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New Invention May End Age-Old Soldering

Makers of high-tech glue says it does same at room temperature

(Newser) - The end of good old soldering? Researchers at Northeastern University say they've created a metallic glue that gets the same job done at room temperature. If MesoGlue works up to expectations, it "may change the way we make electronics," reports TechCrunch . Soldering—heating metal into molten form... More »

Bottles of Glue May Never Be the Same Again

Elmer's signs contract to use slippery LiquiGlide coating in its containers

(Newser) - As much as Heinz wanted us to think part of the thrill of ketchup was waiting for it to glob out of the bottle, most consumers will attest that's not true—for ketchup, toothpaste, or any other viscous substance that takes forever to filter out. Elmer's Products has... More »

Penis-Gluers to Face Trial

Victim testifies that he was lured into hotel ambush as revenge for philandering

(Newser) - A judge has ruled that four Wisconsin women accused of tying up the cheating husband of one of them and leaving him in a motel with his penis glued to his stomach must stand trial, CNN reports. The victim—who was dating two of the women—testified that Therese Ziemann,... More »

Women Charged With Gluing Man's Penis: 'We're Victims'

'I thought he loved me,' says one

(Newser) - The Wisconsin women charged with false imprisonment after tying a man up and super-gluing his penis to his stomach aren’t especially repentant. “If anybody is a victim in this it’s all the women that he’s dated,” Michelle Belliveau told the Today show. “They gave... More »

UK Protester Glues Self to Brown

Green activist gets stuck on PM during award ceremony

(Newser) - An environmentalist tried to superglue himself to Gordon Brown last night inside 10 Downing St. Dan Glass was receiving an award from the British PM when he put his adhesive-slathered hand on the prime minister's forearm. The demonstrator stayed stuck to the PM for less than a minute, writes the... More »

Glue Company Indicted in Big Dig Death

Manslaughter charge for ceiling collapse in Boston tunnel

(Newser) - A glue company has been indicted for manslaughter for its role in a fatal accident in Boston's controversial Big Dig tunnel. Powers Fasteners of New York supplied adhesives for use in a ceiling which collapsed, killing a 38-year-old woman in a car. The adhesive used in the construction was not... More »

6 Stories