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Teens Allegedly Left Girl for Dead, Kept 'Memento'

Two 16-year-olds have been arrested after girl found in Utah ditch

(Newser) - Two teenage boys charged with shooting a 14-year-old girl in the back of the head and leaving her wounded in a ditch lured her to the spot in a small Utah town with a plan to rob and kill her, prosecutors said. The 16-year-old boys set up a meeting by... More »

Canal Commissioned by Napoleon Gives Up Its Secrets

So far, they've found dozens of bikes and a gun

(Newser) - It has been 15 years since Paris last cleaned the Canal Saint-Martin—long enough for the bottom of the waterway to accumulate thousands of wine and beer bottles, dozens of bikes, and at least one gun. The scenic area along the canal has become what the Telegraph calls the French... More »

Nicaragua Sets Path of Panama Canal Rival

A man, a plan, a canal—not Panama!

(Newser) - Nicaragua's government and Hong Kong-based HKND Group yesterday unveiled the route of a proposed $40 billion inter-ocean canal to compete with the Panama Canal that Sandinista officials hope will lift the Central American country out of poverty. While the canal has the support of President Daniel Ortega and most... More »

China Plots Own Panama Canal— in Nicaragua

Chinese-aided project could double Nicaragua's GDP

(Newser) - The Panama Canal could soon have a rival to the northwest. Nicaragua is itching to get started on a new route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, one that would measure 130 miles and take as long as 11 years and $40 billion to dig. And just as the US... More »

China Battles Worst Drought in 60 Years

Beijing introduces emergency measures as country dries out

(Newser) - The Chinese government has released $44 million in emergency funds to battle a worsening drought that has left parts of the country drier than at any time since 1951. The drought has threatened wheat crops and livestock and portends rising food prices—at a moment when China is already facing... More »

McCain, Born in Canal Zone, Dismisses Citizenship Flap

He says he's a natural-born citizen, which qualifies him

(Newser) - A recent media flap about John McCain's citizenship is a non-issue, the candidate says. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father served there in the Navy, which makes him a natural-born citizen and qualifies him to run for president, the AP reports. His camp recently sought... More »

Angkor What?: Cambodian Dig Unearths Megacity

Ancient city was once world's largest

(Newser) - Cambodia's famed Angkor—usually penciled into guidebooks thanks to its eponymous 12th-century temple—was once the world's biggest city, new research by University of Sydney archaeologists shows. From the 10th century on, Angkor grew to nearly one million inhabitants and sprawled out to the size of modern-day Los Angeles. More »

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