John Abizaid

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50 More Years in Mideast for US, Ex-General Says

Abizaid: Strategic situation won't allow withdrawal for decades

(Newser) - It could be 50 years before US troops leave the Middle East, the former commander of US forces in the region said yesterday. The Associated Press reports that while John Abizaid acknowledges that US forces will eventually play an "indirect role" in conflicts such as Iraq, the military won't... More »

Iraq Is Breaking the Army

Inadequate training, gear, hobbles troops

(Newser) - The U.S. Army is stretched so thin in Iraq and Afghanistan that it's sending ill-prepared and ill-equipped young people into harm’s way, Time reports. And the surge in troops is only deepening the crisis: Two of the five new brigades bound for the Middle East will skip vital... More »

2 Stories