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What's a 4-Letter Word for Military Ouster?

You won't catch the White House saying 'coup': Dana Milbank

(Newser) - Here are some of the words the White House has used to describe the situation in Egypt, as rounded up by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post : incredibly complex, uncertain, polarized, challenging, transitional, and fluid. And here's the one word the administration keeps avoiding: coup. Because if it's... More »

Interim Leader Takes Over in Egypt

Adli Mansour lauds military

(Newser) - With Mohamed Morsi under house arrest , Egypt has a new leader, at least for now: Adli Mansour, the boss of the country's constitutional court. He was appointed chief justice just four days ago and was sworn in this morning for that job, the BBC notes; afterward, he was sworn... More »

Egypt Army: Morsi is Out

Military names interim leader, calls new elections

(Newser) - Mohamed Morsi is no longer the president of Egypt, the military declared today. The army's commander also said that the nation's constitution has been suspended and that an interim leader will take command until new elections take place, reports AP . Earlier, Morsi's camp declared via tweet that... More »

Mali PM Resigns After Arrest, Coup

Coup leaders force out civilian government

(Newser) - Mali's prime minister resigned on state television early today, hours after soldiers who led a recent coup burst into his home, arrested him, and drove him to a military barracks. Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra addressed the nation, saying: "Our country is living through a period of crisis.... More »

Egypt Primed for Revolution Again After 'Soft Coup'

Demonstrations called for after ruling hands power to military

(Newser) - All eyes are on Egypt today, after its Supreme Constitutional Court dissolved parliament , handing the military power in what many are calling a "soft" or "smooth" coup. "The court is not neutral," one Council on Foreign Relations scholar tells CNN . "It is very much part... More »

Mali President Resigns; West Africa Sighs With Relief

Amadou Toumani Toure steps down after military coup

(Newser) - A military coup in Mali is becoming a more orderly transfer of power and drawing support from the nation's rather nervous West African neighbors, Al Jazeera reports. About two weeks after a military coup , President Amadou Toumani Toure has agreed to step aside for parliament speaker Diouncounda Traore to... More »

Rebels Announce New State, Break From Mali

But 'Azawad' faces long odds of success

(Newser) - Tuareg rebels in Mali yesterday announced the creation of their own state called Azawad in the country's vast desert hinterland, reports the BBC , but with the African Union and neighboring countries firmly opposed to breaking up its member states, the chances of Azawad succeeding are "slim," notes... More »

Coup a 'Significant Setback for Mali'

The world weighs in, and it's none too pleased

(Newser) - The world is strongly condemning the mutinous soldiers in Mali who ousted the president and took control of the west African country, reports the BBC . The World Bank, African Development Bank, and France are all suspending all their aid programs to Mali for now, and the UN Security Council called... More »

Mutinous Soldiers Seize Mali

Renegade soldiers attack presidential palace

(Newser) - A military coup is under way in Mali, as renegade soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the capital of Bamako today, and soon afterward appeared on state TV to announce that they had booted the president and taken over the country, the BBC reports. The soldiers said they were suspending... More »

Maldives Ex-President: I Was Ousted at Gunpoint

Protests erupt after Mohamed Nasheed's speech

(Newser) - Protests erupted in Maldives today after Mohamed Nasheed said he'd been forced to resign the presidency at gunpoint. Nasheed stepped down yesterday , handing power to VP Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, saying he was "not a person who wishes to rule with the use of power." But today... More »

Zardari Leaves Pakistan, Sparking Coup Rumors

Supposedly he's in Dubai due to a health condition

(Newser) - Is Pakistan in the midst of a coup? Speculation is running wild that it is, after President Asif Ali Zardari left the country yesterday, flying to Dubai for unclear health reasons—a government adviser says he had a "minor heart attack," but a Zardari spokesman says he's... More »

Chile Exhumes Allende to Settle Suicide Mystery

Country hopes to lay past to rest with Allende investigation

(Newser) - "Placed at a historical crossroads, I will pay with my life for the loyalty of the people," vowed Chilean President Salvador Allende as forces loyal to army chief Augusto Pinochet closed in on the presidential palace in a 1973 coup. Allende was found dead from gunshot wounds hours... More »

Military Coup Topples Niger's President

Mamadou Tandja's whereabouts unclear after violent takeover

(Newser) - Renegade soldiers in armored vehicles stormed Niger's presidential palace with a hail of gunfire in broad daylight today, kidnapping the country's strongman president, then appearing on state television to declare they staged a successful coup. The soldiers also said Niger's constitution had been suspended and all its institutions dissolved. The... More »

Honduras Unity Deal Fails

Plan to reinstate Zelaya falls apart as deadline passes

(Newser) - The US-brokered deal to end the political standoff in Honduras has collapsed, says ousted president Manuel Zelaya, although the interim president installed after Zelaya's ouster doesn't agree even on that. "The accord is dead," Zelaya said from the Brazilian Embassy, where he has been holed up since slipping... More »

Righty Site Yanks Post on US Military Coup

Newsmax scribe said Obama overthrow 'gaining possibility'

(Newser) - A Newsmax columnist—the conservative mag says he's a mere “unpaid blogger”—suggests that a military coup against the Obama administration is “gaining possibility.” “Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration,” writes John Perry in a column... More »

Fearing Bloodshed, Zelaya Leaves Honduras

Ousted prez takes action after negotiations fall apart

(Newser) - Ousted President Manuel Zelaya took a symbolic step into his homeland today, vowing to reclaim his post a month after soldiers flew him into exile. But he stayed less than 30 minutes before returning to Nicaragua, saying the risk of bloodshed was too great. He said he would give talks... More »

Honduras Quits OAS

(Newser) - Honduras beat the Organization of American States to the punch by quitting the organization today before its membership could be suspended, the New York Times reports. The OAS has been critical of what it calls an illegal coup in Honduras and was to meet today to consider expulsion. Honduras’ perhaps-President... More »

Honduras Refuses OAS Order to Reinstate Prez Zelaya

'Now the OAS has to decide what it will do' says supreme court leader

(Newser) - Honduras' Supreme Court today rejected an ultimatum to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya to power. Court spokesman Danilo Izaguirre says the head of the Organization of American States asked the president of the court to reinstate Zelaya, but he said no. Izaguirre said today: "Now the OAS has to... More »

Pentagon Cuts Ties With Honduras

Central American nation isolated as OAS sets ultimatum

(Newser) - As thousands of Hondurans protested yesterday in dueling rallies backing both ousted President Manuel Zelaya and the military-backed government that came to power last weekend, the Central American nation grows further isolated, reports the AP. The Pentagon yesterday suspended joint US-Honduran military operations and the World Bank said it was... More »

Obama's Honduras Response Defuses Chávez Bluster

Condemnation of Honduran coup parries accusations of US complicity

(Newser) - President Obama confounded Hugo Chávez’s attempts to implicate Washington in the Honduran coup by calling for President Manuel Zelaya’s reinstatement, Simon Romero writes for the New York Times. When the coup was announced, Chávez immediately suggested that the US was financing Zelaya’s opponents or, as... More »

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