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Harvey Is Bad News for Nation's Drivers

What you need to know about gas prices, availability

(Newser) - Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas, and it's also bringing bad news for drivers across the nation. Harvey's impact on the Gulf Coast caused several major refineries and a key gasoline pipeline to shut down, the AP reports. What that means:
  • Prices are on the rise: Per GasBuddy , the
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'Dramatic Turnaround' Projected for Gas Prices

Prices projected to be lower July 4 than on Jan. 1

(Newser) - In what USA Today calls a "stunning" moment for analysts, gas prices are projected to be lower on the Fourth of July than they were on New Year's Day. That's the first time consumer data tool GasBuddy has made such a projection in its 17 years (the... More »

Southeast Braces for Gas-Price Spike

Thanks to major spill that shut down part of Texas-to-NY pipeline

(Newser) - In what's being called a supply "red alert," a part of the Colonial Pipeline that transports gas from Houston to New York—serving about 50 million people in 13 states daily, per CNN and the Wall Street Journal —has been shut down since Sept. 9, when... More »

$1 Gas Could Soon Be Reality in Some US States

Not you, California

(Newser) - You're not imagining things: Gas prices could soon fall as low as $1 per gallon at some US gas stations, USA Today reports. Some Midwest states—Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas—are already seeing the lowest prices in 12 years. And one in... More »

There Was Sub-$1 Gas in America on Sunday

Price war results in milestone levels, at least temporarily, in Houghton Lake, Michigan

(Newser) - It didn't last long, but some residents in Northern Michigan saw gas prices drop below $1 on Sunday. The site first picked up on the news at several stations in Houghton Lake, where an apparent price war temporarily drove prices below the milestone level, reports WXYZ . "... More »

Oil Prices Dive to Lowest Since 2003

Analysts blame fall on Iran's return to market

(Newser) - The price of a barrel of oil has dived to its lowest since the days when Facebook didn't exist and most Americans had never heard of Fallujah. The fall to prices not seen since 2003 came after Western nations dropped sanctions against Iran on Saturday, causing analysts to worry... More »

Why This Could Be Your Best Labor Day in 11 Years

Holiday gas prices are lowest since 2004

(Newser) - Good news, holiday travelers: While you're stuck in Labor Day traffic, you'll be spending less on gas than you have since 2004, the New York Times reports. Yesterday, the national average gas price was $2.42 per gallon. That's nine cents less than last week and more... More »

Workers in 'Panic Mode' Over Low Price of Oil

Oil rigs have shut down, leaving well-paid degree-less workers short on options

(Newser) - Countries around the world continue to be impacted in various ways from the oil price crash over the last year, and there's one demographic that's definitely feeling the negative effects: oil workers now out of jobs that were "more or less an economic lottery ticket for an... More »

Good News for Your Summer Road Trip

Lowest prices in 6 years are predicted—a $2.45-per-gallon average

(Newser) - Not since 2009 have we seen the gas prices that industry experts are expecting this summer driving season—but in a good way. Per a US Energy Department forecast , gas will cost an average of $2.45 for a gallon of regular between April and September, typically the nation's... More »

Are Gas Prices in Wisconsin ... Too Low?

State investigates whether gas stations broke law with $3.39-per-gallon price

(Newser) - Is it even possible for gas prices to be too low? Wisconsin says yes, and state authorities have stepped in to investigate after a month-long price war between local gas stations in Oconto County saw four stations offering prices as low as $3.39 a gallon this past week—nearly... More »

Retailers: Payroll Tax Hit Is Going to Hurt

Nearly half of consumers say they'll spend less: survey

(Newser) - Major retailers are preparing for customers with less cash in their pockets, thanks in part to the newly restored payroll tax, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rising gas prices aren't helping, either. Some 45.7% of consumers plan to spend less in the face of 2% lower take-home pay,... More »

In Face of Gas Woes, Great News at the Pump

Gas prices falling everywhere else, but crisis persists in worst-hit areas

(Newser) - More steps in the effort to ease the post-Hurricane Sandy fuel crisis: UPI reports that the EPA lifted clean diesel regulations in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and NYC area, allowing vehicles to use heating oil for emergency response purposes, while the Energy Department said it was working with the Pentagon... More »

Gas Prices May Drop 50 Cents

Figure an average of $3.35 next month

(Newser) - Expect gas prices to start falling quickly over the next few weeks, reports USA Today . The national average is about $3.72 a gallon—a record high for this time of year—but it's expected to be about $3.35 by late November, thanks to lower demand and rising... More »

Jerry Brown Swoops In to Cut California Gas Prices

Looks to increase supply with emergency move

(Newser) - With gas prices soaring in California—at an average of $4.655 yesterday compared to $3.814 nationally—Gov. Jerry Brown is entering the fray, aiming to bring cheaper winter-blend gasoline to the state early. He has ordered the California Air Resources Board to allow the sale and import of... More »

Irate Gas Stations Protest Gouging —By Charging $10 a Gallon

Franchises angry at varying Lukoil prices

(Newser) - More than 50 Lukoil gas station owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are fuming over price discrepancies—so they've simply ratcheted their gas up to $9.99 a gallon. They're angry because the Russian firm sells gas to local franchises at very different prices, even if the stations... More »

Obama May Tap Oil Reserves

White House wants to reduce prices to help consumers, hurt Iran

(Newser) - Think the price of gas is getting too high? The Obama administration agrees. It's currently "dusting off old plans" to potentially tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a source tells Reuters . Driving down the price of oil would help consumers and the US economy while also hurting Iran, ensuring... More »

Economy's Silver Lining: Lower Gas Prices

Falling oil prices make life easier at the pump

(Newser) - One bright spot amid the latest economic news : Gas prices are falling nationwide, and fell below $2.99 at two gas stations yesterday, the AP reports. Not all consumers will be so lucky, but plunging oil prices have lowered pump gas by an average of 30 cents a gallon in... More »

Is America Over Cars?

Charles Lane points out a surprising trend: Americans are driving less

(Newser) - When gas prices spiked in April, Americans reacted in a logical, yet surprising way: They drove less. It's a sign, writes Charles Lane of the Washington Post , that America's love affair with the car is on the rocks. Getting a license, for instance, isn't the "rite... More »

Illinois Mayor to Residents: Leave Town to Buy Gas

Prices are too high; Tim Baldermann encourages boycott

(Newser) - An Illinois mayor has an odd request for residents of his town: Don't buy gas here! New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann is annoyed, as are many residents, that New Lenox gas stations tend to charge more than those in neighboring areas. At a New Lenox Speedway, the price is... More »

5 Reasons You Should Care About Sudan War

Rising gas prices and more 'lost boys' could result

(Newser) - The conflict between Sudan and South Sudan may seem far-flung, but Scott Baldauf of the Christian Science Monitor runs down five reasons Americans should pay attention, including:
  • Gas prices: They may have eased in the US lately , but instability in oil-producing nations could change that in a hurry. One of
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