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UN Panel: Cost to Fight Climate Change Still 'Modest'

But only if the world acts soon, experts say

(Newser) - The cost of keeping global warming in check is "relatively modest," but only if the world acts quickly to reverse the buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, the head of the UN's expert panel on climate change said today. Such gases, mainly CO2 from the burning... More »

Actually, That Was the 4th-Warmest January Ever

And the 347th straight month above 20th-century averages

(Newser) - This may be hard to believe if you live in the Eastern US, but that was the fourth-warmest January ever for the overall planet, the New York Times reports. The Goddard Institute for Space Studies actually pegs it as the third warmest since 1880, behind only 2002 and 2003, according... More »

Hating Winter? Blame the Weaker Jet Stream

And climate change may be the cause, says Rutgers scientist

(Newser) - A change in the world's so-called jet stream may be causing our incredibly bitter winter, with a little help from climate change. Professor Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University gave a talk in Chicago yesterday saying that the jet stream—a high-speed air current in northern latitudes—has been weakening... More »

Kerry Rips Climate Change Deniers as 'Flat Earthers'

Says the science is undeniable, warming is 'most fearsome' WMD

(Newser) - John Kerry delivered an urgent call to action on global warming today, calling it the "most fearsome" WMD we face, and sternly backhanding those who don't believe climate change is happening as "flat Earthers." "The science is unequivocal," Kerry said, "and those who... More »

Scientists: Here's Why Climate Change 'Paused'

High winds are forcing heat underwater—at least for now

(Newser) - Global-warming skeptics, en garde: A new study says that the recent pause in global warming is caused by strong trade winds in the Pacific Ocean that will eventually subside, the Guardian reports. According to the study , sharply higher winds in the central and eastern parts of the Pacific have pushed... More »

Yeah, This Is Global Warming in Action

Even freezing temps can be explained by global warming: LiveScience

(Newser) - Given the deep freeze engulfing much of the country, you may have heard more than one person scoffing about global warming. Jokes aside, climate change is still very real, LiveScience insists. In fact, scientists believe much of the cold weather can actually be explained by global warming. For one thing,... More »

Here's How Earth Could Really End: Scientists

Global warming, pandemic, fungus ... a not-fun time for everyone

(Newser) - From Planet of the Apes to After Earth, Hollywood has depicted Earth's demise many a time—but scientists' fears of planetary catastrophe are just as scary, LiveScience reports. Here are a few Doomsday scenarios as imagined by scientific minds:
  • Global warming: Scientists call this the biggest threat of all.
... More »

In Vietnam, John Kerry Picks Fight With Climate Change

Secretary of State also relives old memories on official visit

(Newser) - John Kerry revisited Vietnam yesterday, reviving old memories and trying to maintain good relations with a former enemy—particularly over the tricky issue of climate change, Bloomberg reports. "It’s weird," he said, looking at the murky waters of the Mekong Delta, where he engaged in combat more... More »

Newfound Greenhouse Gas 7K Times Worse Than CO2

And we've been using perfluorotributylamine for decades

(Newser) - Canadian researchers have detected another greenhouse gas—and its global warming potential is extreme. Over the course of a century, "a single molecule of PFTBA has the equivalent climate impact as 7,100 molecules of CO2," says a lead author of the study that identified perfluorotributylamine. "We... More »

Carbon Tax Looming, Big Business Gets Ready to Pay Up

Dozens of US companies factoring price into financial plans

(Newser) - First came news that 90 companies are to blame for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Now, more than two dozen big US corporations are planning for a future that involves paying for their pollution. A survey by green-data firm CDP shows that 29 companies, including Exxon, Chevron, and Walmart,... More »

Climate Change Killing Pacific Island Nation

Businessweek profiles Kiribati, a desperate, sinking, place

(Newser) - Kiribati in the central Pacific looks like a dream vacation spot. But for its 103,000 citizens, the turquoise water surrounding the nation's 33 islands is ever creeping. Before the end of this century, it will drown most of the 310 square miles of land the I-Kiribati live on,... More »

90 Companies to Blame for 63% of Global Emissions

Chevron, BP, Exxon racked up 9% alone

(Newser) - Want to personally thank those largely responsible for putting greenhouse gases into the air? Fewer than 100 phone calls will do the trick. According to new research, 90 companies have produced 63% of the emissions of carbon dioxide and methane since the dawn of the industrial age. Chevron, BP, and... More »

Climate Change Will Pinch Food Supply: UN Panel

Draft report less optimistic than one in 2007

(Newser) - UN scientists see bad things happening to the world's food supply in the next several decades even as demand increases, reports the New York Times . A draft report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007) predicts that climate change will cut agricultural... More »

Arctic Hasn't Been This Warm in 44K Years

Maybe even far longer, according to new study

(Newser) - The Arctic's current warming trend is the worst it's experienced in at least 44,000 years—and possibly even longer—a new study has concluded. Scientists examining vegetation in the Canadian Arctic found recently-exposed moss that, based on radiocarbon dating, was between 44,000 and 51,000 years... More »

Climate Change Victim: McDonald's Dollar Menu?

Drought leads to rising beef prices

(Newser) - McDonald's iconic Dollar Menu will next month become the Dollar Menu & More, meaning some of the items on it will cost $2 or even $5. What can you blame for the increase? Quartz says climate change. Rising temperatures have led to droughts, which have forced ranchers to pay... More »

Odd, New Climate Change Turning Point: 2047

That's when the coldest year will be the hottest on record: study

(Newser) - Feeling the effects of climate change, but not worrying too much yet? Mark this year: 2047. That's when, for most of the world, the coldest year in the future will be hotter than any in recorded history, according to a new study published in Nature . It's sort of... More »

10K Walruses Huddle as Sea Ice Melts

Arctic warming has taken away their natural home

(Newser) - A sad sight in the Arctic: About 10,000 Pacific walruses have gathered on a remote island because their sea ice is melting away, National Geographic reports. Typically the giant mammals enjoy "hauling out" to rest or warm their bodies on floating ice, but Arctic warming has been eroding... More »

Oceans Careening Toward Mass Extinction

Thanks to a whole raft of issues 'unprecedented in Earth's known history'

(Newser) - Our oceans are in bad shape—so bad in fact, that a mass extinction may already be under way, thanks to a deadly intersection of global warming, declining oxygen, and acidification, plus overfishing and pollution, the Guardian and Reuters report. A new study from the International Program on the State... More »

Giant Freighter Is First to Cross Northwest Passage

Danish bulk carrier makes milestone journey

(Newser) - Sure, scientists are nearly positive that humans are heating up the planet, but there's an upside: more efficient shipping. For the first time, a major freighter has crossed the Northwest Passage in the Arctic, reports the Toronto Globe and Mail . The 735-foot Nordic Orion achieved the feat this week... More »

Scientists Accidentally Discover Even Grander Canyon

In Greenland, but no one's ever seen it

(Newser) - Scientists have—totally by accident—come across a hidden canyon that dwarfs the Grand one, the BBC reports. The researchers were using radar to map out Greenland's bedrock when they stumbled upon the 2,625-foot deep feature, which, at 500 miles, is longer than the Grand Canyon's 277... More »

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