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Marine Biologist: 6th-Grader Stole My Idea

Her science fair project had originally astounded scientists

(Newser) - Using only six fish and six tanks, a 6th-grade science fair entrant was able to demonstrate last year what is being hailed as a remarkable discovery : Lionfish, an invasive species found up and down the Florida coast, can also survive in nearly fresh water. There's just one catch: That... More »

Island Nation's Water to Run Out in Days

Australia, New Zealand join forces to help Tuvalu

(Newser) - As a drought continues to ravage Tuvalu , only a few days' supply of fresh water remains on the tiny Pacific island nation—so Australia and New Zealand are bringing over a desalination plant. Air force planes from both countries are hauling the gear to rescue Tuvalu's residents, who face... More »

Flood Recedes, But Only 1 Well Remains

Cedar Rapids restricts water use for next few days

(Newser) - Floodwaters receded today after 24,000 people fled Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but only one well is uncontaminated to service the city, CNN reports. Officials say it will run down if people take showers and flush toilets over the next 3 or 4 days. "Water is still our primary concern,... More »

In China, Thirst for Growth Leaves Land Parched

Blistering development laps up water supply

(Newser) - Economic growth, rampant contamination, vast crops and a population explosion are sapping China's groundwater supply at an unprecedented pace. And with 20% of the world's population but only 7% of its water supply, the Chinese government is hard-pressed for solutions, the New York Times reports. "They will run out... More »

Great Lake Getting Less Superior

(Newser) - Water levels in Lake Superior are down a whole foot this year, and scientists say man is to blame. The world's largest body of fresh water by surface area has suffered an on-and-off drought for four years, but levels may reach an all-time low this summer. Climate change is partially... More »

5 Stories