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Religious Right Worried About Tea Party Movement

They fear anti-tax crowd is too secular

(Newser) - Religious conservatives are glancing nervously at the tea party movement, afraid the cool new kids at the GOP lunch table don’t care about their issues. It seems the movement “has a politics that’s irreligious,” evangelical leader Richard Cizik tells Politico . “I can’t see how... More »

Evangelical Leader 'Married' 8-Year-old Girl: Ex-Wife

(Newser) - An emotional ex-wife of an Arkansas evangelical sect leader testified yesterday that he forced underage girls  to "marry" and have sex with him, reports the Telegraph. The woman, who said she herself was forced into her marriage at the age of 15, said she began having serious doubts about... More »

Christian Silence on Torture Speaks Volumes

(Newser) - The silence emanating from the Christian right on torture has been deafening, writes Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. One prominent Christian conservative finally came out against the practice, saying it “violates everything we stand for,” but he is conspicuously alone and was conspicuously silent during the Bush... More »

Focus on the Family Chair Dobson Resigns

Promises to continue preaching conservative views on his own

(Newser) - James Dobson is stepping down from his perch atop Focus on the Family, the AP reports, saying he wants to “lessen his administrative burden.” The conservative evangelist said he’ll keep playing a big role in the organization he founded, and will keep pushing his political agenda. Though... More »

Top Evangelical Weighs Candidates

Obama 'has given faith more thought and reflection,' Cizik writes

(Newser) - The presidential race is a contest between different sets of philosophy, writes Richard Cizik, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. In an NAE newsletter, Cizik says Barack Obama is “a thinker who sees the grays in ethical choices” while McCain opts for the “clarity of moral opposites”... More »

Young Evangelical Vote Is Up For Grabs

They no longer automatically claim Republican mantle

(Newser) - When Barack Obama and John McCain meet with pastor Rick Warren tomorrow, they’ll be fighting for the future of an increasingly split evangelical voting block, the Washington Post reports. Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, is at the forefront of a movement rippling through young evangelicals and prompting... More »

Evangelicals to McCain: No Romney

Mormon on GOP ticket would 'deeply sadden' religious right

(Newser) - Evangelicals do not want John McCain to pick Mitt Romney as his running mate, and they’re not being quiet about it, the Washington Times reports, with Mike Huckabee fans particularly in oppostion. “McCain and Romney would be like oil and water,” one says, citing the former Massachusetts... More »

Evangelical Dobson Softens on McCain

Given Obama 'threat,' Republican appears to be lesser of two evils

(Newser) - James Dobson still won’t formally endorse John McCain, but the evangelical leader voiced support for the Republican candidate in a radio broadcast today, the AP reports. “Barack Obama contradicts and threatens everything I believe about the institution of the family and what is best for the nation,”... More »

Anti-Obama Evangelical Writes Pro-Obama Book

Stephen Mansfield thinks Obama may sway young Christians, though he himself will vote against him

(Newser) - Stephen Mansfield expects to cast his ballot against Barack Obama in November. But that hasn’t stopped him from writing an admiring book about the candidate's religious profile—The Faith of Barack Obama—which argues that the candidate may well steal young evangelical voters away from John McCain. McCain is... More »

Quietly, McCain Makes Overtures to Evangelicals

But leaders are skeptical, wounded by Hagee, Parsley slams

(Newser) - John McCain faces a challenge uncommon among GOP presidential candidates: rallying evangelical Christians to vote for him. As the New York Times reports, the McCain campaign is holding meetings with evangelical leaders and blasting them with emails, but many are still taking a wait-and-see approach. And McCain's lack of rapport... More »

McCain Aims for Bush Balance

Candidate needs prez on the right, but must pick his battles

(Newser) - In John McCain's delicate dance to unite his fractious party, one crucial step looms: How to best use the current Oval Office occupant in his quest to become the next. George W. Bush trumps McCain in shoring up conservative voters and raising money, but he's anathema to moderates and independents... More »

Romney Leads McCain in Michigan: Poll

Favored by voters who cite economy & jobs as top concerns

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has grabbed an 8-point lead over closest rival John McCain heading into the Michigan primary, according to the latest MSNBC/McClatchy poll of the state's voters. Romney needs the good news: he has reduced advertising in South Carolina and staked his continuing candidacy on Michigan. The poll puts Romney... More »

Thompson Aims for Gun Owners' Support in SC

But Huckabee, McCain have own in-roads with 2nd Amendment crew

(Newser) - Fred Thompson is banking on the support of South Carolina gun advocates in a last-ditch effort to save his Republican presidential campaign, Politico reports—and those Second Amendment supporters are hungry for a candidate who will represent their interests in Washington as well as President Bush has. For many, the... More »

Romney: 'I Am Feeling Awfully Darn Good'

But he stresses Mich. and SC races in case he loses in NH

(Newser) - Hopeful he will win the hearts of New Hampshire's undecided, GOP candidate Mitt Romney was effusive and optimistic about tonight's primary. But the ex-Massachusetts governor stressed upcoming races in case he loses here. He vowed to "connect with Michigan," where his father was governor and where he travels... More »

Evangelicals Drive Huckabee to Iowa Win

Unorthodox populist campaign makes GOP queasy

(Newser) - Iowa’s Evangelicals came out in unprecedented numbers last night to support Mike Huckabee’s rise from also-ran to caucus victor. About 80% of Huckabee’s support came from Evangelicals, who represented 60% of Republican caucus-goers, compared to their typical 40% showing, the New York Times reports. Huckabee’s affable... More »

Mitt: 'Freedom Requires Religion'

Romney stands by Mormon faith in long-awaited address

(Newser) - In a much-hyped address on religion, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney asserted today, “Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone." The former Massachusetts governor focused on religious liberty during the speech in College Station, Texas, but did allow that if Mormonism hurts his candidacy, “so be... More »

Half of GOP Evangelicals Might Ditch Giuliani: Poll

55% would consider third-party candidate

(Newser) - 55% of white evangelical Republicans would consider a third-party candidate if the 2008 presidential race comes down to Rudy Giuliani vs. Hillary Clinton, according to a new survey. The GOP frontrunner's views on abortion, gay rights and gun control are too liberal for the tastes of many conservative Christians; evangelicals... More »

Evangelicals Divided Over Global Warming

True believers want to know if the Bible Belt should go green

(Newser) - Tensions among evangelicals are rising along with the sea level in a battle over whether concern for the environment has a place in houses of worship. Both sides of the widening gulf quote scripture, either to remind that God's plan is unalterable, or to cite the biblical injunction to be... More »

Thompson Losing Evangelicals

Balk at endorsing candidate who won't talk about his religion, doesn't back gay marriage ban

(Newser) - Fred Thompson, once the longed-for alternative to a field of uninspiring GOP candidates, didn't get through his campaign's first official month before the religious right started jumping ship, Politico reports. Thompson's refusal to back a gay marriage ban, past lobbying for an abortion-rights group, and refusal to talk religion has... More »

GOP Top Dogs Take Different Paths on Trail

Still no clear favorite among Republican contenders

(Newser) - The race for the GOP nomination remains unsettled, with evangelical voters yet to pick a favorite and Thompson's late entry failing to capture the Republican imagination. Contenders are adopting radically distinct strategies to establish some clarity, the New York Times reports. But the race isn't about to "sugar off"... More »

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