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Hunter Biden's Wife: He Blew Money on Drugs, Prostitutes

TMZ obtains copy of her divorce filing

(Newser) - The already surprising news of Hunter Biden getting together with late brother Beau's widow , Hallie, gets even weirder now that TMZ has obtained divorce documents filed by Hunter's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kathleen. Her divorce filing reveals that they had an agreement Hunter would not engage in some unnamed conduct (the... More »

Beau Biden's Widow Has Surprising New Partner

Hallie Biden is in a relationship with Beau's younger brother

(Newser) - Strange but apparently true: Beau Biden's widow is now in a relationship with Beau's younger brother, Hunter Biden. “Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time," Hunter tells Page Six . Hunter... More »

Did Biden Leak Son's Dying Wish in Calculated Move?

VP may be just as calculating about run as he is emotional: Politico

(Newser) - Joe Biden "placed an ad in the New York Times" in August to gauge interest in a presidential run, reports Politico , citing "multiple sources." That "ad" came in the form of Maureen Dowd's Aug. 1 column about the dying wish of Beau Biden "that... More »

NYT: Biden Exploring Run Because of Son's Death

Beau reportedly urged him to do so when he knew he was dying

(Newser) - Don't count out Joe Biden from the 2016 race. Two pieces in the New York Times suggest he's poised to challenge Hillary Clinton—in part because of his son's death . One is a news story that says the VP and his advisers are reaching out to party... More »

Westboro Protests Biden Funeral, Runs Into Trouble

Hundreds shield AG's funeral from 3 Westboro protesters

(Newser) - As President Obama eulogized Beau Biden yesterday , another tribute took place outside on the street in Wilmington, Del.: Westboro Baptist Church sent three members to protest the funeral of the vice president's son, and as the News Journal puts it, "The group was soon outnumbered about 100-to-1 by... More »

Obama Eulogizes Beau Biden

He lived a 'life of meaning,' says the president

(Newser) - The Bidens bid farewell to Beau Biden today in Delaware, with President Obama delivering the eulogy. "He was a scion of an incredible family who brushed away the possibility of privilege for the harder, better reward of earning his own way," said the president, as per AP . And... More »

Ted Cruz Says Sorry for Repeat Joke About Biden

Made just days after Joe Biden's son Beau died from brain cancer

(Newser) - Telling the same tired joke over and over again is arguably just as bad as telling a "too soon" joke in bad taste. Ted Cruz earned the distinction of doing both yesterday in Michigan after he regurgitated a wisecrack he's used before about Joe Biden, just days after... More »

Joe Biden's Son Dead at 46

Beau Biden had brain cancer

(Newser) - Joe Biden's eldest son, Beau, has died at age 46. The former attorney general of Delaware had been battling brain cancer, a statement from the vice president said tonight. He had been admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in DC recently for treatment, reports the Washington Post... More »

Judge Getting Threats After Rich Rapist Dodges Prison

Beau Biden thinks case against du Pont heir was weak to begin with

(Newser) - Delaware has had to provide a security detail for Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden, because she is getting threats over her not-exactly-harsh sentencing of du Pont heir Robert Richards IV, the News Journal reports. Since news broke earlier this week that Jurden gave Richards probation for the rape of his... More »

Beau Biden Being Tested at Cancer Hospital

After becoming 'weak and disoriented' while driving

(Newser) - Another health scare for Beau Biden: The Delaware attorney general is being evaluated at a renowned cancer center in Houston after becoming "weak and disoriented" while driving to Indiana for a family vacation, Delaware Online reports. The younger Biden, 44, suffered a mild stroke three years ago and visited... More »

Democrats' Next Darling: Beau Biden?

Plus: Is another Bush in the pipeline?

(Newser) - The 2016 speculation has already begun, and when it comes to the future, the Democrats have a problem, writes Erin McPike for Real Clear Politics . While the GOP has a robust roster of potential candidates for 2016 and beyond, for Democrats, the options are fewer. But one name is starting... More »

Beau Biden Has Mild Stroke

Vice president's son said to be doing well

(Newser) - Beau Biden—the vice president's son and the attorney general of Delaware—suffered what appears to have been a mild stroke today. The 41-year-old is now "fully alert" and has full motor and speech skills, said a White House statement. He's expected to make a complete recovery. Parents Joe... More »

Pediatrician Indicted on 471 Counts of Sex Abuse

Videotapes show Earl Bradley abusing 103 victims

(Newser) - Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley has been indicted on 471 counts of sexual crimes against 103 children. The indictment is based on video and digital evidence showing all of the victims, all but one of whom were girls, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said. "These were crimes committed against the... More »

Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum

Bloggers rip her bracelet, but it's not what they think

(Newser) - A column on Sarah Palin’s black bracelet has the lefty blogosphere in a full-flamed fury—but it’s a misguided “hit piece,” William Jacobson tut-tuts. Though the bracelet is sometimes used to memorialize a relative or comrade killed in military action (as veteran Eric Robinson writes in... More »

Senate Majority in Reach for Republicans

It's a long shot, but many races competitive, Lieberman could switch

(Newser) - It still isn’t likely—OK?—but suddenly it's "within the realm of speculation” that the Republicans could recapture the Senate in November. With Mark Kirk’s primary win in Illinois and competitive races in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and California, a 10-seat pickup is now a distant possibility, Jim Vandehei... More »

Beau Biden Decides Against Senate Run

Democrats had hoped he'd replace dad in Delaware

(Newser) - In a major blow to Democrats, Beau Biden sent an email to supporters telling them that he won’t be running for his dad’s open Senate seat after all. Instead, he’ll try for another term as Delaware’s Attorney General. Democrats had been counting on him to beat... More »

Meet 2010's Political Dynasty Hopefuls

Reid, Paul, Biden heirs seek to join ranks of Bushes, Kennedys

(Newser) - The 2010 elections will see a big crop of political legacies trying to break into the family business. Children and grandchildren of prominent pols will appear on the ballot in gubernatorial, Senate, and House races across the country, trying to leverage their names into political dynasties, The Hill reports. Here... More »

Delaware Now the 2010 Senate Race to Watch

GOP's Castle could beat likely foe Beau Biden: Silver

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Mike Castle just made Delaware’s 2010 senatorial election interesting, writes Nate Silver. The former governor threw in yesterday against “hypothetical” opponent Beau Biden for his father’s open seat, and the odds are decent it will change hands. Though the popular moderate Republican could run into... More »

Dynasty Politics Turning Senate Into House of Lords

The Senate is America's House of Lords Dynasties continue to dominate supposedly democratic politics, especially the Senate

(Newser) - The winning presidential ticket this year was the first since 1976 without a son or grandson of a senator on it. But don’t let that fool you: Royalism is on the rise in American politics, writes Charles Mahtesian for Politico. In the Senate, there are two new Udalls, a... More »

Beau Biden Declines Dad's Job

With state's AG saying he plans to keep that job, dance continues over filling Senate seat

(Newser) - Joe Biden’s son put an end to speculation he’ll replace his father in the Senate yesterday, saying he won’t accept any offer and looks forward to returning from Iraq to his position as Delaware’s attorney general, the Wilmington News Journal reports. The vice president-elect has yet... More »

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