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EU Meets Over Economic Crisis

Protectionism concerns weigh on leaders

(Newser) - European Union leaders have begun an emergency meeting about the economic crisis amid fears of protectionism among nations, the BBC reports. The Brussels summit comes after French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he would bail out France’s auto industry if it didn’t send jobs out of the country. “... More »

Developing Nations Get a Say in Economic Summit

Signals expanding of world power

(Newser) - When George Bush convenes his economic summit today, he’ll see some less familiar faces around the table. In what could signal a historic shift in global power, Bush hasn’t just invited the wealthy nations of the G-8 to this summit, but a wider Group of 20, including developing... More »

France's Finance Chief to Play Key Summit Role

French finance minister takes center stage at G20 summit

(Newser) - This weekend's emergency G20 summit will bring together world leaders with very different ideas of how to fix the global economy. But while heads of state and government talk in front of the cameras, one woman will be key in building a consensus: Christine Lagarde, the French finance minister.... More »

No. 44 Must Get to Work Nov. 5

Not since FDR has a transition been this urgent

(Newser) - America hasn’t been this eager for the new president to take over since FDR ousted Herbert Hoover, write John Brinsley and Edwin Chen for Bloomberg. Then, as now, an economic crisis heightened the urgency for a fast, smooth transition. And while Roosevelt rejected Hoover’s offers to work together... More »

Toll Rises to 250 in Iraq Blasts

Massive attacks against Kurds suggest spreading insurgency

(Newser) - Officials pushed the death toll of attacks on two Iraqi towns up to 250 today, as rescuers located more victims amid rubble. “It looks like a nuclear bomb hit the villages,” an officer told the New York Times of yesterday's blasts in an area populated by a Kurdish... More »

5 Stories