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Woman Crashes, Flees Police Carrying Baby

Helicopters recorded the insane chase

(Newser) - Video shot from a helicopter shows a woman leading Texas troopers on a high-speed chase and crashing into a pickup, then taking off on foot while holding a baby in a carrier. The Texas Department of Public Safety released the video Friday, per the AP . The incident happened June 15... More »

Man Fatally Poisons Himself During Police Chase

Police were attempting to pull over rape suspect

(Newser) - A rape suspect died after poisoning himself during a freeway chase in Southern California on Wednesday, authorities said. The pursuit began during the morning commute in Ventura County when officers tried to pull the man over and he sped away, the California Highway Patrol said. The car drove onto the... More »

Cops: Terror Attack in Canada Appears to Be by 'Lone Wolf'

Cop stabbed, 4 others injured after car chase; suspect in custody in Edmonton

(Newser) - A car and knife attack on a cop outside a football game and a high-speed chase that left four people injured appear to be the work of one suspected terrorist, Canadian authorities say. Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said officers took the suspect, described as a 30-year-old Edmonton man, into... More »

Elephant Chases Schwarzenegger's Car

And he has a typical Arnold reaction

(Newser) - What happens in Johannesburg stays in Johannesburg—unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger and your safari vehicle gets chased by an elephant, in which case, yeah, the entire world is going to see that video. The clip, which Schwarzenegger uploaded himself to YouTube , shows exactly what transpired when the Terminator visited... More »

Suspects Take Selfies After Crazy LA Chase

At one point, a TMZ tour bus got involved

(Newser) - Authorities arrested two burglary suspects who led them on a long, bizarre chase Thursday in a top-down convertible through rainy Southern California that ended with the men stopping to exchange high-fives with onlookers and take selfies before being handcuffed, the AP reports. The chase began around 2pm with a report... More »

LAPD: 'Maniac' Shot After Wild Car Chase

Suspect seen carjacking woman, veering through oncoming cars

(Newser) - A suspect was shot several times and arrested last night after a car chase that was wild even by Los Angeles standards. Police say that after the armed man they describe as a "maniac" was spotted driving a suspected stolen car east of downtown, he sped through traffic, sometimes... More »

Suspects in Chase Drive Right to LAPD Headquarters


(Newser) - It hasn't been a good week for drivers in LA leading police on high-speed chases. Early yesterday evening, one suspect led cops on a 100mph pursuit through the streets of Hollywood before unsuccessfully trying to escape on foot, the Los Angeles Times reports. Then three other suspects apparently wanted... More »

Woman Leads Cops on 100mph Chase —to Preferred Jail

Grady County jail apparently not a place she wanted to spend time

(Newser) - So maybe you've been drinking and maybe you're speeding a little, but what to do when a cop tries to pull you over—presenting you with the very real prospect of doing a little time in a less-than-desirable county jail? Step on the gas, and lead police on... More »

DC Driver Thought Obama Was Stalking Her: Reports

Miriam Carey called herself 'prophet of Stamford'

(Newser) - More details are emerging about Miriam Carey, the woman police shot after a car chase in DC yesterday that began when she rammed her car into a White House security fence. Law enforcement sources tell NBC News that Carey might have believed President Obama was stalking her, though they offer... More »

Sister of Driver in DC Chase: 'Impossible'

Though mom says she had post-partum depression

(Newser) - Those who knew Miriam Carey, the reported driver of the black Infiniti at the center of yesterday's DC chase, are struggling to believe the news. "That’s impossible. She works, she holds a job," sister Amy Carey tells the Washington Post . "She wouldn’t be in... More »

See Video of DC Chase

CNN airs footage of driver on the run

(Newser) - It didn't take long for video to surface of today's car chase on Capitol Hill that ended with police fatally shooting the female driver. Slate offers this via CNN. More »

Female Driver in Capitol Car Chase Is Dead

She set off alarms on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - It's not entirely clear what led to today's bedlam on the streets around Capitol Hill, but the female driver at the center of it is dead, reports AP . Police shot and killed the unidentified woman as she led them on a high-speed chase from the White House toward... More »

Suspect in Home Invasions, Rapes Killed in Gunfight

Charlie Christopher Bates accused of break-ins, assaults last night

(Newser) - Police shot and killed a 24-year-old man yesterday after a dramatic chase and shootout following an even more dramatic crime spree. Charlie Christopher Bates allegedly broke into several homes last night, Fox 13 reports. In the first, police say he tied up a group of men who were watching the... More »

Teens Chase Kidnapper's Car ... on Their Bikes

Teen boys save 5-year-old girl after 15-minute bike chase

(Newser) - Here's your real-life superhero story for the day: two teen boys in Lancaster, Penn., chased down a car carrying a 5-year-old kidnapped girl and saved her. Oh, and they did it on their bicycles. Temar Boggs, 15, was hanging out with a friend when a man came by asking... More »

Mom Rams Suspect's Car After Daughter Is Taken

5-year-old is safe; suspect is in custody

(Newser) - An amazing story out of Albuquerque, where police say a mother foiled the kidnapping of her young daughter by giving chase in her car. She eventually rammed the suspect's vehicle with her own. A suspect is in custody, and he matches the description of an assailant in a previous... More »

Man Kills Himself on Live TV as Fox Covers Car Chase

Fox anchor Shepard Smith: 'We really messed up'

(Newser) - Fox News aired a live car chase in Phoenix today that ended with a man fatally shooting himself before the network could cut off its feed, the New York Times' Media Decoder blog reports. Anchor Shepard Smith gave moment-by-moment commentary as the carjacking suspect eluded police, jumped from his car,... More »

Iowa Motorcyclist Convicted in 188MPH Chase

James Foldenauer eluded patrol cars, but not the plane

(Newser) - An Iowa man fleeing the cops on his motorcycle reached an astounding 188 mph on a public highway. James Foldenauer was convicted this week of eluding a peace officer for the breakneck chase in 2009, reports the Des Moines Register . Troopers say the speed is almost surely a state record,... More »

Police Chase Woman, 76, for Miles—at 10mph

Cops form blockade to catch elderly driver

(Newser) - British cops spent more than an hour yesterday in hot pursuit of an elderly lady ... who was driving under 10mph. Police pursued Caroline Turner, 76, for 17 miles after she went the wrong way in a traffic circle, the Daily Mail reports. She didn't stop when police turned their... More »

Girl, 6, Killed in Cop Car Chase

Driver of car escaped on foot, remains at large

(Newser) - A Los Angeles police pursuit ended in a tragic crash, with the suspects' fleeing car hitting and killing a 6-year-old girl. The chase began last night after officers witnessed a drug deal. The driver lost control in a residential area and struck the girl, pinning her against a stone wall... More »

Man Fleeing Police Jumps Into Women's Prison

Discovers this was a poor way to end car chase

(Newser) - Here’s a tip for budding fugitives: avoid prisons. Ricky Flowers needs a reminder, considering that he led police on a 90mph chase across several Ohio towns and two interstates early Monday before hitting a dead end in front of a women’s prison facility. Flowers and the three other... More »

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