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China Withholds Rare Minerals From US

And the US is 15 years away from having its own supply

(Newser) - Recent trade spats with the US have caused Chinese officials to block shipments of rare earth minerals, a key element of high-tech products ranging from hybrid cars to missiles. China controls production of 97% of so-called rare earth minerals, LiveScience reports, which really aren't so much rare as expensive and... More »

China Needs to Grow Up, US Needs to Wise Up

The story of rare earth minerals has many lessons, writes Paul Krugman

(Newser) - When Japan detained a Chinese fishing boat captain whose vessel had collided with two of its Coast Guard ships, China cut off its access to rare earths, the essential minerals on which China has a near-monopoly. For Paul Krugman, this highlights two concerns: First, that the US let “unreliable”... More »

Times 'Scoop' on Afghan Minerals Less Than Meets the Eye

Administration using carrot of mineral wealth to drum up war support

(Newser) - The New York Times reports today that the government has discovered billions in mineral reserves in Afghanistan—"far beyond any previously known reserves." But is it true? In fact, Afghanistan's mineral wealth seems to be well known—Paul Jay, writing for the Huffington Post , points to a 2007... More »

Britain to Claim Antarctic Seabed

Bid follows this summer's Arctic territory scramble

(Newser) - Britain will submit a claim to the UN for 386,000 square miles of Antarctica, its foreign office said today, joining the international race to grab a piece of the mineral- and oil-rich territory as global warming makes it more accessible. The move violates a 1959 treaty, which Britain signed,... More »

Chinese Seek Fortune in Africa

To satisfy country's thirst for oil, emigrants strike it rich out west

(Newser) - A growing number of poor Chinese are flocking to Africa, hoping to cash in on the destitute continent’s infinite growth potential. China is building factories in eastern Africa, and trade between the two burgeoning economies ballooned to $55 billion last year. The eastern entrepreneurs are diving into every sector... More »

5 Stories