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MLB Could Get Video Replay Next Season

Managers would get 3 challenges per game in 2014

(Newser) - It looks as though Major League Baseball will dramatically increase its use of video replay next season to curb blown calls. Though the plan requires 75% approval with owners, as well as approval from both player and umpire unions, it's so far been met with praise, the Boston Globe... More »

FIFA to Brits: Uh, Sorry About That Goal

Soccer's governing body considers replay after botched call

(Newser) - FIFA's president is apologizing to the Brits over Frank Lampard's disallowed goal, and just to show he's extra sorry, Sepp Blatter says he's open to revisiting the need for instant replay, reports the Telegraph. As recently as March, FIFA was smugly eschewing replay, but two high profile botched calls in... More »

Time to Ditch Umps? (Or at Least Some of Them)

Machines might be able to do this job better

(Newser) - Joe Mauer smashed a ball to left field in the 11th inning Friday, and it landed fair, a foot inside the line. But it won’t show up on any box score, because umpire Phil Cuzzi, standing just 10 feet away, ruled it foul. It’s just one of several... More »

NFL Tweaks Rules on Instant Replay

One official will look under hood, another will be stenographer

(Newser) - The NFL is modifying its instant-replay policy after yet another botched call in a game, the New York Daily News reports. This much stays the same: Only one official will go under the hood to look at the replay. But another official will tag along with him, stand nearby, and... More »

Rays Score First Replay Reversal

Fan interference call dropped on homer; Rays topple Twins 11-1

(Newser) - A Twins fan's near-catch caused MLB's first-ever instant replay reversal yesterday, the St Petersburg Times reports. Carlos Pena's 3-run homer was initially ruled a double for fan interference after the first-base umpire thought he saw a fan touch the ball while it was in play. The replay showed that contact... More »

Incomplete? Fumble? Controversy Is Only Sure Thing

Replay bites Chargers, though Denver makes most with gutsy late conversion

(Newser) - The controversy surrounding Denver’s 39-38 victory over San Diego yesterday seems likely to linger, USA Today reports, with the call that allowed the Broncos to hang onto the ball overshadowing coach Mike Shanahan’s all-or-nothing 2-point conversion attempt in the final seconds. “It was a fumble. I think... More »

First Replay Call Confirms A-Rod Homer

Instant replay's maiden use awards slugger his 549th home run

(Newser) - Major League Baseball's first-ever use of instant replay to settle a call backed a 9th-inning homer from Alex Rodriguez last night at Tropicana Field. Umpires checked the Yankee slugger's drive on a monitor after a protest from Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon, and upheld the original fair call, Newsday reports.... More »

Ballgames That Begged for Instant Replay

Baseball history might be different if these games had come under review

(Newser) - With instant replay now available to Major League Baseball umpires (at least for some calls), USA Today looks at some famous games where it might have come in handy:
  • Oct. 1, 2007, tiebreaker for National League wild card: Padres’ catcher Michael Barrett maintains that the Rockies’ Matt Holliday didn’t
... More »

Replay Starts Thursday: Source

MLB umpires now allowed to watch tape to rule on home runs

(Newser) - Major League Baseball umpires will be allowed to watch instant replays in home run calls starting this week, anonymous sources tell the AP. The decision represents an about-face on traditional MLB policy, and comes months after general managers voted heavily in favor of using the technology. An official announcement is... More »

Instant Replay on Deck for MLB

Umpires sign on to management's proposal, but details still up in the air

(Newser) - Umpires and Major League Baseball officials have struck a deal that could bring instant replay to the ballpark as early as the end of this month, AP reports. The World Umpires Association signed the agreement yesterday after days of haggling over details. Video review will be limited to boundary calls... More »

Managers Get No Red Flags in Replay Plan

And experts analyzing MLB plays won't even be in stadium

(Newser) - MLB's current plan for video review may go into effect as early as August 1, but don't expect it to be like the NFL's system. Team managers will have no say in which plays get looked at, and the experts analyzing footage won't even be in the stadium, ESPN reports. More »

MLB Wants Instant Replay by August

But officials and umps still need to negotiate details

(Newser) - Major League Baseball asked its umpires today to implement instant replay by August 1, but details remain sketchy, USA Today reports. Both sides still need to bargain over who can demand replays—umpires or managers—what video feeds will be used, and who will make the final call. "It's... More »

Instant Replay Will Settle This

Botched calls spark support for review of close plays

(Newser) - Baseball's top umpire says instant replay is on the way, the Houston Chronicle reports. Support for it is growing after four blown calls robbed home runs, but umpire supervisor Rich Rieker warns that the technology must be added "in a fashion that will not delay the game further." More »

Upon Further Review, MLB Weighs Instant Replay

First step would be test of system in Fall League

(Newser) - Baseball may begin experimenting with instant replay, starting in the Arizona Fall League and possibly second-guessing big-league umps as soon as next season, a source tells ESPN. But a league official told the AP, "We've made no final decision as to where exactly we're going to try it out,... More »

GMs Vote for Instant Replay in Baseball 25-5

Plan still needs approval of MLBPA, umps, owners, Selig

(Newser) - Baseball’s general managers voted 25-5 in favor of using instant replay to aid umpires with boundary calls. The GMs recommended that replay be used to determine whether a possible homer was fair or foul, whether a ball went over the fence or bounced back and whether a fan has... More »

NFL Refs Go Hi-Def

Officials finally get same quality replays as fans at home

(Newser) - The NFL is switching to high-definition signals for all review booths, a move that will allow refs to watch plays on feeds with the same quality as the ones many fans see. The league's instant replay equipment hasn't been upgraded since 1999, and in that time, many viewers have upgraded... More »

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