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Concertgoers Sue Sia for Lame Show

Tel Aviv concert that cost $90 per ticket lasted just 65 minutes

(Newser) - Sia may hide behind her fake bangs when she's performing, but her coif likely won't shield her from the $2.1 million class-action lawsuit just filed against her and an Israeli production company. Disgruntled concertgoers who forked over around $90 for tickets to the Australian singer's Aug.... More »

Palestinian Shooters Kill 4 at Crowded Israeli Market

'He was just shooting point blank at people sitting down'

(Newser) - Four people were killed when two Palestinian men opened fire outside a popular market Wednesday night in Tel Aviv, NBC News reports. The BBC quotes the city's police chief, who calls the attack a "pretty serious terrorist incident." A handful of other people were injured—some very... More »

Ancient Egyptian Brewery Uncovered—in Israel

Pottery shows Egyptians reached farther north than previously known

(Newser) - A construction site in Tel Aviv has given up evidence of a bit of 5,000-year-old revelry in the form of an early Bronze Age brewery in 17 pits dating from 3500BC to 3000BC, Haaretz reports. Though the pits would have stored agricultural produce, they were "all full of... More »

Hundreds Protest Jewish-Arab Wedding

'Death to Arabs,' Israeli protesters shout

(Newser) - There was far more hate than love on display outside a wedding in Tel Aviv yesterday as hundreds of right-wing protesters denounced the marriage of Mahmoud Mansour, 26, a Muslim Arab man, to Jewish-born woman Morel Malka, 23. Police had to block the group of at least 200 protesters—some... More »

Bloomberg: Why I Flew Into Tel Aviv

Former NYC mayor says flight ban was misguided

(Newser) - After the FAA banned American carriers from flying into Israel, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopped on an Israeli airline jet to make the trip as quickly as he could. As he explains at Bloomberg View , Bloomberg felt the FAA's decision—which has since been reversed —... More »

FAA Lifts Israel Flight Ban

Astronaut tweets 'saddest photo' from space

(Newser) - Amid heavy lobbying from Israel, the FAA lifted its ban on flights to Tel Aviv's airport just before midnight, saying it had reviewed "significant new information and measures the government of Israel is taking to mitigate potential risks to civil aviation." Israeli officials had urged the US... More »

FAA Extends Flight Ban to Israel

Even as Michael Bloomberg flies in to prove it's safe

(Newser) - Travelers stuck in limbo because of flights grounded at the Tel Aviv airport just got some bad news: The FAA is extending its ban on flights to the Ben Gurion International Airport for at least another 24 hours, to 12:15pm Eastern tomorrow, reports CNN . European airlines are following suit,... More »

Israel: Al-Qaeda Planned to Hit US Embassy

Authorities say they foiled plot in Tel Aviv and attacks elsewhere

(Newser) - Israel says it has foiled a major plot by al-Qaeda that included a planned attack on the US embassy in Tel Aviv, reports the AP . The Shin Bet security agency arrested three Palestinians it says were recruited indirectly by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The alleged plot called for suicide bombers... More »

3.2K-Year-Old Mystery Undone by Pollen

Drought led to crisis in Bronze Age society: researchers

(Newser) - In the Late Bronze Age, a thriving society near present-day Tel Aviv and far beyond suddenly fell apart, and researchers have long been stumped as to the precise cause—until now. The explanation for the crisis lies in fossilized pollen, which remains stable for millennia and points the finger of... More »

Bomb Explodes on Tel Aviv Bus

Israel calls it a terrorist attack, Hamas praises the bombing

(Newser) - In a development that could thwart ceasefire hopes , a bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv today, leaving 21 people wounded, al-Jazeera reports. Though most suffered only minor injuries, three are in the hospital in serious condition, according to CNN . The bus was traveling along a road that abuts... More »

Ceasefire Collapses in Gaza Clash

Palestinians aim rockets at Tel Aviv for first time

(Newser) - A brief, planned ceasefire failed to materialize in Gaza today, as death continued to rain down on the strip. Israel had offered to hold its offensive to accommodate a visit from Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil, provided Hamas held its fire as well. But Hamas said it would keep firing,... More »

Madonna Swastika Infuriates Right-Wing Politician

France's Marine Le Pen vows to sue if Nazi sign appears on her photo again

(Newser) - A furious über right-wing French politician is threatening to sue Madonna if she repeats a swastika stunt in an upcoming Paris concert. The always-provocative singer flashed a slideshow at an Israeli concert last week showing a portion of Marine Le Pen's face, a white Nazi symbol etched between... More »

Man Steals Taxi, Stabs Several in Tel Aviv Attack

Police call Palestinian a terrorist for attack on busy nightclub

(Newser) - Seven people were injured early this morning in Tel Aviv when a Palestinian man crashed into an Israel Border Police checkpoint in a stolen taxi then began stabbing people, say authorities, in an incident they're calling "definitely an act of terror," reports Haaretz . The attacker, a man... More »

Israel's Natural-Gas Find Is Biggest in 10 Years

Deepwater discovery could have huge implications for region

(Newser) - Discovery of a massive field of natural gas off the coast of Israel could transform the Jewish state's economy and even alter the balance of power in the Middle East, the Wall Street Journal reports. Houston-based Noble Energy confirmed yesterday that the so-called Leviathan field has 16 trillion cubic feet... More »

Israel Looks a Lot Like North Korea

Both are isolated except for a superpower

(Newser) - Be careful, Israel, you're starting to look like "gulp—North Korea," writes Daniel W. Drezner. Israel may not be in similarly dire financial straits, but the parallels are "pretty eerie" beyond that, writes Drezner in Foreign Policy . Let us count the ways:
  • "Both countries are diplomatically
... More »

'Jesus Burial Box' Trial Gets Thorny

Judge skeptical after witnesses seemingly contradict own testimony

(Newser) - The public is already frowning on a Tel Aviv man accused of forging the burial box of Jesus' brother James, but the judge in the case has hinted that the case is weak, Matthew Kalman writes in Time. Two scientists, witnesses for the prosecution, have testified that geological conditions could... More »

Tel Aviv Gunman Kills 2 at Gay Center

(Newser) - A gunman burst into a gay community center in Tel Aviv tonight and opened fire, killing two teenagers and wounding 15 with a machine gun, the Jerusalem Post reports. Police have launched a manhunt for the masked assailant, who is not believed to be a terrorist. "Today, someone sent... More »

Woman Tosses Mattress Stuffed With Mom's $1M

It was her mom's life savings

(Newser) - In hindsight, maybe the bank might've been a better idea: An Israeli woman dumped her mom's life savings when she decided to surprise her with a new mattress—and tossed the old one padded with nearly $1 million, CNN reports. City workers are helping the daughter search, and have... More »

Ban-Busting Sir Paul to Play Tel Aviv

McCarthy will rock Israel 43 years after Beatles were barred

(Newser) - Paul McCartney will perform in Tel Aviv 43 years after the Beatles were banned by the Israeli government because officials feared their music would corrupt Israeli youth. The only fear today is that ticket prices for the September 25 concert in Park Hayarkon will be too expensive for most Israelis,... More »

Gay-Porn Titan Embraces Politics

Neocon blogger tackles international affairs

(Newser) - Michael Lucas is a successful entrepreneur with a burning interest in politics—not unusual, except that he made his fortune in gay porn. The actor-director-producer, a New York nightlife stalwart, is also a self-proclaimed pundit. The New Republic checks in with the outspoken blogger, who bashes liberal gays who “... More »

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