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Hackers Hit Sony Again

LulzSec claims new cyberattack

(Newser) - According to hacker group Lulz Security or LulzSec, the current score is "hackers 16, Sony 0." That's what the group posted yesterday after claiming to have staged the 16th recent cyberattack on the electronics company. LulzSec posted a file containing Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network source code,... More »

Facebook Rival Diaspora Offers Peek at New Site

Creators release code for developers, put emphasis on privacy

(Newser) - Developers have been given a preview of a site that aims to be a privacy-conscious rival to Facebook. The team behind open-source social networking project Diaspora have released the project's source code. "This is now a community project and development is open to anyone with the technical expertise who... More »

Microsoft Caves on EU Antitrust Suit

Must allow even open-source software developers access to Windows

(Newser) - Microsoft is conceding its 9-year antitrust battle with the EU after striking a deal that will force the software giant to license its software secrets to anyone who asks at drastically reduced rates. In exchange, the EU has stopped the daily variable fines of up to 3 million euro that... More »

Blog Leaks Facebook Source Code

Concerns persist over social site's security

(Newser) - A blog called "Facebook Secrets" posted a restricted section of the site's source code on Saturday, revealing a major security flaw in the popular social networking site. While the leak didn't  reveal any sensitive information, it does raise concerns as to whether the site's 52M users' personal data is... More »

4 Stories