Eve assaults on women in Cologne, Germany, are asylum seekers, authorities revealed Friday, the same day the city's police chief was removed from his post, per CNN . Some 170 criminal complaints have been filed in Cologne, including at least... More »

Mass Sexual Assaults on Women Shock German City

Hundreds of men led apprently coordinated attacks on women on New Year's Eve

(Newser) - In a series of attacks German officials are calling "monstrous" and "abhorrent," approximately 1,000 "drunk and aggressive" men sexually assaulted and robbed scores of women on New Year's Eve in Cologne, the BBC reports. "The men surrounded us and started to grab our... More »

31-Year-Old's Experiment: Pay People $1,100 a Month

Basic income has no strings attached

(Newser) - "If you were handed $1,100 a month, would you amount to anything?" So asks the Los Angeles Times in a Sunday headline atop a piece about a unique experiment underway in Germany. Michael Bohmeyer, a 31-year-old Internet entrepreneur in Berlin, is behind Mein Grundeinkommen (My Basic Income), which,... More »

New Year Brings New Editions of Mein Kampf

Copyright expires Jan. 1

(Newser) - Mein Kampf is coming back. The copyright on Hitler's "anti-Semitic manifesto" expires Friday, and with the book in the public domain, several publishers are planning new editions. The German state of Bavaria has held the copyright in Germany since 1945 and has forbidden the book from being republished.... More »

'Imminent' Terrorist Threat Reported in Munich

Two train stations evacuated on New Year's Eve

(Newser) - Police in Munich, Germany, warned citizens of an "imminent" terrorist attack shortly before New Year's Eve, the AP reports. According to ABC News , there are possible plans to blow up bombs at two train stations: the main Munich station and Pasing station. "Due to existing information, which... More »

Man Killed Trying to Steal From Condom Machine

German trio blew up machine

(Newser) - In what must rank among the bleakest Christmas stories of this or any other year, a German man died on Christmas Day during a failed attempt to steal money from a condom machine. Police in Schoeppingen, near the Dutch border, say the man was killed by a flying piece of... More »

4 Firefighters Went on Arson Spree, Played the Hero

German men were always first to arrive on the scene

(Newser) - When a spate of fires took place over a few weeks in 2013 in a small German town, it seemed odd that a quartet of firefighters were always among the first to show up at the scene. Now a court has determined why: They were the ones starting the fires... More »

'One of Best Relics of the Third Reich' Returns to Germany

2-volume 'Mein Kampf' edition with 3,500 annotations meant to 'shatter the myth'

(Newser) - An attempt to put Adolf Hitler's most famous written rants in context will be on the market in January, thanks to a three-year effort by a group of Munich historians. Ending a 70-year ban on publishing Mein Kampf in German, the team from the Institute for Contemporary History will... More »

Death Camp Tattoo Could Send German to Jail

It's legal to have it, but not to display it, prosecutors say

(Newser) - German prosecutors say they're investigating whether a man violated the country's prohibition of the public display of Nazi symbols by appearing at a swimming pool with a tattoo of what appeared to be the Auschwitz death camp on his back. A spokeswoman for prosecutors in Neuruppin says another... More »

Brawls Erupt at Refugee Shelters

Police make several arrests at Berlin facility

(Newser) - Cops responded to two brawls at refugee centers in Berlin on Sunday—one so big that more than 100 officers arrived at the scene, the Guardian reports. Several arrests were made at the former Tempelhof airport, where "many hundreds of people [were] involved," according to a police spokesman.... More »

Turkey: We Busted 'ISIS Cell' Headed for Germany

Authorities say 8 militants were planning to pose as refugees

(Newser) - Turkey says it has seized eight suspected ISIS militants who were trying to reach Germany. The suspects were detained at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport after arriving from Morocco. Turkey's state-run news agency says they claimed to be tourists who were staying at a hotel in the city for two... More »

Bomb Threat Evacuates German Soccer Stadium

Police say there was a plan to detonate explosives inside

(Newser) - A soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands in the German city of Hannover was cancelled Tuesday because of plans to detonate explosives inside the stadium, the AP reports. Local police received a warning about a possible bomb threat shortly before the gates opened. According to the BBC , Hannover Stadium... More »

'Nazi Grandma' Sent to Prison for Denying Holocaust

87-year-old German woman insists Auschwitz wasn't proven to be death camp

(Newser) - Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel says there's no proof that Auschwitz was a death camp and that that's "only a belief." Those thoughts spoken in a Hamburg court Thursday—and others, such as the "Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history" comment she made on... More »

Discovery of Dead Infant Leads to More Babies' Bodies

Sources say woman drunkenly admitted to hiding bodies

(Newser) - Authorities have made a disturbing find in an apartment in Germany: the bodies of "probably seven" infants. Police say a local woman discovered the remains of one infant in an apartment in Wallenfels, near the Czech border, on Thursday. But when officers arrived, they uncovered several more bodies, including... More »

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Dead at 96

Was a major figure in Cold War politics

(Newser) - Helmut Schmidt, the chancellor who guided West Germany through economic turbulence and Cold War tensions, stood firm against a wave of homegrown terrorism, and became a respected elder statesman, died Tuesday at age 96. Schmidt, a center-left Social Democrat, led West Germany from 1974 to 1982. He was elected chancellor... More »

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