John McCain

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John McCain's Replacement Is No Stranger to the Senate

Jon Kyl was once the No. 2 GOP senator

(Newser) - The person who will fill John McCain's Senate seat is a man who has occupied such a chair before. The Arizona Republic reports former Sen. Jon Kyl will be named as McCain's successor on Tuesday; the AP received confirmation from Cindy McCain. Kyl and McCain served as fellow... More »

Senator Praises Meghan McCain Following Funeral

The South Carolina Republican praised his friend's child

(Newser) - On CNN's State of the Union , Sen. Lindsey Graham praised Meghan McCain as "her father's daughter" following her headline-grabbing eulogy to her dad that many said appeared to bash President Trump. Former Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on Face The Nation and bashed the country's... More »

Why John McCain Chose His Final Resting Place

The Maverick was to be laid to rest at the US Naval Academy

(Newser) - John McCain was laid to rest Sunday at the cemetery at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., a choice the AP called "as deliberate as the other details of his procession ." Instead of spending eternity in Arlington Cemetery where his admiral father and grandfather are buried, the... More »

Trump Has a Response for Meghan McCain's Swipe

'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,' he tweets from golf course

(Newser) - John McCain appears to have handed his feud with President Trump down to the next generation, reports USA Today , and the latter took to Twitter to apparently respond to Meghan McCain's swipe at his campaign slogan while eulogizing her father on Saturday. "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN," he... More »

In Eulogy, Meghan McCain Takes Swing at Trump

She references 'Make America Great Again'

(Newser) - Meghan McCain paid tribute to her late father Saturday morning at the Washington National Cathedral, and though she didn't mention President Trump by name, her perceived rebuke of him in her eulogy is garnering notice. Time and Reuters have her lines:
  • "We gather here to mourn the passing
... More »

John McCain Receives His Rare Honor

His casket is now lying in state in the Capitol

(Newser) - Much of Washington, DC, came to a halt on Friday to honor the late John McCain, whose casket is now lying in state in the US Capitol. Among those to speak was Vice President Mike Pence, who stood in for President Trump. “The president asked me to be here... More »

Doctored Image Angers Meghan McCain's Husband

It shows gun aimed at her, and he wants to know why Twitter allowed it

(Newser) - Meghan McCain was understandably emotional as she bid adieu to her father at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday. Her husband is emotional for a very different reason. While the Arizona Republic reports that photos of McCain weeping over her father's casket prompted messages of love and support across Twitter—... More »

Trump: I Can't Be Impeached, I'm Doing a Great Job

He says Sessions will be safe until the midterms

(Newser) - President Trump gave Bloomberg an interview Thursday that was a doozy even by Trumpian standards. Among other things, he insisted he couldn't be impeached because he is "doing a great job," defended his controversial handling of John McCain's death—and threatened to pull the United States... More »

Did Biden Make Veiled Trump Reference in McCain Eulogy?

McCain's second day of services is at a close

(Newser) - Sen. John McCain was eulogized Thursday as a "true American hero"—and a terrible driver with a wicked sense of humor and love of a good battle—at a crowded church service for the maverick politician that ended with the playing of Frank Sinatra's "My Way.... More »

10 Years After Being Picked by McCain, No Invite for Palin

According to a 'People' report

(Newser) - Article after article has made mention of the fact that Sen. John McCain's wishes were that President Trump not be invited to his funeral. Sarah Palin apparently didn't make the cut, either. People reports the Palin news by way of several unnamed sources and quotes family friend Carla... More »

McCain's Children Sob at First Service

As dozens line up to honor the late senator

(Newser) - Cindy McCain pressed her face against the flag-draped casket of her husband, US Sen. John McCain, on Wednesday and several of his children sobbed during the first of two services for the statesman and former prisoner of war before he is taken for the last time from the state he... More »

With Choice of Pallbearer, McCain Thumbs Nose at Trump, Putin

McCain personally asked Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza

(Newser) - John McCain's talent for forging connections across the aisle and across the world will be on full display Saturday. Per the Hill , Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, actor Warren Beatty, former Defense Secretary William Cohen, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, and FedEx president Fred Smith will be among those to carry McCain'... More »

White House Flag Changes Positions for a 3rd Time

After being lowered then raised, it's lowered once more

(Newser) - The White House flag had a more tumultuous start to the week than typical, having been lowered to half-staff on Saturday in the wake of Sen. John McCain's death, then raised back up on Monday in keeping with the US flag code but to an outcry from the media... More »

Arizona Candidate Apologizes After McCain Comments

Kelli Ward has been accused of insensitivity

(Newser) - An Arizona candidate for US Senate who came under fire after suggesting that John McCain's announcement he'd be withdrawing from cancer treatment was timed to damage her campaign has apologized. "I do understand how many could have misconstrued my comments as insensitive, and for this I apologize,... More »

Drug Invented for Dogs Could Help Human Cancer Sufferers

The experimental treatment is for glioblastoma, which claimed John McCain's life

(Newser) - An experimental canine cancer drug is so promising that researchers are hoping it could one day help human patients suffering from the same aggressive brain malignancy that claimed US Sen. John McCain's life this past week. The drug is for glioblastoma, a fast-growing cancer for which doctors have few... More »

4 Lines From John McCain's Farewell Letter to America

'I am the luckiest person on earth'

(Newser) - Before he died, John McCain wrote a farewell letter to Americans in which he expressed thanks for the privilege of serving and said the nation's "present difficulties" would pass. See the full text at the Atlantic . Here are four excerpts:
  • "I've tried to serve our country
... More »

The Political Calculus in Picking McCain's Successor

Columnist: Gov. Ducey will look for a reliable GOP vote, making Cindy McCain unlikely

(Newser) - One suggestion in circulation after John McCain's death is that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will appoint McCain's widow, Cindy, to his seat. Don't bet on it, writes Perry Bacon Jr. at FiveThirtyEight . More than anything, Ducey will want to pick someone who can be counted on as... More »

White House Flag Is Raised, to a Small Outcry

It's full-staff once again following John McCain's Saturday death

(Newser) - There is a bit of a kerfuffle in the media this morning over the state of the White House flag, which is flying as it normally does—hence the questioning. The flag had been lowered to half-staff in the wake of Sen. John McCain's Saturday afternoon death. The AP... More »

McCain Will Receive Honor Given to Only 30 Other Americans

And the former head of the Vietnam prison that held him as POW feels 'very sad'

(Newser) - It's not every day an interview in the Viet Nam News makes US headlines, but it's appropriate in the aftermath of Sen. John McCain's death. Slate picked up the article, which expresses condolences from retired Col. Tran Trong Duyet, who ran the Hoa Lo Prison where McCain... More »

John McCain Is Survived by His Mother

She's 106

(Newser) - Many people know that John McCain is survived by seven children in addition to his wife Cindy. However, not everyone realizes he also left behind his supercentenarian mother. At 106, Roberta McCain was aware of her son's recently announced decision to withdraw treatment for a deadly form of brain... More »

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