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Manning Talks Dystopias, Privacy, Being Called a 'Traitor'

Transgender activist spoke in Massachusetts, noting: 'I did the best I could'

(Newser) - Harvard withdrew its fellowship offer to Chelsea Manning last week after CIA Director Mike Pompeo refused to speak there (he called Manning an "American traitor"), but the military whistleblower and transgender activist pushed back on that assessment during a weekend appearance in Massachusetts. The Guardian reports that Manning... More »

Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Pundits weigh in on both sides

(Newser) - He's either a hero of grand scale or a traitor of the worst kind. Here's a look at some of the opinions about NSA leaker Edward Snowden :
  • John Cassidy, New Yorker : He's clearly a hero. "He has performed a great public service that more than outweighs
... More »

CIA Op Jailed for Libya Arms Sales Dies at 84

Edwin Wilson overturned conviction 20 years later

(Newser) - Edwin Wilson set up front companies abroad for the CIA, made millions in the arms trade and entertained generals and congressmen at his sprawling Virginia farm. His high-powered, jet-setting life in the 1970s and early 1980s followed a career in the CIA. But it came crashing down when he was... More »

Peter Fonda to Obama: You're a Traitor

Environmentalist not happy with president's handling of oil spill

(Newser) - Another Cannes ruckus: Peter Fonda called President Obama a “f***ing traitor” at the launch of a documentary about the BP oil spill, the AFP reports. At yesterday’s premiere of The Big Fix, Fonda recalled his reaction to the feeling that Washington was trying to silence reporting on... More »

Al-Qaeda Yank Renounces US Citizenship on Video

Urges 'booby traps, not roses' for Bush trip

(Newser) - American-born al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn has renounced his US citizenship on camera to protest the incarceration of jihadists in America. Gadahn, also known as "Azzam the American," left California in the 90s to join al-Qaeda. The first US citizen charged with treason since World War II, Gadahn has... More »

Gates Apologizes to Hillary

Defense sec tries to cool feud over challenge to patriotism

(Newser) - Hillary shouldn't have been called a traitor, Robert Gates wrote yesterday in a letter apologizing for a deputy's refusal to share Iraq withdrawal plans with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The deputy had charged that the divulging the information could “reinforce enemy propaganda.” More »

6 Stories