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Congress Has Until Midnight to Stop Saudi Arms Deal

...but it probably won't

(Newser) - The United States' $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia looks poised to go through, despite misgivings from some pro-Israeli lawmakers. The Defense Department notified lawmakers of the deal last month, giving them 30 days to block or amend it, the AP explains. That window expires tonight at midnight, but... More »

Obama Proposes $60B Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Boasts record-setting deal will create jobs

(Newser) - The Obama administration plans to offer Saudi Arabia $60 billion worth of advanced aircraft, in what would be the largest arms deal in US history. The deal may also be expanded by tens of billions more to include naval and missile-defense upgrades, the Wall Street Journal reports. The administration intends... More »

Analysts: Mac Win Likely to Hit Defense Firms Harder

He's got the clout and the will to slash budgets

(Newser) - The defense industry is generally wary of Democratic wins, but this time around it's a Republican victory that may give military industries—and their investors—a complex, MarketWatch reports. A President Obama would be unlikely to give critics of his foreign policy cred ammunition by slashing defense spending, analysts say,... More »

Canada Could Hurt Firms It Tries to 'Protect'

Blocking US purchase of space division is 'significant risk'

(Newser) - A move last month by the Canadian government to block the country's top space-tech firm from selling one of its divisions to a US buyer illustrates a tricky balancing act, Christopher Sands writes in the American: How far should Ottawa go to appease nationalist sentiment if it eats into economic... More »

For Boeing, Warplanes Are Becoming History

After losing another big military contract, giant's defense role shrinking to bit parts

(Newser) - As Boeing makes fewer military aircraft and more hardware systems, its commercial and defense arms look increasingly like separate companies, the Seattle Times reports. "These are two legs walking in opposite directions," one analyst says. While airplanes continue to dominate its commercial side, the company, once a military-aircraft... More »

New Air Force Drones Refuel Without Pilots

Technology gives fighter jets longer striking distance and more time in air

(Newser) - A Defense agency has developed an on-board flight system that connects an airplane to a re-fueling aircraft without the need for a human pilot, allowing unmanned fighter jets to remain in the air longer. The technology uses exact inertial, GPS, and video measurements to latch a probe into a 32-inch... More »

6 Stories