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10K in Zimbabwe Hit by Cholera: UN

Oppositions puts number higher

(Newser) - The UN says more than 400 Zimbabweans have died and 10,000 are ill as a result of cholera, the London Telegraph reports. But critics like opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai accuse the government of fudging even those high numbers, insisting that more than 500 have died and half a million... More »

500 Dead in Bangladesh Floods

Nearly 500 dead, thousands ill as waters recede

(Newser) - Nearly 500 people have died in Bangladesh as devastating floods hit the low-lying country in recent weeks, Reuters reports. 38 died last night, including two from water-borne diseases that have sickened thousands more. Flood waters have receded, but millions remain homeless. "They hardly have a roof on their heads... More »

2 Stories