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Winning Might Turn You Into a Cheater

It's all about feeling a sense of entitlement

(Newser) - Could being a winner put you on the slippery slope to becoming a cheater? A new study out of Israel suggests it can. Researchers found a correlation between winning a competition and subsequently feeling entitled to win another—and study participants were willing to cheat in order to do so,... More »

A Big Change Hits the Western Wall

Men and women will be able to pray together

(Newser) - In what is being hailed as a " landmark decision " by some and received "with a heavy heart " by others, the Israeli government has approved the creation of an area for mixed-gender praying at the Western Wall. The Women of the Wall organization has sought equal prayer... More »

Villagers Release Vulture They Thought Was Israeli Spy

It was an honest mistake

(Newser) - A falsely accused Israeli spy has been returned home after being captured in Lebanon this week, and authorities are confident it will soon be soaring over Israel's countryside once again, Haaretz reports. Oh, it should be mentioned the suspected spy is a giant vulture, one that was released into... More »

2 Days Before He Hanged, Adolf Eichmann Wrote This

The high-ranking Nazi pleaded for his life, futilely

(Newser) - In all of Israeli history, only one man has been sentenced to death by a civilian court and then executed: Adolf Eichmann. On Wednesday, the country released the Nazi's handwritten plea for clemency, penned two days before he was hanged. The AFP reports the release coincides with International Holocaust... More »

Israel Indicts Jewish Extremists in Toddler's Death

July firebombing killed 18-month-old, parents

(Newser) - Israel on Sunday indicted two Jewish extremists in a July arson attack on a Palestinian home that killed a toddler and his parents—a case that has been unsolved for months and helped fuel the current wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence. The long-awaited indictment follows months of investigations into a web... More »

2 Dead in Tel Aviv Pub Shooting

Others are wounded

(Newser) - A gunman opened fire outside a popular pub in Tel Aviv on Friday, leaving two dead and several others wounded, reports the Jerusalem Post . Much remains unclear, however, including whether this was a terror attack or some of kind "gangland" shooting, reports AP . The gunman remains at large, with... More »

Book on Jew-Arab Love Banned From Israeli Schools

Reportedly over concerns it would promote marriage between Jews and non-Jews

(Newser) - Israel has refused to include a novel about a love affair between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man in the country's high-school curriculum, reportedly over concerns that it could encourage intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews. The rejection of Borderlife, a novel published last year, created an uproar in... More »

While Spying on Israel, NSA Recorded US Lawmakers, Too

Agency did keep 'trash talk' against administration out of reports: US officials

(Newser) - In 2013, after Edward Snowden dropped his NSA bombshell, President Obama called for an end to spying on certain world leaders. But Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli bigwigs remained on the "keep an eye on" list for "compelling national security" reasons, current and ex-US officials tell the Wall ... More »

Experts Stumped by Artifact Get Answer From Facebook

The 'Isis beamer' isn't as scary as it sounds

(Newser) - A mysterious gold-plated artifact that baffled the Israel Antiquities Authority for months was identified within hours after the experts turned to the public with a Facebook post . After suggestions that it was a rolling pin or a cattle insemination device, Italian man Micah Barak correctly identified the object found in... More »

Bar Refaeli, Mom Arrested for Tax Evasion

Israeli supermodel allegedly skirted taxes

(Newser) - Bar Refaeli, Israeli supermodel, draft-dodger , and ex-galpal of Leonardo DiCaprio , has been arrested for alleged tax evasion, AFP reports. Israeli authorities say Refaeli lied about her residency in order to skirt taxes on millions in income from abroad; she's also suspected of failing to report benefits (like free luxury... More »

Trump Cancels Trip to Israel

Says he'll go when he's president

(Newser) - Donald Trump won't be going to Israel after all. The candidate announced Thursday morning that he's canceling a high-profile trip that had been scheduled for later this month, reports the BBC . Trump didn't provide an explanation, tweeting that he's merely postponing the trip until "after... More »

Grisly Details of 1972 Munich Olympics Attack Emerge

'They came to hurt people. They came to kill'

(Newser) - The New York Times has a horrifying look into the treatment—including castration—of the 11 Israeli athletes who were taken hostage and killed at the hands of Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Two of the athletes' widows—Ilana Romano and Ankie Spitzer—were told by the... More »

US Frees Israeli Spy, With a Catch

Jonathan Pollard is out, but he can't go to Israel, at least for now

(Newser) - Jonathan Pollard is considered a traitor in the US and a hero in Israel, but he's going to have to stay in the former country for at least five years. Pollard, who was convicted of spying for Israel and given a life sentence in 1987, was released on parole... More »

Brutal Stabbing Ends Up Saving Israeli Man's Life

Doctors treating him found a dangerous intestinal tumor

(Newser) - A father of five who said a Palestinian attacker stabbed and tried to behead him last week at an Israeli bus station tells Radio Kol Chai he's actually glad he got assaulted. "The terror attack saved my life," Daniel Cohen says, per the Times of Israel . Why... More »

Michele Bachmann: Jesus Is 'Coming Soon'

After trip to Israel, she encourages Jews to convert before it's too late

(Newser) - She may no longer be a presidential frontrunner or even a member of Congress, but Michele Bachmann can still generate headlines. In this case, it's for a radio interview following a trip to Israel in which she encouraged Jews to convert to Christianity because Jesus is "coming soon,... More »

Israeli Pol's Suggestion: Deport Stray Cats

Idea is met with mockery

(Newser) - A Cabinet minister has drawn outrage and mockery after suggesting transferring the thousands of stray cats that walk the streets of Israel to another country. The Yediot daily (in English online, Ynet News ) published what it said was a letter by Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel proposing the idea. It... More »

Netanyahu Walks Back Holocaust Remarks

It really was Hitler's fault, he says

(Newser) - Unusually for an Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has had to clarify his position on who he thinks caused the Holocaust. In a Facebook post , Netanyahu backtracked from earlier remarks suggesting the extermination of European Jews was a Palestinian's idea , reports i24 . "The decision to move from a... More »

Israeli Soldier Kills Israeli by Mistake

Each man thought the other was an attacker

(Newser) - An Israeli soldier shot and killed a Jewish man he suspected was a Palestinian "terrorist" in Jerusalem, police said Thursday. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says soldiers deployed in Jerusalem to reinforce police amid a spate of near-daily Palestinian stabbing attacks demanded late Wednesday that the man show them his... More »

Why New Knife Attacks in Israel Are 'Personal'

'This latest wave of violence feels different,' writes columnist

(Newser) - "There is something deeply personal about using a knife to penetrate the flesh of another human being," Ronnie Olesker writes for Reuters . Despite decades of suicide bombings, war, vehicular assaults, and more that have left thousands dead in Israel and Palestine, Olesker argues there is something fundamentally different... More »

Israeli Cafe Gives 50% Off Hummus for Jews, Arabs Who Co-Dine

Israeli eatery hopes common bond of chickpeas will ease ongoing tensions

(Newser) - In a month marred by violence between Israelis and Palestinians, one little Israeli café is trying to give chickpeas a chance. The Hummus Bar in Kfar Vitkin is offering half-off hummus to tables of Jews and Arabs dining together, the Times of Israel reports. "With us we don't... More »

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