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Selfish Google Stands to Kill Golden News Goose

It will actually help your company in the long run

(Newser) - By refusing to share revenue with news providers, Google is essentially dooming itself, writes blogger Steve Outing, who has a message for CEO Eric Schmidt: “What’s the deal, Mr. Schmidt? Have you deleted Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ mantra from the corporate... More »

SEC Looking Into United Airlines Stock Glitch

Stock slid hard on bad, old info picked up by automated Google news service

(Newser) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the recent, but temporary, nosedive in United Airlines stock spurred by the republication of a 6-year-old article about the company’s bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal reports. The agency has begun a preliminary investigation to see whether any shady behavior was involved,... More »

Google Lets News Figures Fire Back

How service will protect against pranksters is unknown

(Newser) - People who want to talk back to the press received a major invitation from Google News yesterday when it announced a plan to post user comments alongside links to news articles, ars technica reports. But only people and groups specifically mentioned in the articles will be allowed into Google’s... More »

3 Stories