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'Cheddar Man's' DNA Reveals Surprise About Early Brits

The earliest modern Brits had 'dark to black' skin

(Newser) - Think of a stereotypical Brit and you may imagine a pale cast member from Downton Abbey. A new study, however, shows early modern Brits from 10,000 years ago, who migrated from Europe over a land bridge into England, may not have been quite as pale as many of their... More »

Rat-Chewed Skeleton in Wall Suggests Fatal Misstep

Remains identified as those of Houston homeowner Mary Cerruti

(Newser) - A years-old mystery in Texas has been solved—at least in part. Three years after Houston resident Mary Cerruti seemingly disappeared, authorities have confirmed it was her skeleton discovered in the wall of her former home by new tenants last March, alongside a pair of glasses that resembled those Cerruti... More »

Skeleton Found in Underwater Cave One of Oldest in Americas

Too bad thieves stole it

(Newser) - Back in 2012, divers in Mexico discovered a human skeleton submerged in a cave on the Yucatan Peninsula and posted photos to social media, drawing the attention of scientists. "I immediately knew that we had something special," paleontologist Wolfgang Stinnesbeck tells Inverse . But by the time researchers arrived... More »

This Man Lived 700 Years Ago

His name is Context 958, and studying him sheds light on UK's poor in medieval times

(Newser) - Gizmodo calls his face "haunting," but to UK researchers, seeing the mug of the man known as Context 958 is nothing short of astounding. His visage was revealed at the two-week-long Cambridge Science Festival this month, as were details about who he was: in short, a 13th-century... More »

Skeleton Found in Castle May Be That of Doomed Lover

A Swedish count had an illicit love affair with a German princess 322 years ago

(Newser) - Construction workers fixing up a German castle may have stumbled across the remains of a Swedish count murdered more than 322 years ago for romancing the wife of the man who would become King George I of Britain, Motherboard reports. According to Smithsonian Magazine , German prince Georg Ludwig married his... More »

Skeleton and His Dagger Yield a Tale 4.2K Years Old

Tests suggest he was likely a warrior who died in battle

(Newser) - He lay on his side, clutching a bronze dagger, undiscovered in a shallow field in the UK for four millennia til a metal detector hit upon his dagger. Then it took another quarter-century for tests to be funded and performed, but they're now telling the story of Racton Man... More »

Bones in Ancient Tomb May Solve Greece Mystery

Whoever was buried at Amphipolis was clearly important

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Greece have made their biggest find yet inside an ancient tomb that goes back to the days of Alexander the Great: bones. The discovery at the site near what was once Amphipolis could finally answer the question of who was buried there in the 4th century BC, reports... More »

38-Year-Old Skeleton Removed From Woman, 62

They believe case is the world's longest ectopic pregnancy

(Newser) - Jyoti Kumar went to the doctor after she started experiencing constant abdominal pain—and experts in the Indian city of Nagpur discovered the cause was a baby skeleton that had been inside her for 38 years. Kumar, 62, had an ectopic pregnancy when she was 24, and was told the... More »

Ancient Skeleton May Settle Debate on First Americans

Girl from 12K years ago has same DNA as modern Native Americans

(Newser) - A slight teenage girl who died in a Mexican cave 12,000 years ago may help settle a long-simmering debate in archaeological circles, reports USA Today : Where did the very first Americans come from? The answer doesn't seem to be Europe, Australia, or southeastern Asia, but rather a land... More »

Skeleton Found in Charred Suitcase in NYC Building

Police ask public to help identify woman

(Newser) - A year after a fire at a Brooklyn building—and days after the building's sale—a woman's skeleton was discovered in a charred suitcase inside. Though the suitcase was found last month, police aren't sure when or how it ended up in the building, the New York ... More »

Is This the Face of Richard III?

Scientists release 3D reconstruction as some doubt skeleton is really his

(Newser) - Once scientists had Richard III's skeleton , they quickly set about reconstructing his face, and a 3D model of the reconstruction was unveiled today, Fast Company reports. Philippa Langley, a Richard III Society member who played a large role in the search for his body, noted that "it doesn'... More »

Yep: Skeleton in Parking Lot Is Richard III

DNA matches sister's descendant

(Newser) - Archeologists have shown "beyond a reasonable doubt" that human remains under a Leicester parking lot belong to a fabled king of England. Researchers had suspected the skeleton was Richard III's —and today they announced that DNA and other testing have confirmed it, the Guardian reports. The skeleton'... More »

Sandy Topples Old Oak, Unearths Skeleton

The bones are likely centuries old, experts say

(Newser) - When Hurricane Sandy blew through New Haven, Conn., she stirred up one of the gorier stories of the storm: A homeless woman was looking in the roots of a tree upended by Sandy and came across a human skull, reports the New Haven Independent . Police and a "death investigator"... More »

Skeletons Found in Bulgaria Tell Tale of Vampires

Iron rods hammered through remains to keep dead from feasting on living

(Newser) - Bulgarian archaeologists say they have unearthed centuries-old skeletons pinned down through their chests with iron rods—a practice believed to stop the dead from becoming vampires. According to the head of the National History Museum in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, two skeletons from the Middle Ages were found in such... More »

'Illegal' Dinosaur Skeleton Sells for Over $1M

Heritage Auctions ignores Mongolia's restraining order

(Newser) - A New York auction house sold off a dinosaur skeleton for $1 million yesterday despite a restraining order from the Mongolian government, which said the find had been illegally exported, New Scientist reports. Heritage Auctions kept mum about the seller and winning bidder, and said it had "legal assurances"... More »

Scientists Find Bones of Another Pre-Human Walker

They clearly belong to primitive foot of a walking creature

(Newser) - Lucy was not alone. Scientists have unearthed fossilized bones that they believe must have belonged to the foot of another pre-human species that walked upright around 3 million years ago, the AP reports. It's the first evidence of such a species during that era since the one made famous... More »

Stonehenge: Ancient Tourist Hot Spot

Skeleton found there traced to Mediterranean

(Newser) - Religious site? Healing temple? Whatever Stonehenge was used for, it was quite the tourist hot spot. Isotopic tests performed on a recently discovered skeleton—dubbed "The Boy with the Amber Necklace" because of the beads tied round his neck—found that he traveled from the north coast of the... More »

Aruba Calls Off Watery Search for Natalee's Remains

Photo is likely of coral, not skeleton: authorities

(Newser) - Aruban authorities have called off the underwater search for Natalee Holloway's body that was sparked when a Pennsylvania couple spotted what they believed to be a skeleton in photos they took while snorkeling off the island last year. A dive team spent two days scouring the waters favored by the... More »

Scientists Find Fossil of 'Mother of All Primates'

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered a 47 million-year-old primate fossil that they believe represents the common ancestor of all later monkeys, apes, and humans, reports the Wall Street Journal. The find supports a theory that humans' ancient ape-like ancestor was an adapid, which is also believed to be linked to lemurs. The... More »

Island 'Hobbits' Separate Human Species

Separate species may have evolved from homo erectus

(Newser) - Two new reports forward the theory that the tiny people who roamed an Indonesian island 8,000 years ago were a separate species of human, the BBC reports, not just pygmy versions of homo sapiens. The biggest clue is the feet of the “hobbits,” which are distinctly primitive... More »

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