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Toshiba Throws In Nuclear Towel: Chapter 11 for Westinghouse

Challenges proved too great—and may be nuclear industry harbinger

(Newser) - More fallout from Toshiba's reported "nuclear" loss last month, this time in the form of a bankruptcy filing. In what the AP says was a "largely expected" move, Toshiba noted in a statement Wednesday that its Westinghouse nuclear unit has submitted a Chapter 11 petition to the... More »

Dog Kills Owner in Front of BBC Crew

Cameras were not rolling at the time

(Newser) - A British man was fatally attacked by his own dog while a BBC documentary crew looked on. The incident occurred on March 20 as the crew was interviewing 41-year-old Mario Perivoitos at his London flat, reports the BBC . However, cameras were not rolling as the man's staffordshire bull terrier... More »

Fred’s Closet Has a Big Gov't Skeleton

Thompson lobbied for reactor that leeched taxpayer dollars

(Newser) - Fred Thompson, would-be president, bills himself as a small-government hero, but the southerner once had a way with spending taxpayer bucks. A nuclear breeder reactor planned for the banks of a Tennessee river ran through $1.7 billion in government funds between 1970 and 1983 without ever getting built; Thompson... More »

3 Stories