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Sailors Rescued From Deserted Island Thanks to Sandy SOS

The couple had been missing more than a week

(Newser) - A couple was rescued from a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean on Friday after their cry for help was spotted by a US Navy helicopter, the BBC reports. The couple were identified as Linus and Sabina Jack, both in their 50s. According to USA Today , they set sail in... More »

How One Man Bought a Tropical Resort for $49

It's a great week to be Joshua from New South Wales

(Newser) - An Australian couple who made the bold but brilliant move to build a resort from the ground up on the tropical island of Kosrae in Micronesia 21 years ago is now ready to move back home and be full-time grandparents. So what to do with their successful business? Wanting to... More »

Go Where the $ Is Still Good

Planning to travel? Head to a country where flashing a few dead presidents still means something

(Newser) - It hurts when even a dollar-friendly country like Canada is giving your green the cold shoulder. Get your money's worth in these countries from foXnoMad:
  1. Morocco
  2. Thailand
  3. Mexico
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Church Massacre Stuns Missouri Immigrants

Micronesian community asks why after home- grown crime kills 3

(Newser) - The Micronesian community in a small Missouri town is struggling to come to grips with a brutal crime by one of its own. Eiken Elam Saimon ran into a Micronesian church service and opened fire, killing three and wounding five. About 300 Pacific Islanders live in the town of Neosho,... More »

4 Stories