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Mexico Lawmakers Ban Circus Animals

Overwhelming vote aimed at fighting mistreatment of animals

(Newser) - Mexico's congress has passed legislation to ban the use of animals in circuses across the country. The lower chamber's vote yesterday followed one earlier in the week by the Senate and came six months after Mexico City passed a similar ban that is to go into effect next... More »

Malala Stands With Mexican Nobel Crasher

Says she wasn't afraid, 'there are problems in Mexico'

(Newser) - Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai today expressed sympathy for a Mexican asylum seeker who jumped onto the stage during the award ceremony yesterday in Oslo, and said the incident didn't frighten her. The 17-year-old laureate from Pakistan said young people the world over face problems. "As (he)... More »

Mexico: Charred Eye Socket Belongs to Missing Student

Bone fragment was found in dump

(Newser) - More than two months after 43 student protesters disappeared in Mexico, a bone fragment found in a dump has provided what authorities say is the first solid evidence of their fate. Mexico's attorney general says forensic experts have determined that the charred piece of eye socket belongs to missing... More »

The Horrible Cost Behind Your Cheap Mexican Produce

'LA Times' investigation finds a cutthroat farming culture that abuses workers

(Newser) - Hanging over the steady stream of brightly colored peppers, avocados, and other produce that line the shelves of our Walmarts and Whole Foods is a darker cost, one carried on the backs of farm laborers in Mexico who often work six-day weeks for $8 to $12 a day. In an... More »

Mexico to Dissolve All Local Police Forces

President promises change after students killed

(Newser) - Mexican President Pena Nieto has promised sweeping reforms to the country's police amid nationwide outrage over the massacre of 43 students abducted by a local police force working with gang members. "Mexico must change," he said yesterday, unveiling plans to dissolve all 1,800 of the country'... More »

US Marshals in Disguise Help Mexico Marines

Wall Street Journal: American personnel taking part in armed raids in Mexico

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal has an interesting scoop about how American personnel are helping Mexico's military catch drug suspects—they're disguising themselves as Mexican marines and taking part in armed raids. It's generally members of the US Marshals Service doing so, but FBI and DEA agents sometimes... More »

AG's 'I'm Tired' Gaffe Is Mexico's New Battle Cry

#YaMeCanse and outrage greet Murillo Karam's weariness

(Newser) - Mexico's attorney general had had about enough of questions over the murder of 43 students gruesomely burned in a 14-hour fire , and said as much on live television Friday. "Ya me canse," said Jesus Murillo Karam, a phrase translated variously as "Enough, I'm tired" and... More »

Mexico: Missing Students Were Burned in 14-Hour Fire

Authorities working to identify remains found in river

(Newser) - Mexico says it finally knows the fate of 43 college students missing since September: They were murdered, burned in a massive fire, and dumped in a river, authorities said today. The nation's attorney general met with relatives and told them that detained gang members filled in the grisly details:... More »

Mexico Busts Fugitive Mayor Blamed in Students' Disappearance

Jose Luis Abarca, wife caught by federal officers in Mexico City

(Newser) - Federal police have arrested Jose Luis Abarca, a fugitive Mexican mayor, and his wife, who have been called the "probable masterminds" behind the disappearance of 43 student protesters in their city, the BBC reports. The Iguala mayor and wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa were busted in an... More »

Mexico Frees US Marine Vet With PTSD

Andrew Tahmooressi had been held since March on gun charges

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Marine reservist is free after spending seven months in Mexico jails over what he says was a wrong turn. Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who served two tours in Afghanistan, was arrested in March because he crossed the border into Tijuana with three loaded guns in his pickup, reports ABC... More »

3 Missing Siblings Found Dead in Mexico

Mexican police suspected of killing Texas siblings

(Newser) - Three US citizens missing for more than two weeks have been found shot to death in Mexico near the border city of Matamoros, and authorities are questioning a local police unit about possible involvement. The father of the three siblings identified Erica Alvarado Rivera, 26, and her brothers, Alex, 22,... More »

Archaeologists: Tunnel Could Lead to Teotihuacan Rulers

Chambers could hold Teotihuacan leaders' remains

(Newser) - After almost a decade of painstaking work, researchers have unearthed an amazing 50,000 relics from a tunnel in the ancient city of Teotihuacan—and they believe the biggest prizes still await. The tunnel below the site around 30 miles away from Mexico City was discovered in 2003 after having... More »

Mexico Blames Crooked Mayor for Missing Students

Iguala mayor, wife now fugitives

(Newser) - The corruption in Iguala, Mexico, went all the way to the top: The city's mayor and his wife were behind the disappearance of 43 student teachers almost a month ago, authorities say. Mexico's attorney general says the leader of the Guerreros Unidos gang has told investigators that Mayor... More »

Hills Around Iguala Keep Giving Up Mass Graves

Search for 43 missing Mexican students is stepped up

(Newser) - The search continues for 43 college students missing since a clash with police in Mexico on Sept. 26. After investigators determined that none of the 28 bodies recovered from recently-discovered mass graves belonged to the missing students, the search was ordered to be stepped up. Yesterday, horse-mounted Mexican police patrols... More »

Angry Camel Bites, Kicks American to Death

Animal may have been enraged by lack of Coca-Cola

(Newser) - A Chicago-area man who founded a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico ended up being kicked, bitten, and squashed to death by one of the animals he tried to save. An enraged camel kicked and bit Richard Mileski "practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him,... More »

Jack White's Keyboardist Found Dead in Hotel Room

Isaiah "Ikey" Owens apparently died of heart attack

(Newser) - A publicist for Jack White says the rocker is canceling his remaining tour dates in Mexico after the death of his band's keyboard player, Isaiah "Ikey" Owens. The statement said Owens, 38, died this morning in Mexico; TMZ reported that he was found dead in his hotel room.... More »

Mexico: Missing Students Not Found in Mass Graves

First 28 bodies unearthed may be earlier cartel victims

(Newser) - Authorities testing remains found in nine mass graves in southern Mexico have yet to find any of 43 students from a teachers college who disappeared after a confrontation with police, security officials say. None was among 28 bodies, some badly burned, that were unearthed a week after the Sept. 26... More »

Man Who Took Dying Mom to Mexico Can Return to US

Dario Guerrero Meneses, 21, gets humanitarian visa

(Newser) - A Harvard student who broke immigration rules to take his dying mother to Mexico will be allowed back into the US on a humanitarian visa. The decision comes just hours after the AP published a story about the plight of Dario Guerrero Meneses. In an immigration system where even the... More »

Cops Arrest Waiter in Killing of Malcolm X Grandson

He's the third bar employee accused in beating death

(Newser) - Police have made a third arrest in last year's beating death of Malcolm X's grandson following a dispute over a bar bill. Mexico City prosecutors said suspect Juan Dircio Guzman was detained in the sprawling city of Nezahualcoyotl, on the edge of the capital. He was expected to... More »

More 'Clandestine' Graves Found in Mexico

Charred remains found in four mass graves in Iguala

(Newser) - Four more "clandestine" mass graves housing burnt bodies have been found in Iguala, Mexico, reports Reuters , and they're "relatively" close to six others discovered last weekend. Four suspects led investigators to the graves yesterday; it isn't clear how many bodies the graves contain, AFP reports. The... More »

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