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Central Banks Move to Ease Market Strains

Stock futures surge on the news

(Newser) - Central banks around the world plan to ease the strain on the global financial system by taking coordinated action to prevent a lack of liquidity, they announced in a statement this morning—news that sent stock futures soaring more than 250 points . The Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank... More »

Gutless Fed Ignores Deflation

Bernanke should, and does, know better

(Newser) - Back in 2002, academic and then-lowly Fed official Ben Bernanke gave a speech explaining that we needn’t worry about falling into a deflation trap like the one that has long gripped Japan, because the Fed had all the tools to stop it. Well, now Bernanke runs the Fed, and... More »

Japan Economy Shrinks by Most in 35 Years

4th-quarter contraction of 3.3% was 3 times worse than US

(Newser) - Japan's economy contracted by a shocking 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2008, three times worse than the US and the worst performance in 35 years. The Financial Times reports that a sharp drop in exports contributed to the slump—the third straight quarter of negative growth. The figures... More »

Japan Throws $16.7B Lifeline

The bailout aims to help smaller business outside of banking or corporate sectors

(Newser) - Following in the footsteps of America and Europe, Japan is offering $16.7 billion to companies threatened by the financial crisis, moving outside the banking sector to take equity stakes in smaller companies that otherwise can't find financing, the Financial Times reports. The 1.5 trillion yen package aims to... More »

Bank of Japan Follows Fed, Cuts Rates to Near Zero

It drops key interest rate to 0.1%

(Newser) - The Bank of Japan cut interest rates from 0.3% to to 0.1%, within the historic zero- to quarter-percent range that the Fed chose earlier this week. Central bankers were responding to a deep recession as well as a soaring yen, which recently hit a 13-year high against the... More »

Japan Sinks Into Recession

Economic downturn could last a year

(Newser) - The financial crisis rippling through the global economy has claimed another casualty as Japan has slipped into its first recession in seven years, Reuters reports. Third quarter statistics reveal a 0.1% contraction in Japan's Gross Domestic Product. Japanese economists warn the nation could languish in recession for an entire... More »

Dow Down 74 After Volatile Day

Late rally evaporates after Fed confirms cut, but most of Tuesday's gains are preserved

(Newser) - Volatility ruled Wall Street today as investors waffled in their response to the expected Fed rate cut, MarketWatch reports. Though the session’s final hour saw the Dow rocket to a 250-point gain in light trading, that evaporated and the Dow closed down 74.16 at 8,990.96. The... More »

Asia Stocks Edge Up

Aussie rate cut spurs recovery in some markets, Nikkei down to 5-year-low

(Newser) - Asian stocks outside Japan made a modest recovery from yesterday's plunge after Australia slashed its interest rate a full percentage point to 6%, Reuters reports. Indexes in South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore all edged up slightly. In Japan, the Nikkei was down 3% to a 5-year low after the Bank... More »

Central Banks Throw $360B Lifeline

Effects of worldwide effort on markets still unfolding

(Newser) - The Fed has joined forces with central banks in Europe, Japan and Canada to pump more dollars into the global financial system in a bid to fend off economic catastrophe, Bloomberg reports. The funds—$180 billion from the Federal Reserve and nearly as much from the other banks—are being... More »

Opposition Finally Backs New Chief for Bank of Japan

Shirakawa to fill critical spot as stalemate ends

(Newser) - The Democratic Party of Japan has accepted a new central banker just in time for the crucial meeting of G7 finance leaders in Washington on Friday, reports the International Business Times. The top spot has been vacant since March 19, leaving the bank vulnerable during an unsteady economic time. Masaaki... More »

Japan Faces Credit Crisis With No Central Bank Governor

Political standoff leaves BoJ top job vacant

(Newser) - When markets are in chaos and currencies are fluctuating wildly, central bankers jump in to try to provide stability, as Ben Bernanke has done at the Fed. But in Tokyo a political standoff has left the Bank of Japan without a leader at the worst possible moment, reports the AFP.... More »

Credit Fears Sink Asian Markets

Nikkei drops as subprime crisis rocks world

(Newser) - Global credit turmoil rocked Asian markets today, pushing Japan’s Nikkei to 2007 lows, as US and Canadian firms struggled to meet payments and Wal-Mart and Swiss Bank UBS released disappointing forecasts. Through it all the Yen rose, as risk-averse investors turned to some safe havens in Japan, Reuters reports. More »

Japan Pumps Cash Into Market

Interest rate hikes unlikely

(Newser) - The Bank of Japan pumped $5.1 billion into the Japanese financial system today as the  global credit crunch continued to ripple through the Asian markets, Bloomberg reports. Adding to the jitters, Japan's growth is slowing more markedly than economists predicted; the world's second-largest economy expanded by only 0.5%... More »

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