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Salvador Dali to Be Exhumed Over 'Clandestine Love'

Maria Pilar Abel Martinez says artist had affair with her mother, wants DNA test

(Newser) - Truth may be stranger than fiction, and for Salvador Dali, death is proving just as surreal as life. The famous Spanish painter, who has been in eternal repose since 1989, will be exhumed under a Madrid judge's orders so his DNA can be tested in a paternity suit, the... More »

Famous Painter's Bedroom Could Be Yours—for a Night

But you'll need at least $700

(Newser) - You could be the first person in 40 years to spend a night in the former home of American realist painter Edward Hopper. Edward Hopper House in Nyack, NY—now a museum—is auctioning off a one-night stay in the bedroom where Hopper slept until moving out in 1910 at... More »

At Long-Dead Artist's Home, a 'Once-in-a-Century' Find

Art experts find unknown Thomas Cole murals, painted around 1836

(Newser) - Art experts working at the summer home and gallery of 19th-century American artist Thomas Cole simply wanted to figure out the original color of the walls. Instead, paint analyst Matthew Mosca uncovered an incredible find: previously unknown friezes on the original plaster of the Catskill, NY, farmhouse, hidden behind layers... More »

Picasso's Masterpieces Made With ... House Paint

Chemical study resolves art controversy: scientists

(Newser) - Picasso's great works had humble origins: They were painted using house paint, scientists say. Art historians have long debated whether Picasso was one of the first painters to use the standard enamel-based stuff rather than oil paints, but past paint-chip studies couldn't suss out the individual elements with... More »

Sports Artist LeRoy Neiman Dead at 91

Colorful depictions of sporting events made him American icon

(Newser) - Flamboyant sports artist LeRoy Neiman has died at the age of 91 after a long and colorful life and career. The artist, best known for his brightly colored, impressionistic paintings and sketches of major sport events, rivaled American artists like Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses in popularity, notes the New ... More »

New Theory: Van Gogh Was Murdered

Local boy shot him, authors of ' Van Gogh: The Life' suggest

(Newser) - The accepted explanation for Vincent Van Gogh's death may be all wrong. While the standard story is that the artist shot himself in a field, managing to return to a nearby inn before he died, a new 900-page book paints a very different picture. In Van Gogh: The Life,... More »

Artist Lucian Freud Dead at 88

Titan of art world painted until the end

(Newser) - Acclaimed British painter Lucian Freud has died Wednesday night after a long career that saw him hailed as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Freud, grandson of the psychiatrist Sigmund, moved to Britain from Berlin as a child when his family fled Nazi Germany. He became famous... More »

Painter Cy Twombly Dead at 83

Once-criticized American artist ended up among the greats

(Newser) - Cy Twombly, a renowned abstract painter once slammed by critics, has died at 83 in Rome. No cause has been given, though the American artist had cancer, the New York Times reports. Twombly’s work, full of scribbles and scratches, at first earned him harsh words from art critics. But... More »

Van Gogh 'Self Portrait' Really His Brother

Museum uncovers only known painting of Theo Van Gogh

(Newser) - Vincent Van Gogh's younger brother Theo was his closest ally, and many found it strange that the artist never painted him. Researchers at the Van Gogh Museum, however, now believe that an 1887 painting long thought to have been one of Vincent's dozens of self-portraits is actually a... More »

Why Van Gogh's Yellows Are Turning Brown

Chemists seek to save 19th-century works

(Newser) - Vincent van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers aren't as vivid as they used to be and the sun is to blame, say researchers who have solved a problem that has long stumped art conservationists. A team of chemists experimenting with ultraviolet light and tubes of paint belonging to 19th-century artists found... More »

Italians Believe They've Found Caravaggio's Bones

400-year-old mystery may be solved

(Newser) - Italian researchers say they're 85% sure bones found in a Tuscan church are the remains of Renaissance wildman Caravaggio. The celebrity painter, known for his boozing, brawling, and womanizing, died in 1610. His last days have long been a mystery, with some speculating that was assassinated for religious reasons. The... More »

'Painter of Light' Busted on DUI Suspicion

Bankrupt Thomas Kinkade impaired but 'very polite': cops

(Newser) - "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade was arrested Friday on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over near his California home. Kinkade is having a rough month, Scripps Howard notes—his company has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of a multimillion-dollar federal fraud claim against him. "Tom is... More »

7-Year-Old Hailed as Next Picasso

Kieron Williamson's paintings are selling for thousands

(Newser) - Art dealers are praising a 7-year-old British boy as a painting prodigy on par with Pablo Picasso. Kieron Williamson’s atmospheric landscapes are already in high demand; at a recent auction he sold 16 of them for $29,280 in just 14 minutes, with buyers coming from as far away... More »

Tripping Visitor Rips Met Picasso

Museum repairing 6-inch tear

(Newser) - Manhattan's Metropolitan Museum of Art has removed a $130 million Picasso painting for repair after it was damaged when a visitor tripped and fell into the masterpiece. The accident resulted in a 6-inch tear in a corner of the 1904 painting "The Actor." Repairs are expected to be... More »

Kinkade's Art Firm Loses Court Battle

'Painter of light' must pay two 'duped' gallery owners $2.1M

(Newser) - Hugely popular painter Thomas Kinkade claims God is his art agent, but a federal appeals court has ruled against his company for putting art gallery owners through financial hell, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The plaintiffs accused Kinkade and his firm of exploiting their Christian faith to lure them into... More »

One Susan Boyle Cashes In on Another

US Boyle offers URL for $25K after flood of visitors seeking singer

(Newser) - Susan Boyle is selling for $25,000. A possible purchaser? Singing sensation Susan Boyle. The Boyle who currently owns the site is an American painter who bears the same name as the British star, Mashable reports. The US Boyle has been getting a lot of visitors to her... More »

Francis Bacon's Work Relied on 'Gimmick'

(Newser) - Francis Bacon’s paintings still have the ability to shock, but beneath that initial thrill lies a consistent, even amateur, formula that “had grown stagnant by 1965,” Jerry Saltz writes in New York in previewing a retrospective opening today at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “The calculated... More »

Art World Still Divided on Wyeth

Some call him modern; others, 'corny Americana'

(Newser) - Andrew Wyeth divided the art community throughout his life, and little seems to have changed with his passing yesterday. While many in the field call him one of the most important 20th-century American artists, others insist his mode of realism makes him more of an illustrator than a serious painter,... More »

Disturbing Dumas Divides Critics

South African painter's first American retrospective opens at MoMA

(Newser) - The South African painter Marlene Dumas has established herself as one of the most challenging artists of recent times, and her austere, anonymous portraits are loved and loathed in equal measures. Sure enough, her first American retrospective—entitled Measuring Your Own Grave, opening this week at MoMA in New York—... More »

Painter Elizabeth Murray Dies

Adventurous artist reshaped Modernism

(Newser) - Elizabeth Murray, a painter whose vivid, cartoon-based work was part of a contemporary movement away from minimalism, died yesterday of lung cancer. She was 66. A leading figure in the New York art scene, Murray won a MacArthur genius grant in 1999 and enjoyed a retrospective at MoMA last year. More »

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